We Love The Way These Sushi Restaurants In Knoxville Roll!

Sashimi, Nigiri, Chirashi, Maki, Uramaki, and Temaki are all served fresh at these spots in Tennessee!

With nearly 19,000 sushi restaurant businesses in the United States, it’s safe to say that there is a lot of variety when it comes to grabbing your favorite roll or trying something new! A popular choice for date nights, catching up with your friends, or getting take-out after a long week of work, sushi is great for any occasion. 

Since you know there's no shortage of sushi restaurants across the U.S.-- finding a place to dine in smaller cities can sometimes be a challenge. Knoxville, Tennessee is no exception. And you might be asking yourselves where to go or what to get while you’re in the Marble City, so today we’re here to find not just sushi in Knoxville, but some of the best sushi in Knoxville!

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1. Mikata Japanese Grill

A modern Japanese grill with a selection of delicious, fresh sushi!

Dip your New York Roll into a nice sweet sauce on the warm plate at this Japanese Grill! Image courtesy of the Mikata Japanese Grill Yelp photo page.

10918 Spring Bluff Way | Knoxville | mikatajapaneseknoxville.kwickmenu.com

Don't let the strip mall location fool you; Mikata Japanese Grill is one of Knoxville, Tennessee's hidden secrets. The colorful interior and friendly staff will instantly welcome you from the moment you walk in the door. 

The menu features a variety of classic Japanese grill items and fresh-made sushi. You’ll find a variety of sushi options on the menu that are well known classics, like Nigiri, avocado rolls, tuna rolls, California rolls, and more. Or you can try out some of their “Special Rolls” which consist of the Dragon Roll (raw spicy tuna, with eel, avocado, smelt roe and eel sauce on top) and the Golden Salmon Roll (deep fried smoked salmon, cucumber with smelt roe and Japanese mayo on top).

With great prices and even better food, it should come as no surprise that this restaurant draws a crowd. Expect a short wait on busy weekend nights, but rest assured that your food will come out steaming hot and absolutely delicious!

“This is my favorite hibachi place in Knoxville. With your hibachi meal you get a crap ton of chicken along with rice and noodles. Most hibachi places do not give you both so I love that this one does.” -Yelp Review

2. Osaka Grill and Sushi Buffet

A contemporary sushi and hibachi restaurant featuring an all-you-can-eat buffet!

A plate of sushi and shrimp with sauce drizzled on top, what could be better for your seafood cravings? Image courtesy of the Google Review images.

4009 Chapman Hwy | Knoxville | osakagrillsushi.com

Whether you're hungry and looking for a great deal or are in search of your favorite ‘hard-to-find’ sushi options, Osaka Hibachi & Sushi Buffet is the place to go. Their oversized menu of sushi includes a wide variety of rolls, including popular choices like their Crazy Salmon Roll and the Angel Wing Roll. Platters of fresh sushi fill the buffet, offering an array of rolls to suit any taste. 

And their “Hibachi Grill” menu has a variety of hibachis like the Shrimp And Chicken, Scallop And Beef, or the “Osaka Special” which is chicken, beef, shrimp, and scallops! The rest of the menu is a mix of classic Asian dishes, with plenty of seafood to choose from, so if any of this piques your interest then Osaka Hibachi & Sushi Buffet is the spot to visit!

“Always good & tasty food here. The outside of the place does not look like much, but come on in for a mouthwatering experience. The General Tao's chicken is well done here!” -Google Review

3. Osaka Hibachi & Sushi

Simple and classic hibachi and sushi favorites in a laid-back setting.

Not craving sushi? Why not try their Beef Noodle Soup that’s served in a bowl filled to the brim with broth, veggies, and meat? Image courtesy of the Osaka Hibachi & Sushi Yelp photo page.

3349 Sutherland Ave | Knoxville | osakahibachisushi.com

Don't let the previous restaurant and this one’s names fool you! While the names are similar, this restaurant and the one we mentioned above are unique, separate establishments. Osaka Hibachi & Sushi specializes in both a wide range of sushi rolls like the Spicy California Roll, Almond Shrimp Roll, Eel Roll, and Philadelphia Roll. (Plus they have a selection of Japanese hibachi favorites)!

But if you are looking for something just a little different, they do have Korean dishes which have boosted this spot in popularity, as you can pair both sushi and Korean specialities. Tough to find in the Knoxville area, they offer a variety of Korean favorites like Bulgogi, Ddukbokki, and Kimchi Fried Rice, with sides like Lo Mein, vegetables, and shrimp are all ready to serve at Osaka Hibachi & Sushi!

“One stop restaurant for all your Asian cuisine (Chinese, Korean, Japanese...). Reasonably priced and good food! Only place in Knoxville that I can get my spicy seafood noodle soup (jjangppong) fix.” -Yelp Review

4. Chaiyo Thai & Sushi Bar

Tasty Thai favorites and fresh sushi rolls served side by side!

Sushi with sauce dripping over the side is where. it’s. at. Image courtesy of the Chaiyo’s Thai and Sushi Facebook page.

601 James Agee St | Knoxville | chaiyosrestaurant.com

Thai and sushi don't always go hand in hand at American restaurants. But Chaiyo Thai & Sushi Bar proves that this combo is delicious and should definitely be done more often! Dine on fresh Thai favorites like the “House Special” Pineapple Fried Rice or take a bite out of the “Local Favorite” section which has Drunken Noodles, Pad Thai, Chicken Teriyaki, and Pho!

But don’t forget about the hand-rolled sushi made with the freshest ingredients! You can pair any meal with a variety of plates like their Veggie Roll, James Roll (shrimp tempura, avocado & spicy crab with tempura flakes served with spicy mayo and eel sauce), and Sushi Sashimi Combo (three pieces of nigiri & six pieces of sashimi & a California roll).

Chaiyo Thai & Sushi Bar's talented chefs are constantly looking for new sushi combos to delight the appetite. Dine in-house to enjoy their friendly service, or order a platter and a few dishes to enjoy at home!

“I love this place, I always come here for their Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles), and have yet to find a place that makes it as good as they do. I also love their fried California Roll!” -Yelp Review

5. Nama Sushi Bar

Classic and creative seafood rolls made in this trendy, modern downtown sushi bar!

Freshly made sushi with delicious flavors stacked on top! Image courtesy of the Nama Sushi Knoxville Instagram page.

506 S Gay St | Knoxville | namasushibar.com

While many of the restaurants on this list offer a selection of Japanese, Chinese, or even Korean cuisine, (alongside sushi of course) this next spot on our list specializes in sushi, but not just any sushi! An array of both classics and creative concoctions made in-house make Nama Sushi Bar something special! Plus, they have three locations in the Knoxville, Tennessee area to choose from, including a downtown location, which we will be talking about today. 

Nama Sushi Bar provides a wide variety of trendy, decadent rolls made with fresh ingredients and are plated beautifully, if we do say so ourselves. The modern, trendy decor inside makes this a great spot for a night out, while the outdoor patio makes this the perfect place for a fun summer date night out!

They have three different menus, one for dinner, one for lunch, and one for the kids! On the lunch menu there are items like a Cali Roll, Tuna Crunch Roll, and the Caterpillar (snow crab, eel, and cucumber, topped with avocado and eel sauce). The kids menu has fish & chips, kids maki, and kids pizza! While the dinner menu has a huge selection of rolls, vegetarian rolls, Chef’s choice, and Asian fusion dishes!

“Great atmosphere, delicious food. Wonderful service! There is a full-service bar as well. The bathrooms were clean and well stocked. There are many TVs playing various channels throughout the restaurant for your viewing pleasure.” -Yelp Review

6. Koko Japanese Grill

Perfectly cooked foods served in a restaurant that is perfect for a nice casual lunch out!

Fresh sushi filled with different kinds of seafood and meat and veggies lined up on a plate ready to eat! Image courtesy of the Koko Japanese Grill Yelp photo page.

8883 Town and Country Cir | Knoxville | qmenu.us

Fair prices, friendly staff, and a grand ol’ time is to be had when you go to Koko Japanese Grill. They are known around town for being one of the best places to get truly great Japanese foods and provide a selection of teas that pair weirdly so well with your dish that you’ll find yourselves craving it again the very next day!

Koko Japanese Grill has an “All Day Menu” and a “Lunch Special” menu with a good variety of foods to enjoy including your sushi favorites like the Spicy California Roll, Gyoza Roll, and a Cream Cheese Crab Roll! They also have specialty flavors like the Rainbow Roll (crab salad, avocado, cucumber topped with tuna, salmon, ebi shrimp, and escolar) and the Crunchy Crab Roll (crab, cucumber, avocado topped with crunchy onion, spicy mayo, and eel sauce). 

They also serve hot food like Yakisoba, Spicy Garlic Chicken, and Hibachis with many different combos of meat, veggies, and seafood added. Koko Japanese Grill has got your food cravings covered!

“Fresh new menu, great options. Lots of sushi choices. Restaurant is under new management and I really like the new menu! It's definitely a runner up for Japanese restaurants. They also have a great hit menu.” -Yelp Review

7. Fin-Two Japanese Ale House

A combination of sushi, small plates, and cocktails make this spot one to come back to!

When sushi looks this good, you know it’s some of the best sushi in Knoxville! Image courtesy of the Fin-Two Japanese Ale House Instagram page.

109 Willow Ave | Knoxville | fin-two.com

Fin-Two Japanese Ale House is based on Japan’s oldest style of eatery called Izakaya, which is an informal/casual bar and or restaurant serving tasty alcoholic drinks and snacks! So if that sounds like something you might be into, then stick around and let’s talk about what makes Fin-Two Japanese Ale House special.

Now before we talk about sushi, which is the main reason why you’re here, let’s talk about how they prepare their foods. Using fine and fresh ingredients that are cut perfectly make each bite a delight, while the chef’s attention to details is what makes their food stand out compared to others in Knoxville.

Alright, let’s get to the sushi! On their menu they have a range of Maki Rolls like Spicy Black Garlic Tuna and Lobster Maki. And they also have 2 piece Nigiri and 4 piece Sashimi, with “Neighborhood Favorite Specialty Rolls” that has rolls like the Sundown (salmon, cucumber, serrano, seared big eye tuna, tobiko, ponzu, & negi) and The Appalachian Trail (spring mix, carrot, shiitake, tofu, honeycrisp apple, avocado, & fennel relish). (Plus if you’re thirsty they have a small selection of cocktails to enjoy with your meal like the “Aki” Apple Spice (reposado, cinnamon, and apple))!

“What a great find!  I ate here last night and and had to return today!  Just a stone throw from my loft, I'm excited about this place.  Very limited menu but it works for them.  I love the pork belly ramen .  Sushi was excellent as well!” -Yelp Review

8. Kabuki Restaurant (Farragut)

Set in a cool contemporary setting makes this spot great for sushi in Knoxville!

A dragon designed in sauce displayed around the sushi makes for a unique meal! Image courtesy of the Kabuki Fusion Sushi & Grill Yelp photo page.

10901 Parkside Dr #105 | Knoxville | kabukitn.com

With a cute little mascot representing the restaurant itself, Kabuki Restaurant (Farragut) is a delightful restaurant that has a very “art-deco” aesthetic and mouth-watering Japanese food. They use the freshest ingredients and boast about their healthy menu options so everyone can enjoy something from the menu. This casual spot is perfect for an afternoon or evening meal while you’re out exploring Knoxville.

Now that you know the vibes of Kabuki Restaurant (Farragut), let’s talk about food! An array of Hibachi dishes, shareables like Popcorn Chicken, small plates like Seared Tuna, and rolls like the Tuna Roll, Yellow Tail Roll, Sweet Potato Roll, Ichiban Roll, Spicy Scallop, and a make your own Sushi Burrito. You can also try a variety of sake’s, wines, beers, and cocktails to pair with any dish you like!

“I go to the Turkey Creek location often. Their sushi is fresh and well made as well as fairly priced! Their hibachi is really good so it's a hit with the kiddos too!” -Yelp Review

9. Ichiban Japanese Grill

Offering traditional Japanese foods along with Chinese and Thai platters!

Rows of different sushi rolls all laid out on a plate make for a great time! Image courtesy of the Ichiban Japanese Grill Yelp photo page.

6737 Clinton Hwy | Knoxville | ichibanknoxville.com

Authentic and delicious Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food can be found at Ichiban Japanese Grill. This restaurant is all about making everything easy for you, from their convenient location to the affordable pricing of each dish, makes every dining experience in-house or for take out! 

Known for their “variety in taste and high-quality fresh sushi,” Ichiban Japanese Grill has a great menu to pursue, so let’s list a few of the dishes so you can see what to expect:

  • Appetizers like a Roast Pork Egg Roll, Crab Rangoon, and Tuna Tataki. 
  • Rolls and Hand Rolls like the Avocado Maki, White Tuna Roll, California Roll, Eel Cream Cheese Roll, and Spicy Salmon Roll. 
  • An assortment of rolls ranging from 5-12 pieces of different kinds and different combos can be found here as a place for sushi in Knoxville!

“Me and my fiance love Ichiban! Good prices, great food and a large selection of sushi! The workers there are no nice also! it may be tucked into a corner and hard to see, but it is definitely worth the search!” -Yelp Review

10. Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse

No matter if you sit outside or inside at/near the hibachi grill, you’re in for a treat!

Highly trained chefs lined up by the hibachi grill here to make you a delicious meal! Image courtesy of the wasabisteaknsushi website.

118 Major Reynolds Pl | Knoxville | wasabisteaknsushi.com

Discover an entirely new dining experience in Knoxville, Tennessee at Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse which is where all come to get top quality food provided by top quality service. This restaurant has “Master Chefs” that are there to impress you with their awe-inspiring skills that involve “samurai-like swordsmanship” using fresh and tasty ingredients. 

At Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse they’ve made a promise to “serve you right every time” because that’s what every customer deserves! Now that you know their motto and how they cook their food, let’s talk what’s on the menu sushi wise:

Sashimi (No Rice), an assortment of sushi with different flavors, classic rolls like the Alaskan Roll, Hawaii Roll, Wasabi Roll, and a Jalapeno Roll, and their “House Special Rolls” which consist of items like Double Shrimp Roll and Dragon Roll (eel and avocado outside, shrimp tempura, krab stick, and cream cheese inside).

“This is my favorite place to eat. The food is always fresh and hot. The service is amazing. Our server Kandy was great! I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a great hibachi restaurant.” -Yelp Review

When you're in the mood for something unique for dinner or you’re craving your favorite sushi roll, you can't go wrong with one of these top choices in Knoxville, Tennessee. Try them for yourself, or pick one to take a friend to for a fun night out for sushi in Knoxville!

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