Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Memphis, TN [Updated]

Looking for Some Spice? You Don’t Have to Settle for BBQ. Memphis Has Plenty of Tacquerias and Other Mexican Food to Enjoy!

Mexican food is one of the most popular types of food in the U.S. Sure, it has deep roots in the Southwest – but it’s skyrocketed in popularity all over the country, including Memphis, Tennessee. Whether you’re piling up a plate with tacos or sipping a frozen marg, chowing down on sizzling fajitas or a saucy enchilada, Memphis has plenty of tasty Mexican food to try out.

We’ve pulled together the best of the best Mexican restaurants in Memphis, including:

  • Authentic Taquerias
  • Tasty Tex-Mex and Cal-Mex options
  • Spots to sip your favorite tequila-infused cocktails

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1. El Mezcal

Classic Mexican Food in a Laid-Back Setting

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chicken nachos
Order an oversized plate of chicken nachos to share — or keep them all for yourself! Image courtesy of Yelp.

1492 Union Ave | Midtown |

El Mezcal might not be the best spot for a fancy dinner out. But it is perfect for those times when you're looking for hot, filling Mexican food at a great price in an unfussy setting. With its nondescript location, this one can be easy to miss. But the parking lot full of locals is a good indicator that this is a great spot for a good meal.

Regulars rave about the restaurant's friendly staff and oversized margaritas, as well as their menu full of authentic Mexican favorites. Try their beef nachos, tamales, or enchiladas, and enjoy their light and airy chips with fresh salsa while you wait for your meal.

"This is our favorite local Mexican food hangout! We love the food and margaritas are always perfect! All of the staff is friendly and always happy to see us. They really take special care of their customers here and if you want authentic Mexican food this is it!" -Yelp Review

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2. Picosos

Mouthwatering, Fresh Mexican Food

3937 Summer Ave | High Point Terrace |

Fresh, fresh, fresh. That’s the word that comes to mind when you bring up Picosos. From pollo fajitas to barbacoa burritos, cuban tortas to tripa sopes, you can expect an explosion of flavor from anything on the Picosos menu. And the secret to their high quality flavors? The fresh ingredients, of course.

Can’t make it to High Point Terrace? Consider ordering online. With their rewards system, you can quickly rack up enough points to earn perks like a $5 discount all the way up to a $100 discount on your next meal.  

“Highly recommend. Best taco, burrito, Gordita, and chicken place in town” –Yelp Review

3. Cocina Mexicana

Serving Up Great Mexican Food and Even Better Vibes

2945 Millbranch Rd | Memphis 

If part of the Mexican food experience means a vibrant ambiance to you, then get yourself to Cocina Mexicana as soon as possible. Known for their excellent food, stellar service, and fun atmosphere, an evening out at Cocina Mexicana will be one to remember.

Locals love the generous serving size and overall value of the meals. Be sure to try the California burrito – regulars at Cocina Mexicana can’t get enough!

“Great food!! Ample portions and terrific Margaritas!! The staff is outstanding!!” – Yelp Review

4. Tacos Nganas

Memphis’s Favorite Taco Food Truck

2120 Central Ave | Midtown |

This food truck might be a small operation, but it’s dishing out big flavor. The reviews for every item on the menu are outstanding, so it should come as no surprise that this place was voted the best tacos in Memphis. No matter what meat and prep you choose – spicy al pastor street tacos, mouthwatering camarones burritos, pollo quesadillas – be sure to order the consomé on the side. This traditional Mexican beef broth is made fresh daily, and has been dubbed the can’t miss “taco dipping sauce” by patrons.

There’s a bit of outdoor seating available, so it makes a great spot to grab lunch or dinner on a nice day. Pair your meal with a soda or a fizzy, fruity Mexican soft drink to complete the meal.

“Taco Ngangas, hands down, serves the best tacos I've ever had! This  taco truck has captured my taste buds with their tacos, I love to get them Taco Ngangas style with cheese. Every time I pass by, it's impossible to resist the urge to stop and get some tacos.” –Yelp Review

5. Maciel's Tortas & Tacos

Quirky Taco + Mexican Food Spot in Downtown Memphis

Maciel's Tortas & Tacos
Dig into tasty, fresh tacos and more. Image courtesy of Yelp.

45 S Main St | Downtown |

If you're looking for tasty, authentic street tacos and other Mexican favorites, all made with fresh ingredients, head to Maciel's Tortas & Tacos. While they have a couple of locations in Memphis, their downtown shop is the more popular option. The quirky, modern decor is perfect for a laid-back lunch. Or, order some festive cocktails for an evening of dinner and drinks with friends.

Reviewers rave about their elote, which is a traditional style of corn, cooked on the cob and slathered in mayonnaise, chili powder, and fresh lime juice, with a sprinkling of Cotija cheese and cilantro. While the restaurant is small, it does offer some seating upstairs for guests looking to dine in. You can also grab your favorite Mexican dishes to-go to enjoy at home or in your hotel room.

"Mariel's is an authentic Mexican restaurant.  They have seating upstairs.  I had the elote which was spot on.  The sweet corn was sweet and the toppings on it were perfect.  I also had a steak street taco which was very large for a street taco.  But it was fresh with onions, lime, cilantro and hit the spot." -Yelp Review

6. Los Comales

Large Restaurant Serving Up Fresh, Authentic Mexican Food

Try a fresh street taco — or three! Image courtesy of Yelp.

1322 Madison Ave | Med District  |

The large dining room of this popular Mexican restaurant might look a little big if you visit in between regular meal times. But come at dinner, and you'll quickly see why they offer so much seating. This favorite among locals is known for fresh and delicious Mexican food, all cooked fresh and served hot. The large menu offers everything from street tacos to appetizers, seafood, and more.

Alongside the tasty food, the friendly staff also make this a great spot for a fun family meal out. They also offer a full bar with house drinks like a frozen Margarita. Meal deals and daily discounts like $2 tacos make it easy to save on your next dinner out.

"My favorite Mexican restaurant in Memphis!!!! Great service, good portions, great prices, and delicious every. single. time. From the last three years I've been in Memphis, Los Comales has always been a go-to." -Yelp Review

7. Las Delicias

Simple Mexican Restaurant with Awesome Outdoor Dining

chicken Enchiladas Verde
Try a tasty favorite like Chicken Enchiladas Verde on their outdoor patio. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5689 Quince Rd| Eastgate |

For families and local college students looking for a good deal, big portions, and tasty food, nothing beats Las Delicias. This is another favorite with locals, who rave about the authentic Mexican food and the laid-back atmosphere. In fact, the restaurant has been a local favorite since it first opened in 2003. 

A $5 Mexican torta, which is a style of sandwich, is a popular choice for those looking for a great deal. Other favorites are their fresh salsa, served with chips before every meal, and tacos that cost just $2 to $3 apiece, depending on your choice of fillings. Don't forget to try their cheese dip — it's a definite fan favorite! While it might not be classic Mexican, you'll also find a classic Cuban sandwich on the menu, a popular Memphis dish.

Another popular appetizer is their fresh guacamole, which is served chopped instead of smashed like you may be used to. But the change in style certainly doesn't detract from its delicious and fresh flavors! It's served with their famous chips, which are homemade right in their own kitchen! You can even pick up a bag to take home to enjoy.

"We've been regulars here for years, and end up taking most people who visit us from out of town here at some point and they're never disappointed. It's not super-fancy Mexican, nor is it super-authentic Mexican--but it's super duper tasty Mex that almost always wins." -Yelp Review

8. Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

Fun and quirky quick-service Mexican food

elote mexican food
Stop in for a quick and fun lunch. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1215 S Germantown Rd | Germantown |

If you're willing to shell out a little more for your lunch than you might at most of the Mexican restaurants on this list, Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana is well worth a visit. This fun, modern spot is perfect for a quick and delicious lunch. Their menu is filled with truly authentic Mexican favorites, served beautifully, and made with the freshest ingredients. While reviewers report that the food is pricier than they expected, the delicious flavors, fresh ingredients, and fun combinations clearly make up the difference for most diners.

Their elote is a popular appetizer or side, while street tacos and tortas are great choices for those grabbing lunch to go. While the restaurant does a booming business in carry-out, there is plenty of room to dine in as well. You can even wash down your lunch with a frozen limeade. Much of the menu is classic and authentic, like tacos, tortas, and the elote we mentioned. 

But there are also some fun and modern options to choose from. When in season, their pomegranate salsa is a must-try. Alongside your hot sandwich or tacos, add a cup of fresh chicken tortilla soup, perfect for warming up on a chilly day exploring Memphis.

"This place is one of my Memphis favorites! I've been coming here for years. Food is always delicious and the people who run the place are so kind! Tacos and guac are my go to but their street corn is to die for! Be ready to spend a bit more at this place but it's so worth it!!" -Yelp Review 

9. Maria’s Cantina

“Mexican With a Twist” Unlike Any Other Restaurant in Town

6717 Airways Blvd | Southaven |

Featured on Only in Your State, Maria’s Cantina is worth taking the short drive from Memphis over to Southaven, MS. The interior is colorful, but that’s nothing compared to the menu offerings. The meals are “clean, sophisticated, and eclectic,” but not everything on the menu is quite traditional. You’ll find everything from burritos to gumbo here – but all of it is worth a taste!

“The restaurant on one side and the bar on the other. The ambiance is amazing, vibrant and festive. The service was friendly and patient. The food was amazing, great flavor, HUGE portions very easily shareable and the prices are very reasonable.” –Yelp Review

10. Taco Bell

An Alternative to Authentic Cuisine if You Want Something Familiar

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1279 Ridgeway Rd | Memphis |

Looking for something a little more inside of the box? Taco Bell can always be relied on for a quick Mexican feast. There are several locations throughout Memphis serving up all of your favorites, but this location on Ridgeway Road gets the highest reviews for the fresh, hot food and friendly customer service.

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That’s it for the best Mexican food in Memphis.

Whether you're looking for just the right spot to purchase a virtual gift card to or somewhere to dine in yourself on your next visit to Memphis, you can't go wrong with these great restaurants. Stop in one today to see for yourself and learn what the hype is all about!

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