Things to Do in Orlando Besides Theme Parks

Orlando is a city filled with cool theme parks, but that’s not the only fun thing you can do there.

Orlando is a city in Central Florida that is well known for its theme parks. It is home to more than a dozen theme parks that people travel from all over to get to. The most famous park is Disney World, and other popular parks are Epcot, Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Islands of Adventure. These parks are all amazing and worth visiting, but they are not nearly the only fun things that you can do in this city. Orlando has so much more to offer its visitors, from food tours to interesting museums. 

Orlando is a big city that is filled with so many things to do. As long as you’re looking to have a good time, you’ll find endless opportunities there!

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The Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center aims to educate its visitors. 

This is such an amazing fossil to get to see in person. Image courtesy of Ohio Science Center

777 East Princeton St | Orlando |

The Orlando Science Center is an award winning, hands-on science museum. It showcases exhibits about natural science and simulation technology among other things. It opened as the Central Florida Museum back in 1955 and has been on a mission to inspire lifelong science learning since then. It has been around for more than 60 years, and has brought science to life for Florida residents along with visitors from around the country and around the world. 

The Orlando Science Center has four floors of interactive exhibit halls, theaters, workshops, labs, and an observatory. has over 650,000 visitors per year, and they always have something exciting for them to see and do. They also reach about 153,000 students and educators per year through their STEM Discovery Center educational programs. They offer education on their premises and off them at schools and at other institutions. 

“I've always been a fan of OSC since I was a kid. I don't remember exactly the exhibits we would see during our many field trips here but I still get a kick at my age (mid 30s). Recently I brought my young son here to play and experiment. He really enjoyed it too. Thanks for continuing the traditions for curious seekers.”--Yelp Review

The Sea Life Aquarium

This Aquarium will bring you closer to sea animals than ever before. 

8449 International Dr | Orlando |

The Sea Life Aquarium welcomes over 20 million visitors through its doors each year. They are on a mission to inspire love for the ocean and its creatures. They also aim to have people care about ocean conservation efforts. They bring guests a lot closer to sea life than they can normally get. They have 50 aquariums, two sanctuaries, and over 180,000 creatures. 

Guests get to explore several different habitats and also participate in interactive learning exhibits. Whatever your favorite sea animal, you can likely find them at the Sea Life Aquarium. Some of the most popular sea animals at this aquarium are sharks, sea horses, jellyfish, and penguins. 

This aquarium is even involved in global conservation efforts. They breed, protect, and rescue animals who are in need of it, and help keep beaches all over the world clean. They even have the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary! They even give out information on how you can help them achieve their conservation goals on their website. 

“Wasn't sure what to expect, but the aquarium exceeded our expectations. Had lots of fish and displays. Everything was clean and the exhibits were gorgeous. Kept our entire family engaged. Staff were exceptional. Went above and beyond to help us at check in and with a lost item. We'll be back!”--Yelp Review

Ivanhoe Village Food Tour

Ivanhoe Village is one of the most unique parts of Orlando. 

These sandwiches look delicious. Image courtesy of Ivanhoe Village

Orlando |

Ivanhoe Village offers a fun food tour that teaches about local cultures. If you love food, this tour will be a fun and delicious one. You will find yourself trying different foods all across Orlando. This tour can be great for visitors as well as Orlando locals. It is also great for people of all ages. Food is something that can connect anyone!

Ivanhoe Village is Orlando’s cultural district. It is full of history, aesthetic, and local business prosperity. Because of its offbeat and authentic vibe, this part of the city is known as Orlando’s indie side of town. It features art museums, retro retailers, and a very bikeable space. The food is also something that shouldn’t be missed. 

And this food tour is also not limited to just food! If you take this tour, you may find yourself doing a number of things aside from eating. You might end up doing yoga, getting a manicure, biking, and even paddleboarding. Almost anything can happen on this food centered adventure!

“Great neighborhood with great business and services including some of the best bars and pubs in Orlando. Ivanhoe has many events for the neighborhood like Jingle Eve, Virginia Dr Live and other holiday events.”--Yelp Review

Museum of Illusions

This museum uses cool tricks to show you images you would never expect. 

8441 International Dr | Orlando |

The Museum of Illusions is a fascinating place that will confuse and delight your senses. It is easy to have fun in this museum with its amazing optical illusions. You can let your imagination run free in rooms like the Infinity Room, the Reverse Room, and the Ames Room. In the Reverser Room, you get to defy the laws of gravity and in the Ames Room you can shrink down to a miniature size. You’ll be in awe at the illusions and the unbelievable pictures you can get!

Aside from seeing yourself and your companions in rooms that distort your appearances, you can also check out jaw dropping showpieces. You can see holograms, optical illusions, Your eyes will see many things that your brain won’t understand, which will in turn teach you a few things about science. 

“So much fun for all ages.. Hubby and I enjoyed our time here, having fun and being silly.The staff was amazing and they were always ready to help take photos. The price was decent for a two to three hour experience plus great memories.”--Yelp Review

Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Orlando

Indoor skydiving will make for an unforgettable experience. 

8969 International Dr | Orlando |

At iFLY Orlando, you’ll get to experience the feeling of skydiving without having to jump out of a plane. There, you will feel as if you’re flying through the air while only a few feet from the ground. The team likes to make sure that their visitors are extra prepared for what they will be in for. They offer information on their website so that you can be prepared in advance, and then when you get there, you will be prepped and taught by elite athletes and world class instructors. 

They coach classes for kids and classes for adults. All first time flyers are required to take a training course before they fly for the first time. They will even allow you to host parties there and will supervise all who are in attendance. They know how to keep things safe and fun, and provide everyone with an unforgettable experience. They host private events, birthday parties, and STEM field trips. 

“What an amazing experience, from start to finish. The fly instructor was phenomenal and highly skilled, He explained the process in detail.  He even gave a little show! What a great way to celebrate my birthday. I highly recommend this place!”--Yelp Review

The Crayola Experience

This place offers one of the most colorful experiences you can have. 

This is one of the most colorful places you can visit. Image courtesy of Enjoy Florida

8001 Orange Blossom Trl | Orlando |

The Crayola Experience is a one of a kind, color-filled family attraction. They make the magic of Crayola come to life! They offer a bunch of creative, hands-on activities for families to do together. Both kids and adults get to explore their creativity while learning about the arts and sciences. Families typically take 3-4 hours to explore the 27 hands-on attractions. Some of the attractions include learning how crayons are made in a live manufacturing show, a 4-D coloring adventure, and starring in your own coloring page. 

The Crayola Experience believes in the power of creativity. They believe that creativity is an essential skill that can be taught. They believe that it's a quality that deserves to be heavily nurtured, and they are dedicated to doing that work. They also support many charitable organizations around the community. 

“I was very impressed with the Crayola Experience when we visited for the first time. I didn't expect it to be as entertaining for myself and my 3 kids. We all had an amazing time and spent over 5 hours there. There were so many different attractions and everything was spaced apart perfectly. We ended up purchasing annual passes before we left. Can't wait to go back!”--Yelp Review

Sak Comedy Lab

The Sak Comedy Lab shows performances from some of the funniest people in the city. 

This audience is in for a good time. Image courtesy of Sak Comedy Lab

29 S Orange Ave | Orlando |

Sak Comedy Lab has been bringing comedy to an Orlando audience since 1991. They entertain audiences with their unique brand of improv comedy. They take suggestions from the audience and use those suggestions to create characters, scenes, and even songs on the spot! It is a comedy show that you get to participate in as an audience member. The comedy they showcase is mainly for an adult audience, but it is still widely enjoyed by their younger fans. 

The venue has 250 seats, and audience members can get themselves beer and wine from the concession stand. Their actors will also perform at corporate events, parties, school events, and much more that people would like to book them for. 

The Sak has produced many popular performers in the comedy world. Comedian Wayne Brady got his start there and credits Sak for getting him started with his comedy career. Former performers of Sak have also been seen on shows like Scrubs, Mad TV, Saturday Night Live, The Office, and 30 Rock. When you see shows here, you just might be seeing the next celebrated comedy talents! 

“Always a fun time! I used to come here often during college, but haven't been in years and it was so nice to be back! The cast is so funny and they're great at what they do. We saw Duel of Fools and it was really nice to have the audience participation. It's a nice affordable activity for a date night or group activity. We went as a group and everyone had a blast!”--Yelp Review

Orlando Museum of Art

This museum showcases different art exhibits each year. 

2416 N Orange Ave | Orlando |

The Orlando Museum of Art has been a leading cultural institution in the area since 1924. The museum is on a mission to interpret and present art for a public audience. They aim to positively impact people’s lives with innovative and educational programming. They also aim to foster creativity, passion, and curiosity amongst their visitors. All the art they put on display connects people from different backgrounds and experiences. 

The museum presents 10-12 on site exhibits and 13 off site exhibits each year. They also offer the public award-winning art enrichment programs, teacher in-service training programs, art appreciation lectures, and gallery tours. The art collections you can find at this museum include ancient American art, African art, and contemporary art. They even offer summer art camps, family programs, and education galleries. 

“The art is very nice and you get to see so many different kinds of mediums to express this art. Sculpture, paint,drawings, it's here. The place is cool so you don't have to worry about the FL sun causing you any discomfort! It's a nice relaxing time coming here to contemplate upon the different works of artistry. Overall good times and there is plenty of parking out front as well!”--Yelp Review

Orlando is a city best known for its theme parks, but that is not all there is to do there. There are so many great museums, theaters, and attractions there, it is not easy for anyone to get bored.

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