The Best Steakhouses in Chicago

If you're a steak lover, Chicago has you covered

If you're a steak lover, Chicago has you covered. This city has a long history or excellence in culinary creation of all kinds. But steak, well, we are home to the Chicago Stockyards. Our history with this favorite dish is well documented.

In Chicago, every ethnicity and culinary taste is present. And that's true for our steakhouses, as well. You can find old favorite "American" steakhouses that have been in business for decades. You can also find newer establishments that bring together fusions that will surprise and delight you.

In this list of steakhouses, we'll give you a bit of variety. There are some tried and true restaurants that specialize in steak and seafood that are famous in the city and surrounding areas. Then we have some newer restaurants that have created a bit of a buzz around their amazing steak-centered dishes.

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Gibson's Bar & Steakhouse

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You can't think Chicago without thinking Gibson's. This is a well-established steakhouse that's comfortable and upscale but quintessentially Chicago. They have a great reputation for the finest in service, from leather booths and luxurious table settings to the staff that caters to customers at every turn. This is an excellent choice for a high-powered business dinner or an evening out with a date.

The food at Gibson's is amazing. You're always guaranteed a perfectly cooked and high-quality cut of meat. Gibson's offers the USDA Gibson's Prime Angus beef. They are the only restaurant that has their own certification for beef issued by the USDA, so you know the quality is insanely high. Gibson sources their meat from midwest cattle farms, ensuring quality and working only with sustainable sourcing.

But, if you're only interested in the food, you're in a for a treat here. All of their steak options are impeccable and they have a robust menu of sides and appetizers that will please any palate.

Bavette's Bar and Boeuf

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Bavette's Bar and Boef offers amazing food and a fantastic ambiance. This steakhouse is all of the things you're looking for in a luxury restaurant. Wood and brick design with ornate finishes, whether you sit at a well-appointed table or meet your party at the bar, you're surrounded by high-quality design, with everything be considered. From live music to beautiful place settings.

The menu has a French flair and you can find every cut of steak that you prize accounted for on the menu. They have the classic side options, wonderful seafood, and their house specialty is a bone marrow that you don't want to miss. Save some room for dessert because their signature house-made pies are really outstanding.

Golden Steer Steakhouse

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The Golden Steer Steakhouse is a favorite hotspot just west of Chicago in Forest Park. It's an unassuming restaurant, but boy are you in for a treat with the menu. Every steak is cooked to perfection. The decor is a little outdated. The restaurant opened in 1969 and isn't much for updating the aesthetic, they spend way more time on the amazing menu.

This restaurant is usually pretty packed. They offer excellent service but if you don't want to wait, you might want to call ahead to see if you need a reservation. Locals will always tell you to try the French Onion soup, it's out of this world. They offer the standard American steakhouse menu and every item is cooked impeccably.

Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

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You wouldn't necessarily think "steakhouse" with a name like "Joe's Seafood". The original location in Florida specialized in seafood but their Chicago location marries amazing seafood with Chicago's favorite beef cuts. The steaks here are as amazing as the seafood selection. A little something for everyone. Whether you're in the mood for lobster, a little surf and turf, and just in the mood for an amazing steak.

There is a dress code here, so don't come in jeans because you won't be able to get a table without a suit jacket. The higher scale and gorgeous setting add to the enjoyable meal. This is a great destination for a date or to accompany a night out on the town.

Chicago Chop House

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We can't leave out the Chicago Chop House. This beautiful restaurant is as well known for its hospitality as it is for the delectable food. It has a golden star rating, the highest possible, and the menu consists of all of the favorite cuts. They also have Mashima Beef, which is Wagyu beef-related. This is a pricey item but anyone who's ever had Wagyu can tell you it's well worth the price for the taste.

The lower level of the Chicago Chop House is a piano bar, offering a little more relaxed atmosphere with a fantastic menu. Upstairs is the more upscale steakhouse with the usual luxury accompaniments. Choose your floor and enjoy your evening.


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Morton's is a Chicago original, founded in 1978. Today there are locations around the world, but don't let that make you think the place is too commercial. This is world-class dining in a great atmosphere. They bring a cart out to your table so you can pick your own steak and lobster. Yes, live lobster. So you absolutely know all of your offerings are freshly prepared.

The staff is friendly and helpful and the ambiance is elegant. Morton's has a full bar if you'd prefer to have your meal there or settle into one of the beautifully set tables.

Maple & Ash

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Maple & Ash features a Two-Michelin Star Chef and an amazing menu. The name comes from the wood fire cooking method used here, and it gives every dish a unique and fantastic flavor. They take the classic high-quality steakhouse menu and add a fully modern twist to everything. Great ambiance - the place is sleek and stylish without being uncomfortable.

The food is exceptional and wine list, if you're a wine lover this is definitely a restaurant of choice. The Wine Spectator named the wine list one of the best in the world if that gives you an idea of the quality. The staff also makes this a notable mention. Everyone from the chef down to the bus staff is about providing the best dining experience. Your wait staff is happy to offer recommendations that you'll thoroughly love.

GT Prime

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GT Prime is a newer steakhouse but they have a great reputation. It's the standard menu you'd expect in a steakhouse, though the quality is something special. Customers rave about the food, so that's always a good sign. The restaurant is modern and they rank customer care high here because every staff member is the height of hospitality and service.

They proudly source from local sustainable farmers. The choices are always fresh and they offer everything you could want, including Wagyu options. Their sides are pretty phenomenal, too. You will love the menu. If you like a more modern, open layout, GT Prime is the steakhouse for you. Everything is newer and sleeker, not mimicking the old-fashioned steakhouses with low lighting as a central feature.

Mastro's Steakhouse

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Mastro's is a chain but one well-known for high-quality steak and seafood options. The Chicago Mastro's offers every cut of beef you could want in a steakhouse. They offer a large list of sides and a beautiful atmosphere. They are an upscale dining establishment so they do encourage patrons to dress accordingly, with at least a dress or casual shirt. They discourage shorts and activewear.

They have a large selection of wine to fit every palate and meal. They also have an excellent dessert menu.

Tango Sur

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Tango Sur is an Argentinian restaurant and they offer some of the best cuts of meat in the city. It's a well-loved restaurant with offerings that are fairly amazing. The wine sauce they make to top their fillet mignon is worth the trip alone. Tango Sur also has some choices that you won't get in the typical steakhouse, such as empanadas and blood sausage.

Tango Sur does not sell alcohol. They have a BYOB policy, though. So it's a great treat for customers to purchase their own favorite bottles of wine and bring them for dinner. Your wait staff will open your bottles, let them air, and pour them into lovely glasses for your meal.

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