Top 7 Quirky Coffee and Tea Shops in Pittsburgh

If you want a little more than just caffeine, stop into these shops for an truly unique experience

You’ll never have time to visit them all, but how can you choose just one from all the high-quality options? To solve this age-old question, we’re bringing you a list of coffee and tea shops that offer a little something more — whether that be live music, friendly cats, or even a tattoo parlor.

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Adda Coffee & Tea House

A trip around the world —- all in one small cafe.

a barista serving coffee in Adda's wood and tile shop
Image courtesy of TribLIVE

Adda Coffee & Tea House likes to keep it fresh, with both their drinks and their themes.

200 South Highland Ave | Shadyside |

At first glance, Adda might seem like any other coffee shop — their coffee and teas are great (but that’s standard for Pittsburgh) and they have the airy feel that many other Pittsburgh cafes boast. In addition to all the Steel City staples, however, Adda also throws in an international experience — every month, they feature different country or region. This includes adding drinks or food from that culture to their menu, or displaying art from local immigrants that hail from that region. In this way, Adda is not only a coffee shop — it’s a trip around the world, without the travel expense and jet lag.

“Hipster haven, with lots of gorgeous plants and decorations. I find this to be an excellent, calming place to study, especially with all the nice natural light and the 1000 other students who come here to get work done. The matcha latte and regular lattes are both excellent, and they have oat milk- a personal favorite! They also have lots of great vegan and vegetarian food to order from. I'd say they're reasonably priced compared to similar spots.” - Laura T. on Yelp

Black Forge Coffee House

Hardcore music for hardcore coffee lovers

a crowd at Black Forge
Image courtesy of NEXTpittsburgh

Black Forge’s black walls match its strong black coffee

1206 Arlington Ave | Allentown |

A far cry from the bright, cozy atmosphere of Adda, Black Forge is exactly what it sounds like — a cool, gritty place specifically for metal lovers and the most rebellious of coffee drinkers. It only makes sense, then that they often host live performances of local metal, grunge, and rock bands. Even if you’re not a part of that crowd, you can still slip in, enjoy a metal-themed coffee — like Celtic Frost, My Dying Chai, or Holy Smoke — and appreciate the unique art and music.

“Visited in May and love this place. Metal themed drinks, great treats, & service. They also do concerts there. Great ambiance and art. Definitely a must when I'm in the PGH area.” Adam H. on Yelp

The Black Cat Market

If you believe that black cats bring bad luck, this cat cafe is not for you!

a woman with red hair playing with two cats
Image courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Co-owner Olivia Ciotoli provides the kitties with some much-appreciated play time.

5171 Butler St | Lawrenceville |

One of only two cat cafes in Pittsburgh, the Black Cat Market is a haven for cat lovers. They sell cute cat trinkets, as well as the staple coffee and, of course, time with their adoptable fur balls. The name comes from the owners’ love for black cats — which have the lowest rate of adoption because of the myth (and it is a myth) that black cats bring misfortune. The kitties are playful, cuddly, and best of all, up for adoption.

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“I love it here!! Today is the soft opening and it's so super cute and fun. They will soon have a full espresso bar. It's an adoption center so the kitties are up for new and good homes. It's so clean and welcoming. Met with one of the owners, Indigo and she is the nicest person. She explained how they work with a cat rescue to help these furry babes get adopted into forever homes. It's $4 for 30 minutes of play time with these little creatures. If you ask me it's a perfect way to spend a lunch break, relieving  stress from the workday grind. Support local business and critters in need!!!” - Karla D. on Yelp

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange

Custom teas and coffee

a whole lot of coffee and tea
Photo courtesy of Jiray Group

2005 Penn Ave | Strip District |

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange literally has something for everyone — from blends, dark coffee, rare beans, and internationally sourced options, to over 100 types of loose leaf tea and bagged tea. Not only can you order them to drink in-house, but you can take a pound or two to-go. Plus, this has to be the most customizable cafe ever, offering the chance to create your own blends or grind your own beans. Even if you don’t take that opportunity, their unique menu of drinks should be able to fulfill every beverage craving under the sun.

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“We were just walking around to strip and decided to buy coffee. We got some coffee beans because we bought a new coffee grinder . You can grind the beans there too FYI. They have so many options. We did a chocolate almond and French vanilla as well for the beans. We also ordered coffees to go. My boyfriend got a black coffee as always. I had a vanilla latte and it was very good. Everyone working was in a great mood and made us laugh. I would absolutely return here.” - Valerie J. on Yelp

4121 Main

Plants, air, art, and light

the white, plant-filled room that houses 4121 Main
Image courtesy of 4121 Main

4121 Main St | Bloomfield |

For all you artists out there — and anyone who enjoys aesthetic beauty, really — 4121 Main is calling your name. Their open concept, wood-and-white cafe, complemented by copious plants and local art, is a perfect place to relax with a book, or just sit back and marvel at the loveliness of the world. If you really enjoy the aesthetic of the shop, you can take a piece of it home with you, as they sell not only coffee, but also fresh bouquets, cards, and other small personal gifts.

“4121 Main is one of my absolute favorite cafés, if just for the coffee itself. They offer classic drinks but also seasonal, floral-infused lattes (which are delicious). The location is nice as well, because it's just a 10 minute walk down the street and you're in a nice strip of shops in Lawrenceville. The best part: the INTERIOR. Holy wow. Beautiful. A+. The owners are also florists, and that shows--beautiful seasonal arrangements and decorations. I can't rave enough about this cafe.”  - Saraj Q. on Yelp

Dobra Tea

Tea, tea, and more tea — sorry, coffee lovers

Dobra's green storefront
Image courtesy of Anya G. on Yelp

1937 Murray Ave | Squirrel Hill |

With the prevalence of coffee as the caffeinated drink of choice for most of America, it can be difficult to find a specialty tea shop — but not with Dobra in town. Offering over 160 types of tea in their tea room that their website describes as “somewhere in between a bar and a church,” Dobra is devoted to the tea business. Even if you visited twice a week for a year, you still couldn’t get through their menu, especially with their newest addition of iced bubble teas. Although you might think you’re devoted to coffee, it’s likely that Dobra has an option that will weaken your conviction.

“I love coming here! The tea place is SO cute. They have tables, couches, and also seating areas where you have to take off your shoes and you sit on the floor pillows or ground. The place is fairly small but its nice and intimate. You order wherever your seated, and when ready ring a bell and wait for someone to help you! Perfect place for a tea date, to hang out for a couple of hours, or even to do some light reading or work. They also offer food and snacks. Their tea selection is HUGE, you could spend hours reading through all of them.” - Samantha H. on Yelp

Artisan Pittsburgh

Get inked while you get your daily dose of caffeine

the interior of Artisan Cafe
Image courtesy of Artisan Tattoo

5001 Penn Ave | Bloomfield |

Part cafe, part art gallery, part boutique, and part tattoo parlor, Artisan Pittsburgh really brings it all to the table. Stop in for some coffee, a great tattoo design, a treat for your eyes, or your new favorite piece of clothing. Each staff member is an expert in their particular field, so you’re guaranteed to get the best experience in whatever you happen to choose — even if you choose all four.

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“This odd combo of tattoo parlor and coffee joint is a combo I didn't know I needed, but I am so glad it exists.  The vibe is super interesting as the cafe doubles as the tattoo reception, so on one hand you have someone working on their next novel while someone else is waiting to go under the needle.  A truly unique locale that is so much more interesting of a place than your regular coffee shop.” - Erin W. on Yelp

With all the great coffee options in Pittsburgh, why not try something new with your customary cup of coffee or tea? Take a break from the same old, same old with some of these quirky options — you won’t regret it.

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