Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Indianapolis, Indiana

For weeknights at home or a fun weekend dinner out, nothing beats a great Chinese restaurant.

But with so many to choose from in Indianapolis, finding one that you love can feel a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

Besides finding a Chinese restaurant that you yourself will enjoy, finding a great one to gift a gift card to for a friend or loved one can also be a challenge. While purchasing a virtual GiftYa card is a simple way to give a gift your recipients will love without the hassle of shopping and wrapping, you first have to pick the perfect restaurant.

If you're ready to find to narrow down your options, keep reading to learn the top 5 Chinese restaurants in Indianapolis, Indiana!

1. Golden Dragon

Fast, friendly Asian take-out

Quick take-out makes this a great weeknight spot. Image courtesy of Yelp.

8313 Crawfordsville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46234

When you're craving Chinese takeout, look no further. Golden Dragon is a favorite among locals for its tasty food, friendly staff, and quick service. The standard menu of Chinese-American dishes offers plenty of variety and affordable prices, making this a great choice for a weekday evening meal.

"This is a solid Asian food joint in the area - and I'm thankful for it. I love their crab rangoons and their wonton soup is my go-to meal when I'm feeling under the weather. Last night I ordered the Singapore Mei Fun (called Singapore Noodles at other restaurants I've been to) and I loved it. It's got a kick to it (even my husband agrees, and he loves spicy food) but it wasn't too hot. I'm looking forward to trying out more of the menu." -Yelp Review

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2. Taste of Chinese

Fresh, classic Chinese-American cuisine

Dig into savory comfort food, Chinese-American-style. Image courtesy of Yelp.

8321 Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Whether you're in the mood for comfort food and a casual night out or a filling take-out option, Taste of Chinese is a great option in Indianapolis, Indiana. This nondescript restaurant serves us fresh, classic Chinese-American dishes, with heaping portions and affordable prices. From crispy crab rangoon to juicy orange chicken, you'll find all of your favorites on the menu. Service is quick and friendly, making this a great family-friendly spot.

"Need a Chinese fix? Good choice. I used to come here a few years ago with my roomies, but I forgot about it until I moved back to the north side. Recently, Rob and I were looking at Chinese for dinner, and I remembered that this place. Even though it's a take-out AND they deliver, we decided to eat there because the dining room looked so sad and empty due to that typical hole-in-the-wall-chinese-restaurant feel. It was cool though because we got our meals right when they were done, and it looked like we got more food. Awesome sauce!

Crab rangoons are how I guage the rating of a Chinese restaurant. These. Are. LOADED. Awe yeah! He had orange chicken, I had lo mein, and we shared some egg fried rice. It all was awesome, fresh, and there was plenty of it. The little Chinese lady was super nice and quick, but I'm guessing that's because we were the only people there." -Yelp Review

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3. Sichuan Chinese Restaurant

Authentic Chinese restaurant with an oversized menu

Authentic Chinese food found right here in Indy. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1329 Rangeline Rd, Carmel, IN 46032

This Carmel, Indiana-area restaurant touts itself as the most authentic Chinese food experience in Indy! Sichuan Chinese Restaurant actually offers both an authentic Chinese menu and a Chinese American menu, giving diners plenty of options to choose from. On the authentic menu, you'll find a variety of dishes, ingredients, and flavors you won't find at most corner Chinese-American restaurants. On the weekends, they offer a buffet that features a variety of Chinese and Chinese American dishes like steamed buns, cold noodles, sesame balls, and a variety of hot noodles, rice, and meats.

"If you are looking for traditional Chinese in the Indianapolis area, you should definitely check out Sichuan! Sichuan has both a traditional Chinese menu and a more typical American Chinese menu and you can mix and match your order. I order takeout from here regularly, but the best thing about this place is the lunch buffet! On the weekends they have a traditional Chinese buffet! It is wonderful! They have a selection of cold noodle  dishes, steamed buns, egg rolls, noodles, rice, soups, meats, and my favorite sesame balls with red bean paste filling! I love the lunch buffet because I am able to sample many things without ordering a ton of food. The cost of the buffet is $13!

The staff is super nice and welcoming! I go often enough that I am likely a familiar face. It is very common to see large groups/families that are Chinese and they talk with the staff in Mandarin.

They have private 1 stall restrooms for both men and women." -Yelp Review

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4. Beijing Chinese

Simple Chinese American takeout served fresh

Tasty Chinese-American food in a nondescript restaurant. Image courtesy of Yelp.

8144 E 21st S, Indianapolis, IN 46219
Don't let its nondescript appearance fool you; this easy-to-overlook restaurant is serving up some of the best Chinese American cuisines in Indianapolis! Beijing Chinese is known for its quick, friendly carry-out and variety of fresh, tasty dishes. You'll find all of your favorite Chinese-American classics, each made to order with care, and with fresh ingredients. Dig into shrimp with lobster sauce, General Tso's chicken, crab rangoon, and more.

"Beijing Chinese is a great spot under the guise as a hole in the wall.  When you walk into the place, it looks like your average Chinese joint in a strip mall.  Don't let that stop you from trying out their food.  

I came here with my nieces when there was 6" of snow dumped on the city earlier that day. The phones were ringing off of the hook from delivery orders. The food came out quick and hot. I ordered the General Tso's chicken and it was delicious. My nieces ordered the bbq pork spare ribs, orange chicken, crab rangoon, and shrimp with lobster sauce. I was able to sample the bbq pork spare ribs and orange chicken. Both were tasty. Everyone was really satsified with their meals.

If you're in the mood for Chinese food in this area, give this place a try.  You will not be disappointed." -Yelp Review

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5. Panda Chinese

Traditional Chinese-American fare in a basic carry-out location

Drop-in for simple Chinese-American carry-out. Image courtesy of Yelp.

21 S Main St, Fortville, IN 46040

Another simple, yet tasty carry-out option in the area is Panda Chinese. Like the last one on this list, this restaurant is easy to overlook but is a popular spot among locals looking for some delicious carry-out. Panda Chinese offers both Chinese and Chinese-American cuisine. On the menu, you'll find classics like pork egg rolls, General Tso's chicken, and authentic dishes that you won't find at most U.S. Chinese restaurants.

"My family and I have been coming here for YEARS. We haven't had a bad experience nor bad food or service even with the restaurant changing ownership. Food is authentic Chinese cuisine, not the Americanized junk so many other "Chinese" restaurants try to pass off. My wife had never tried Asian food before and finally started once my son and I continued to bring it home the smells and sights of this fantastic food convinced her and now she is an avid convert." -Yelp Review

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Indianapolis might not be known for its Chinses cuisine or cultural presence. But that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of delicious, authentic options to choose from in the area. Before you head to your closest corner restaurant, be sure to do your research and check out this list to narrow down your choices to only the best!

Whether you're looking for a spot to grab take-out from tonight or want to choose a restaurant to purchase a virtual gift card to for a friend or loved one, you can't go wrong with one of the Chinese or Chinese-American restaurants on this list!

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