Top 7 Juiciest and Beefiest Burgers to Enjoy in The Bronx

From classic options to dimple diner burgers, here are the best burger joints in the Bronx.

Cheeseburger and burger lovers (who seem not to get enough of them) are always looking for something special in their burgers to enjoy. Whether you prefer a plain patty on a bun or a juicy burger with the right loads, they’re plenty of great restaurants in the Bronx that serve the all-American burger and other options. If you are visiting here for the first time or looking for a quick bite to take away the hunger, here are the top spots to grab a burger in the Bronx.

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Bronx Alehouse

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216 W 238th St, Bronx, NY 10463

A casual eatery serving king-size burgers, wings, and hearty sandwiches!

So you and your colleagues have decided to go on a day out and enjoy some savory burgers and relax while having a good time. Welcome to Bronx Alehouse, a casual restaurant where you can order one of your favorite burgers and enjoy a weekend out with a friend. You can either enjoy your food inside or takeout and enjoy it at the comfort of your home.

The menu is quite expansive with a brunch menu that features the popular breakfast burger that contains an 8oz Angus beef patty with generous toppings of braised bacon, sharp cheddar, and an egg. A brunch cocktail and draft beer are also included in this order. You can also have the Chicken n’ Waffles that comes with two mini waffles with spicy maple syrup and fried chicken breast toppings, and an egg.

If you want something less burgery, they offer delicious entrees for you to enjoy. When it comes to their burgers you can pick your favorite toppings to go with it and also order one of the signature cocktails and craft beers to enjoy along with your burger.


Source: Yelp

3726 Riverdale Ave, Bronx, NY 10463

A modern burger spot dishing out savory burgers, custom-made fast food, and naturally frozen shakes!

If you’re looking for an upscale, chilled burger place, then you should try Yo-Burger. This modern joint offers delicious, juicy burgers accompanied by cool, natural flavors of frozen yogurt and shakes.

Not sure what to order, we recommend one of the beefy burgers either single or double cheeseburger, turkey burgers, or veggie burgers for the vegans. All these options are served with generous toppings including lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, Jalapenos, relish, pickles, and grilled onions. You can choose whatever topping you prefer.

For a small upcharge, you can add a hot dog, fries, or sweet tots to enjoy along with your juicy burger. Make sure you order the self-serve frozen yogurt that you can build yourself with flavors and toppings of your choice, and add either a vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry shake.

Bronx Burger House

Source: Yelp

5816 Mosholu Ave, Bronx, NY 10471

Rustic spot serving hearty American comfort fare with innovative spins on classic burgers!

A casual burger house tucked in the Riverdale in the Bronx probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of grabbing a great burger while you’re in the city. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore this place completely.

While it seems like not so fancy of a place when you first pass by this burger spot, they serve the best burger in the Bronx. Their custom blend of black Angus Beef is carefully chopped fresh each day to ensure they make the best quality burgers in the city. On the menu, you will find a variety of 17 different burger combos that are sure to keep you full throughout the day. Get your hands on some favorites such as the classic burger, pony bacon cheeseburger, cowboy burger, big bleu burger, veggie burger, and more.

They also offer plenty of other options such as seafood, appetizers, sandwiches, hot dogs, entrees, and savory sides. If burgers and sandwiches don’t excite you, then you can get something from the daily specials or homemade soup. Don’t forget to top it off with one of their delicious desserts and sweet milkshakes.

Charlies Bar & Kitchen

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112 Lincoln Ave, Bronx, NY 10454

Classic American burgers and signature cocktails await you at this sophisticated bar and kitchen!

Looking for a juicy burger you can indulge in and feel satisfied? Then Charlies Bar and Kitchen is the best place to find different types of burgers to satisfy your craving. This laidback bistro features a dining room adorned with vintage chandeliers where they offer a unique blend of rustic sophistication and style.

On the menu, you will have plenty of options such as classic burgers with a chance to make it all yours with a choice of toppings to enjoy. Why not stop by and try out the house specialties such as fried chicken burger, fried chicken benny, or the 454 burger that comes with caramelized onions, bacon, cheese, and fries. They also offer other options such as a veggie burger and a chef’s steak cut.

If you want something aside from the burger, they have great options to share, salads, entrees, sides, and of course signature cocktails, wines, and crafted beers.

Milk Burger

Source: Yelp

148 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, NY 10454

Gourmet burgers, fries, and unique shakes await you at this casual, contemporary burger spot!

Do you love classic American comfort fare? Milk Burger is a great spot to enjoy gourmet burgers including non-beef options and plenty of other options.

What is familiar with their recipes? Their hand-crafted burgers are made from completely certified black Angus Beef locally sourced from within the city. They have a wide variety including Milkburger, cheeseburger, falafel burger, hamburger, Jalapeno burger, and the classic fish sandwich that include freshly fried tilapia with homemade Pico de Gallo, tomato, lettuce, and garlic mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun

Apart from their great burgers, they also serve delicious fried chicken wings, salads, savory sides, and signature cocktails, milkshakes, as well as craft beers. Also, make sure you order one of their frozen drinks especially the frozen Margarita made with only the freshest ingredients to maintain the best quality possible.


Source: Yelp

193 W 237th St, Bronx, NY 10463

Enjoy burgers made from all-natural certified Angus Beef at this upscale restaurant!

There’s something wonderful about enjoying a great burger at a neighborhood joint and that’s what you get at Smashburger. Forget everything that you know about burgers and order the Smashingly seasoned turkey burgers that come with great flavor, sizzled to order, and made with fresh produce on a toasted bun. Enjoy options such as avocado bacon club turkey burger, BBQ bacon cheddar burger, classic smash turkey burger, or the truffle mushroom Swiss option.

And now to their signature burgers that are all certified Angus Beef, meaning that they are freshly made and hand-smashed to order. Go ahead and order either the smoked bacon brisket burger, classic smash burger, or the truffle mushroom option that comes with aged Swiss cheese, Certified Angus Beef, sautéed crimini mushrooms, toasted bun, and truffle mayo.

If you want something lighter, be sure to try their savory fries, sides, desserts, shakes, and their signature cocktails as well as sweet wines.


Source: Yelp

135 Alexander Ave, Bronx, NY 10454

Creative king-size burgers and savory dishes await you at this laidback burger spot!

For years, locals at the Bronx have driven to Beatstro along Alexander avenue for its cross-cultural blend of cooking styles that features light pork rinds with BBQ seasoning and lemon, as well as golden-fried green tomatoes.

Often considered to be your favorite burger joint, Beatstro offers quite an extensive burger list curated by Chefs Leonardo Marino and R.L King with a blend of the best Southern Comfort and Puerto Rican fare. When it comes to burgers, you can order options such as Boogie Bown burger, all-beef classic smashed with shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato and beatstro sauce, or the mulled apple cider waffle with burnt caramel apples, boozy whip, and apple syrup.

If you have a little extra room in your stomach, banana split pudding is the go-to selection or the vanilla gelato with fruity pebbles. Don’t forget to order one of their specialty cocktails, wines, and craft beer to enjoy along with your burger.

While the Bronx has so many things to try, a freshly cooked burger should be among the first things you should try when you come here. If you find yourself craving a burger with no idea where to start looking, these top burger spots will sure provide the satisfaction you’re looking for. So, which are your favorite burger spots in the Bronx? Let us know in the comments!

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