Top 5 Date Night Restaurants to Take Your Significant Other to in Atlanta

Date night can be really stressful. Whether it’s trying to figure out what to do, or where to go out for dinner, trying to pick out what to do for your date night can be stressful. When thinking about what kind of restaurants to go to, there are many things to think about. Do you want it to be a fancy, yet romantic date, or do you want it to be a more casual dinner date? There are many factors to think about when it comes to planning the perfect date night, but if you’re stuck on where to go out to eat, we are able to help you with the top five date night restaurants in Atlanta!

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Sotto Sotto | Atlanta, GA | Atlanta Restaurants | Atlanta Dining

Sotto Sotto

313 N Highland Avenue NE | Inman Park | 

Enjoy a cozy date night with some classic Italian favorites to fill you both up with deliciousness!

Try a classic Italian restaurant, such as Sotto Sotto, to take your date out on a nice romantic evening. Image courtesy of Sotto Sotto.

There is nothing better than enjoying a meal full of carbs and what better way to do this than go to an Italian restaurant on your date night. Taken from old Italian traditions, Sotto Sotto is known for its delicious Italian favorites and it was named one of the top twenty best Italian restaurants to go to in the US by the New York Post. Nestled into a rustic and cozy restaurant, this is the perfect place for date night if you’re struggling on where to take them!

Sotto Sotto is known for its all-Italian award winning wine list that would be perfect to start the date off. Then, we recommend diving deep into the Italian world of cuisine with some of their most popular dishes. This can include tortellini de michelangelo, strozzapreti alla salsiccia, cape sante, and many others! We really think that Sotto Sotto would be perfect for you and your significant other for date night because of the delicious and traditional meals that you can eat and enjoy to really set the mood for the night!

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“I am such a fan of this place, every time just gets better and better. If you like pasta, then you must go here.  They make all of their pastas in house which is absolutely delicious.  You really can't go wrong with any dish here.” - Yelp Review

Burn Lounge

3462 Roosevelt Highway | Unit 15 |  

A hookah bar, along with a cocktail bar and a southern-inspired menu? What could be better!

Ever thought about a hookah bar with some Southern-inspired food and cocktails? Well, Burn Lounge is the place to go to for your date night! Image courtesy of Atlanta Burn.

Want to do something different for date night? Why not give a restaurant with a hookah and cocktail bar a try? Burn Lounge is your place to go for all of your delicious Southern-inspired dishes, along with having a good cocktail and going to the hookah bar! Not only is the food to die for here, but the atmosphere will have you feeling comfortable on a fun night out without having to go to the local bars to get a good drink.

Burn Lounge is most well known for all of their traditional Southern dishes and flavors. Some of their signature dishes include fried green tomatoes, Burn wings with lemon pepper, mild, or their secret Burn BBQ sauce, mac and cheese fritters, and even their mango pineapple salmon, or blue and black steak. If you’re feeling something different for date night, we recommend Burn Lounge for the hookah bar experience, along with having some good food and cocktails!

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“From management to staff, this is one of my favorite spots in Atlanta. Burn Lounge treats their customers like family. I always enjoy myself when I'm there and the food is always on point, with affordable drinks and drink specials.” - Yelp Review

New York Style Bagels in Atlanta | Emerald City Bagel | East Atlanta

Emerald City Bagels

1257-A Glenwood Avenue SE | East Atlanta Village | 

So you’ve changed your mind and want to take your date on a breakfast date. Then Emerald City Bagels is the right place for you!

Want to get a breakfast sandwich instead of a dinner meal? Consider Emerald City Bagels for your next date! Image courtesy of Style Blueprint.

So, we know that a dinner date is the easiest thing to do, but why not switch it up and do a breakfast date instead? If you’re thinking about this option, why not take advantage of East Atlanta Village’s Emerald City Bagels? This is a great place to go and have a breakfast and coffee date with your significant other, while being able to enjoy each other’s presence with a great date! Emerald City Bagels is known for their Long Island, New York style bagels and they have many breakfast and lunch sandwiches waiting for you to try!

There are many different breakfast and lunch sandwiches for you and your date to enjoy at Emerald City Bagels. Some of their signature sandwiches include The Batman consisting of bacon, arugula, and tomato, the Inverted Grilled Cheese, which is a bagel flipped inside out and grilled with cheese in the middle, and also the Eggy Pop, a bagel with egg salad and pickled onion. There are many bagels to choose from here and you can also choose between coffee, tea, or their signature seltzers that they make every single day. We know that a breakfast date sounds appetizing, so why not try Emerald City’s Bagels with your date today!

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“The bagels are fresh, the service is great, and their location in the Village is perfect for a stroll after you eat your bagel.” - Yelp Review

Sweet Auburn Seafood | WCLK

Sweet Auburn Seafood

171 Auburn Avenue NE | Downtown | 

Some southern-style seafood with cocktails and live music is the perfect place to take your date for a night out!

Try some of Sweet Auburn Seafood delectable Southern-style seafood for a great date night! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

What better way to have a perfect date night than by going to a famous seafood restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia? Sweet Auburn Seafood is the right place to be for you and your significant other to have a terrific night out! Not only are you able to enjoy the delicious and fresh seafood that they have to offer, but you can also enjoy some amazing bar drinks and even live music while you’re eating. 

What is great about Sweet Auburn Seafood is that you can enjoy their food at any time of the day! This restaurant not only has dinner times, but they also provide lunch, and even brunch on Sundays. Some of their signature dishes that many people enjoy are their sea salt calamari, seafood nachos, shrimp and grits, sweet auburn crab boil, and even their own sweet auburn seafood burger containing an angus beef patty topped with blackened shrimp and some smoked gouda cheese. We think that Sweet Auburn Seafood is the right place to be for date night, so why not give it a go today with your significant other?

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“I am so glad I can finally say this place is checked off my list and better believe anytime I am in the area I plan to stop by.” - Yelp Review 

empire-state-south.jpg | National Head Start Association

Empire State South

999 Peachtree Street NE | Midtown | 

Enjoy a modern take on classic Southern dishes at this high-end date night restaurant!

Why not try a classy restaurant for a change? Take your date on an extraordinary night out at Empire State South today! Image courtesy of USA Today 10 Best.

Ever thought of trying a modern take on classic Southern dishes? Then Empire State South is the restaurant for you! Empire State South is a restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a beautiful courtyard for people to dine and even play bocce ball. Empire State South also has an extensive coffee bar for you and your significant other to try while you’re enjoying a nice Southern meal. 

Empire State South has lots of different delicious Southern dish options for you to try out. Some of their signature favorites are a crisp pork belly, smoked duck breast, and even prime steak tartare. Their modern take on Southern food will have your mouth watering for even more whenever you stop at this Atlanta favorite! Try a delicious meal at Empire State South and enjoy some bocce ball while you’re there!

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“We ate everything in sight at the bar for an early dinner. Bartenders were super informative on both the dishes and the drinks. Highly recommend.” - Yelp Review

Trying to figure out the perfect date to take your significant other on, or even to take someone out on a first date can be quite intimidating and even hard! We hope that with this list of the top five best date night restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia, we have made this process go a little smoother. Is there a restaurant you like to go to on a date night that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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