Top 5 Mexican Food Restaurants in Houston

Are you craving a good spicy taco or cheesy quesadilla? Here is a list of the top five best Mexican food restaurants in Houston!

Tacos, quesadillas, tostadas, oh my! Mexican food is a super popular type of food that is good any time of day, no matter where you are. We know you’re in the mood for some Mexican food, but trying to figure out which one has the best food, or the best margarita specials can be difficult. If you’re in Houston, we have found the top five best Mexican restaurants for you to go to because we know that the struggle is real. So sit down, and enjoy your favorite Mexican dish in the wonderful city of Houston with these top five restaurants!

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Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe

1511 Airline Drive | The Heights |

Come and check out this old school cafe that serves classic Mexican dishes!

What’s better than an old school restaurant that serves delicious classic Mexican dishes? We can’t think of anything much better, so be sure to stop by Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe in Houston today! Image courtesy of 365 Things to Do in Houston.

Want some delicious local Mexican food located in The Heights in Houston, Texas? We recommend this local favorite, Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe! Also known as Teo Mexican Cafe for short, this restaurant is proud to serve their customers with quality food and service and they have been doing so for many years. Teo Mexican Cafe has expanded to three different locations with their popular and authentic Mexican dishes and have been named in The Houston Press and The Houston Chronicle. 

Does Teo Mexican Restaurant sound good to you? Let’s really solidify your decision with some of their top dishes! They are most well known for their enchiladas, burritos, tacos, tostados, and many more that all come in with many different toppings, sauces, salsa, and many more. This is a great way for you to really spice up your Mexican food and have it the way that you want it. Teo Mexican restaurant has an endless amount of dishes to choose from, along with their signature margaritas, micheladas, cocktails, and even beer. Sounds good right? Stop by Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe today for some tasty and authentic Mexican dishes!

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“Very affordable compared to some of the other places out there. The fajitas had great flavor! The chicken quesadilla was large and amazing! The queso was tasty and perfect. Overall, I'll be back! This place is solid.” - Yelp Review

The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation

2704 Navigation Boulevard | Ward |

Still want to support local restaurants? Come check out this place that serves cool margaritas, and Mexican fare food!

Support local and go to The Originals Ninfa’s on Navigation to have some good Mexican food that will keep you coming back for more! Image courtesy of Taste Atlas. 

Want to go to a local favorite for Mexican food in Houston, Texas? Then stop by The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation, or Ninfa’s for short. Open every day of the week, Ninfa’s is the perfect spot in Houston to get some cool margaritas and some classic Mexican favorites. Mama Ninfa, the original owner of Ninfa’s, is known for making and selling her very own fajitas, which include handmade flour tortillas with some delicious grilled and sliced beef. 

There are so many delicious goodies here at Ninfa’s, and their fajitas are what people really rave about. If you are interested in some other good Mexican dishes from this local favorite, make sure to try out their fajita burger, carnitas, handmade tamales, and many more! Ninfa’s also has lots of different flavors of margaritas, tequila, and you can’t forget cerveza (or beer in Spanish). Stop by Ninfa’s today for some local favorites since 1973 and hop on the fajita craze today!

“Everything I expected from the original, and more! This is definitely one of the best Mexican restaurants in Houston, it deserves the credibility it has!” - Yelp Review's-Logo-We-Have--SORRY!.png


1600 Westheimer Road | Montrose | 

Have you ever had a hand shaken margarita? Try them today along with some tasty Mexican dishes at Hugo’s!

Try out a modern take on Mexican classes and hand shaken margaritas at Hugo’s! Image courtesy of Texas Monthly.

Located in the Montrose area of Houston, Hugo’s is a Mexican restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food that is from many regions of Mexico. Hugo’s serves food that is all made from scratch and they are most well known with their awards on their cocktail and tequila list. Sounds good right? Why don’t you stop down today?

Hugo’s is not only known for their cocktail and tequila menu, but they are also known for their many famous, authentic Mexican dishes. These dishes include grilled octopus, squash blossoms, queso flameado, and even their very own lobster tacos. Hugo’s also has many signature drinks, like the Hugo Rita, the West Texas Walkabout, and of course, mojitos, and other Mexican beers that you will love. We know that Hugo’s sounds like a hit, so why not come down today for some tasty Mexican food and a cocktail?

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“This is my new favorite place in Houston. Awesome atmosphere, and even better food. Every single dish we ate was out-of-this-world good. Highly recommend this place.” - Yelp Review

Lopez Mexican Restaurant

 11606 S Wilcrest Drive |

Stop by today for some margaritas and other Mexican favorites at this local, family owned Mexican restaurant!

Want to try some family owned recipes at Lopez Mexican Restaurant? Stop by today for some quality service and good food today! Image courtesy of Viva Lopez.

Since 1978, Lopez Mexican Restaurant’s goal has been to provide exceptional hospitality, quality, and amazing customer service. This Tex-Mex restaurant has been popular since it started up with adding two additions to the restaurant since its opening. Customer satisfaction is what is most important to the Lopez Mexican Restaurant, along with their delicious Mexican favorites.

For starters, the Lopez Mexican Restaurant serves delicious appetizers, such as chile con queso and guacamole served with tortilla chips and then they have many main courses to choose from. From carnitas, enchiladas, taco salad, and even fajita tacos, there is so much to choose from and they even have their own tex-mex favorites, like burritos and chalupas. We know that you would love this restaurant, so stop by Lopez Mexican Restaurant today to indulge in some good Mexican food today!

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“First time eating here and I was amazed at how fast & polite the service was. The food was good too, I definitely would recommend coming to Lopez!” - Yelp Review

Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen

6320 N Main Street | The Heights |

A sunny cafe with amazing food? Nothing better than stopping at Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen today for some good Mexican food!

What’s better than Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen? Nothing! In Houston, this restaurant is known for their gorditas, other mexican dishes, bread, and even their pastries! Image courtesy of Houstonia Magazine. 

Located in The Heights in Houston lives Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen, a restaurant that first opened up as a bakery in 2001 and was originally known as Puebla’s Bakery. Soon after, it turned into a bona fide food joint where it started serving authentic Mexican dishes and then changed its name to Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen. In 2003, the restaurant gained a lot of loyal customers and with its good reputation, it moved to a bigger location and expanded its menu to what we know as Puebla’s Kitchen today!

We know that you’re curious to figure out what kinds of tasty Mexican food that Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen is selling, so here we go! Puebla’s sells all of the classic Mexican dishes, such as tacos, burritos, gorditas, tostadas, quesadillas, and many other favorites! They also serve foods such as huevos con chorizo, special huevos rancheros, and even beef fajitas! We know that you’ll love Puebla’s Mexican Kitchen, so top by today to try out some family recipes that you will love!

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“By far the best Mexican food breakfast I've ever had that wasn't from my grandmother. Everything was fresh and hot in order not to mention their cinnamon coffee which I highly recommend. You can't beat the prices either!” - Yelp Review 

So you’ve heard about a bunch of different Mexican restaurants in Houston, so why not stop by and try one out today! We know that these restaurants are all great and local, so it’s an even better reason to support and visit these restaurants! We hope that you will enjoy these top five best Mexican restaurants in Houston! 

Is there a Mexican restaurant in Houston that you absolutely love that we didn’t mention? If not, let us know in the comments! 


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