Top 5 Restaurants on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles

If you’re ever in Los Angeles, California, one of the top places to be is on Melrose Avenue. Melrose Avenue is known for its many shops, restaurants, other fun things to do and it goes from Santa Monica Boulevard, and reaches the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, to Lucile Avenue in Silver Lake. As you already can tell, Melrose Avenue leads to a lot of big adventures when you’re stumbling down this long stretch of shops and other fun places, but now you have decided you are hungry and you don’t know where to go to eat. Well, here is a list of the top five restaurants to go to on Melrose Avenue if you are in the mood for something good to eat!

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8479 Melrose Avenue

West Hollywood

Stop by this Peruvian restaurant known for their ceviches, seafood, and meat dishes!

Ever been to a Peruvian restaurant? Stop by Rosaline’s today and try out some of their signature ceviches, seafood, and other delicious food on Melrose Avenue! Image courtesy of Rosaline.

Are you craving some ceviche, a Latin American seafood classic that originated from Peru? It is in your best interest to stop by Rosaline if you’re venturing on Melrose Avenue for some of the best ceviche in Los Angeles! If you don’t know what ceviche is, it’s a seafood dish that typically has raw fish which is marinated in lemon or lime and is covered in many different chili pepper spices and more. Rosaline’s ceviche is the top pick on Melrose Avenue, so we recommend that you get here soon to try it for yourself! 

There is also lots more that Rosaline offers instead of ceviche. If you are interested in it though, they have flavors such as kampachi, tiradito de corvina, grilled avocado, and many more! They also have other food options like beef heart skewers, flatbreads, and even family style dishes like slow- cooked barbeque ribs and a grilled ribeye. Sounds good right? They also have a vegetarian menu and even a great cocktail menu that will go along with your meal. Whether you are craving some Peruvian ceviche or not, we recommend Rosaline located right on Melrose Avenue if you’re hungry for something good!

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“My first time being here, my first time having Peruvian food and hopefully not the only time I will be here. The food, drinks ambiance and hospitality was amazing.” - Yelp Review

Carlitos Gardel Restaurant 

7963 Melrose Avenue

Beverly Grove

Try out this Argentinean steakhouse that is popular for their grass fed steaks and their wine list!

There’s nothing better than a nice, juicy steak, so why not come to Carlitos Gardel Restaurant located on Melrose Avenue for a meal you’ll never forget! Image courtesy of Carlitos Gardel.

There’s nothing better than some juicy and tender short ribs, New York sirloin, ribeye, or filet mignon, so if you’re on Melrose Avenue and craving some steak, why not stop by Carlitos Gardel Restaurant today! Carlitos Gardel is the perfect spot for some authentic Argentinian food right along the long strip of Melrose Avenue and is the perfect lunch or dinner spot. Even though they are primarily a steakhouse, they also have vegan and keto options as well!

We know you’re interested in what kinds of steaks, or other dishes that Carlitos Gardel Restaurant has to offer, so we’re going to mention some of their most popular dishes. Some of these dishes include appetizers, such as melted provolone cheese over sliced tomatoes, and oregano, prime steak, potato dumplings, veal and ricotta cheese ravioli, chicken breast covered with sauteed eggplant melted mozzarella cheese, and tomato cream sauce, and they have much more to offer! All of this sounds delicious, so why not step on over to Carlitos Gardel Restaurant that is on Melrose Avenue!

“All I can say this place is phenomenal. It's definitely a steakhouse but with an Argentinian twist. Service was great as they were attentive throughout the night. This is definitely a place to gather with friends or to come on a date night.” - Yelp Review

Ta-Eem Grill

7422 Melrose Avenue


Want to try out this kosher restaurant that serves falafel and shawarma? Never heard of it, then stop by Ta-Eem Grill today!

Have you ever wanted to try out some kosher dishes? Look no further than Ta-Eem Grill for some good kosher Mediteranean food! Image courtesy of Ta-Eem Grill.

Ever thought that you could have kosher Mediteranean food? Well, if you come by Ta-Eem Grill on Melrose Avenue, you definitely can try! The staff at Ta-Eem Grill are dedicated to producing food that their customers will enjoy because food is their ultimate passion and their mediteranean style is to die for. With being one of the top restaurants on Melrose Avenue, Ta-Eem Grill is the perfect place to go for lunch or dinner with friends and family after a day of exploring the length of Melrose Avenue.

Ta- Eem Grill has lots of popular kosher Mediteranean dishes and their chicken shawarma, which is chicken that is cut into thin slices and is wrapped up almost like a burrito, is one of the best to get! They also have a beef kabob plate, a shawarma pita, and even a falafel plate, which is very popular as well. Ta-Eem Grill even as delicious appetizers and salads that are amazingly good as well and with that being said, we think that this restaurant is perfect for you and your friends to go to on Melrose Avenue!

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“I'm in love with this place. The service, the food, the never waiting for a table, the authenticity, the price, the generosity... this restaurant has it ALL.” - Yelp Review

Frankie’s on Melrose

7228 Melrose Avenue


Try out this New York-themed Italian restaurant that serves amazing pasta, chicken, and seafood options that you will love!

We know that you are craving some perfect italian food, so why not stop by Frankie’s on Melrose, a popular New York-themed italian restaurant and try their pastas and other classic italian favorites today! Image courtesy of USA Restaurants. 

Are you craving some of the best italian food on Melrose Avenue that is full of delicious carbs and savory flavor? Why not try out Frankie’s on Melrose where the italian food is authentic and some of the best in the Los Angeles area? Frankie Competelli is the owner of the restaurant and he has brought his family recipes and love of cooking to the restaurant where it has become very popular over the years. 

We know you’re dying to hear what kind of italian classics that Frankie’s on Melrose has to offer, so here are some of the best dishes that they have to offer. This includes classic favorites such as chicken parm, chicken marsala, fettuccine alfredo, gnocchi, and of course, spaghetti and meatballs. Frankie’s also offers New York thin crust pizza with toppings like pepperoni and mozzarella, margherita, sausage, pepper, and onions, and the New Yorker, which is simply cheese and tomato. Sounds too good to be true? Stop by Frankie’s on Melrose today and try it out for yourself because we know you won’t be disappointed. 

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“We never go wrong when we choose Frankie's. The pork chop is to die for. Adam and Frankie are amazing hosts. Love this place! Can't recommend enough.” - Yelp Review


5722 Melrose Avenue


Are you interested in trying some California cuisine in a chic environment? We think Kali would be the perfect place for you!

Come by Kali to try some traditional California cuisine that will make your mouth water and keep you coming back for more! Image courtesy of Los Angeles Times. 

Established in 2016, Kali Restaurant, located on Melrose Avenue, is one of the top spots to be with some delicious California cuisine. They are known for using locally sourced ingredients for all of their dishes, along with making it their mission to showcase the best ingredients in California with their food. They offer lots of seafood and meat dishes that will make your mouth water for more when you leave this chic restaurant.

Interested in knowing what Kali Restaurant has to offer? They are known for their seafood dishes, such as pacific gold oysters, local black cod, and even sea urchin pasta. Kali also has different kinds of salad options like winter pea and burrata salad, and even soup options, like their cauliflower soup.  Kali Restaurant also has a vegetarian menu, a seasonal tasting menu, and even some tasty house cocktails to go along with your meal. Kali is the perfect restaurant to go to, so why not try it today?

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“I would describe Kali as a solidly executed French technique using the flavors of the farmer's market to bring new ingredients to classic preparations of the continent.  I am happy that I was able to experience it.” - Yelp Review

Melrose Avenue is a bustling place to be and we know that you will enjoy all that it has to offer. We hope that we were able to help make your decision on where to go out to eat with the top five restaurants on Melrose Avenue! Is there a restaurant located on this long stretch of shops and other restaurants that we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments!

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