The Most Romantic Activities In Denver That You Must Do

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You haven’t had the perfect date night until you’ve tried one of these activities!

Whether it’s your first date or your 70th, you should find something new and exciting to do in the city with your date. Lucky for you that isn’t difficult, as Denver is filled with romantic spots for you to enjoy some time with your date. The ambiance paired with the activity of each venue is guaranteed to make a very romantic night. Check out these spots in Denver and decide which activity you need to try with a date!

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

4255 W. Colfax Ave.| Sloans Lake |

Have a relaxed date complete with a movie, delicious meal, and maybe even a boozy milkshake

Even if it isn’t a romance film you go to see, this venue still has the perfect intimate environment to initiate romance for you and your date. Image courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Facebook.

Going to the movies is a good way to relax with your date as you both enjoy a film you love. Plus, it doesn't get any better with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s selection of drinks and food. Before the movie, hang out by the attached bar and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Try one of their tasty drinks, including their speciality: the boozy milkshake. You can order your meal as you take your seats in the theatre and enjoy the delicious meal as the movie starts. The perfect intimate environment complete with entertainment, food, and drink. 

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“It was my husband's turn to plan a date night… I like that there's a small light by our laps, enough to check out the large menus. So many great options to choose from… We enjoyed dinner and the movie. Audio and visual quality were great…” - Yelp Review

Room 5280

142 W 5th Ave. | Downtown |

Experience some romantic adventure by escaping the room with your date

An escape room is no fun without someone you like to enjoy it with. The game is on! Image courtesy of Room 5280’s Facebook

Attempting to escape a fun and interactive room together is sure to make you two a closer team! Room 5280 is in a historic Victorian building which makes the ambiance of the experience all the more convincing and intimate. Make a reservation now and prepare yourselves for 60 minutes of finding hidden objects and clues. What kind of adventure are you looking for? Try their Dark Room, The Experiment Room, or the Weird Heritage Room. Every room has a different story and a new challenge! 

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“We got engaged in the Weird Heritage room…  The facility is clean and neat and, the fact that it's over 100 years old, adds to the aura of the place. The puzzles are well thought out and we had such a great time…” - Yelp Review

Spark Gallery

900 Santa Fe Dr. | Lincoln Park |

Walk the art galleries with your date 

Spark Gallery has a collection of mediums to interest everyone. You’re sure to learn a lot about yourself and your date at this gallery!     Image courtesy of Spark Gallery’s Facebook.

Feel that spark between you and your romantic partner at the Spark Gallery! This cooperative gallery is the oldest in Denver and is the place to go to to experience an inspiring collection of local, national and international art. Spark Gallery has every kind of art medium you and your partner may take interest in, including sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, found objects, embroidery, ceramics, photography, and more! This is the perfect date night for the couple that enjoys to see something new.

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“Spark Gallery, located right on the corner of 9th and Santa Fe, is one of the more impressive galleries located on the Santa Fe Art Walk. It is spacious, has several smaller studios in it, and has mixed mediums…” - Yelp Review

Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

2000 Elitch Cir. | Auraria |

Get a thrill with your date on the rides at this park 

Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park is sure to fill your day with thrills and excitement, making it the perfect spot to make a memorable date. Image courtesy of Elitch Gardens’ Facebook

You can’t have romance without some fun to go with it! Have a wild day out with your date at this amusement and water park. Get in line and talk with your date as you get closer to the thrill. After the ride, grab some popcorn and cotton candy. If it’s time to cool off, head into their water park section and get on their water slides or relax in their pools. Elitch Gardens is perfect for having a fun day that never gets boring as you hang out with your date. End the day on the ferris wheel as you watch the sun set. 

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“In the summer, the blend of amusement rides and water park all on one site is great for variety. There are rides that connect to its long history as well as more modern installations…” - Yelp Review

Bellco Theatre

700 14th St. | Northwest |

It’s a great show to match the great company you brought

Grab your seats and prepare for an amazing date night! The entertainment will be almost as good as the company you brought. Image courtesy of Bellco Theatre’s Facebook

Have a romantic night out at the theatre! Dress up, pick up your date, and find your seat in their large auditorium. Bellco Theatre has all kinds of performances from which to choose from, including comedy, ballet, and concerts. See you and your date’s favorite talented stars on stage to make the night forever memorable. Bellco Theatre also has a bar from which you can order yourself and your date a drink. After the performance, Bellco Theatre is in the perfect place in the city to walk to a great dinner spot. 

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“The Bellco Theatre is a part of the Colorado Convention Center. I attended an Event here and the stage was large and accommodating, the seats were wide and comfortable and the staff members were friendly and helpful…” - Yelp Review

René Heredia Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre

602 S Emerson St. | Washington Park West |

Watch a performance or learn Flamenco for yourselves 

Thanks to the Fantasy Dance Theatre, you can watch this hypnotic dance or learn it yourself. Image courtesy of René Heredia Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre’s Facebook.

At René Heredia Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre, you and your date can watch a beautiful performance or learn it for yourselves! Performances are exhilarating to watch, complete with dance, music, and costume! If watching isn’t engaging enough for you two, make date night a lesson on guitar or dance. Learning Flamenco dance is fun in itself, and as a couple you’ll be able to do it anywhere! Get into the Spanish groove this date night with Flamenco song and dance.

“It's an awesome show -- guitars and soloists are brilliant!” - Facebook Review

Barcelona Wine Bar: Case Study | TideSmart Global

Barcelona Wine Bar

2900 Larimer St. | Northwest |

Clink your glasses and enjoy the comfortable seating area

For your next date night, go to Barcelona Wine Bar for delicious wine and food. Image courtesy of Barcelona Wine Bar’s Facebook.

Make a reservation for a romantic dining experience at Barcelona Wine Bar! If it’s a nice evening out, take a seat on their patio so you have a good view to go with the food. Barcelona Wine Bar has an impressive wine list to choose from with wines from all over the world, including Spain, Germany, Austria, France, the U.S, and many more. Their food is just as tasty and impressive as their wine. To make it the perfect date night, the restaurant has a classy and intimate atmosphere. 

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“This place is a vibe, a mood, a full on lifestyle! I have been in a few times and have always had an immensely enjoyable experience. The dining room is alive with deeply intricate flavors, conversation, high spirits…” - Yelp Review

There is so much for couples to do in the city of Denver. For your next date night, you can go out and experience new and exciting activities or relax at a restaurant with delicious food and drink. No matter which venue you chose, you’re sure to have a romantic night. These places are great for any day of the week and are guaranteed to be entertaining and memorable for years to come. Start with this list and you’ll find your most romantic spot in Denver in no time.


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