The Best Chinese Restaurants in Chicago

Asian culture is alive and well in Chicago. You may not have realized it but the city is home to one of the oldest Chinese communities in the United States. Chinatown, located in the Armour Square neighborhood of Chicago. It's one of the largest populations of Chinese people in the United States and about a third of the Chinese population in Chicago lives in Chinatown itself. It's also one of the most well-known Chinatown neighborhoods in the country.

If you're looking for a great Chinese restaurant, there are many offerings in this little community and it has a distinctly beautiful vibe. You can also find fantastic Chinese restaurants peppered throughout the city and suburbs. Whether you're looking for a distinctly authentic Chinese meal, a quick bite with some of the popular favorites, or a place that offers Chinese fusion on a larger menu, Chicago's many culinary offerings has something for everyone.

On our list of the best Chinese restaurants in Chicago, we're giving you a variety for any occasion. You can find a completely authentic Chinese restaurant where even tourists from China would feel at home. You can also find more American Chinese cuisine, quick easy bites, and world-class gourmet Asian food.

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Chef Ping

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Chef Ping is a family-owned business in Rolling Meadows, so a bit outside of Chicago. They are well-known for their fantastic quality and their homemade noodles. They serve authentic Chinese cuisine but they also add some well-known Asian dishes to their menu to give you a bit more variety and a great mix for every type of taste. They rank high on lists from local publications, such as the Chicago Eater, and their regular patrons will tell you it's an excellent place for casual dining as well as more formal parties.

Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings

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In the mood for Chinese dumplings, you can't get any more authentic than Qing Xiang Yuan! Located in Chinatown, they serve made-to-order soup dumplings. You can get yours filled with lamb, beef, seafood, or any type of ingredient you might want. You can have them in soup or with a dipping sauce on the side. They're famous for their dumplings and their barbeque, so make sure you try their skewers while you're there.

This is a newer restaurant. It just opened in 2015. But it already has quite a bit of buzz.

Sun Wah BBQ

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Sun Wah BBQ is a popular choice for anyone in the Uptown area. They specialize in Peking Duck and make sure you order ahead for this extravaganza. The whole duck is roasted specially for your table and carved right in front of you. It's served with sides and they even make you duck soup and fried rice with the remainder of the duck that wasn't served for your meal. There are other things on the menu, but this is an experience all its own.

This place books up early, so make sure you make a reservation. They do not serve alcohol but you can bring your own bottle to enjoy with your meal.


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Cai is located in the heart of Chinatown and its specialty is Dim Sum. If you're not familiar, Dim Sum is a traditional Chinese meal made up of many small dishes. It's a family-style serving where all of your guests share the portions of each plate, so everyone gets a taste of all the dishes. You can customize your own Dim Sum order for your family or table and they serve it every day. This is a favorite spot for locals and Chinese Americans. The food is reasonably priced and delicious. We should also mention the service because they have a friendly, helpful, and lovely staff. Even during very busy hours patrons often remark how helpful staff is while they wait for tables.

It's a beautiful, large banquet-type setting. Call ahead if you're going during rush time and enjoy a truly authentic meal.

Joy Yee

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Joy Yee is a great experience. They're located in both Chinatown and Evanston and they have the distinct honor of being the first restaurant in the midwest to offer Taiwanese Style Bubble Teas. Their noodle combinations take different cuisines and styles across all of Asia, so it's not Chinese specific but there are different Asian tastes included in a very unique and delicious menu. Joy Yee is a fantastic choice when you're looking for Asian cuisine with a new and unique twist. They also have a fresh and interesting dessert menu, with fresh fruit smoothies and their tapioca balls which are super popular.

Golden Wok Restaurant

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The Golden Wok Restaurant is a favorite among people in the western suburbs. With locations in LaGrange Park and Glen Ellyn, they offer traditional Chinese Cuisine for take-out or dine-in. They also offer delivery services, making them a popular choice to order at home if you're in the area. They pride themselves on being a family-friendly restaurant and the owner is often found at the original location in LaGrange Park. They specialize in Mandarin and Cantonese dishes. If you're dining in, they also have a bar and serve tropical drinks as well as a full cocktail menu.

Chi Cafe

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Looking for all-night Chinese? Chi Cafe is a close fit. This restaurant is open until 2 am. Perfect for a late dinner after a night out or just a great relaxed evening with no rush. Chi Cafe is also located in Chinatown. They have a large, traditional Chinese menu. You won't get the fusion or fancy dishes. What you will get is great taste with fresh ingredients. It's a big favorite among locals here.

The restaurant itself is clean a sleek. Modern style, rather than some of the older Chinese restaurants. It's comfortable, well lit, and staffed with amazingly helpful people. We highly recommend this one if you're in the area.

Lao Sze Chuan

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We can't have a list of the best Chinese restaurants in Chicago without mentioning Lao Sze Chuan. It's actually been rated the Best Chinese Restaurant in the entire country. It is that good. Lao Sze Chuan serves gourmet Chinese and Szechuan cuisine. All of their ingredients are imported directly from China for a real and authentic taste and experience. Their chef, Tony Hu is an internationally acclaimed chef with award-winning dishes that you can find on the menu.

The restaurant itself has a modern feel with sleek lines and open spacing. They constantly update their menu with new dishes that are popular in China, so the entire experience is both authentic and unique. You won't find a friendlier staff or a more impressive presentation. This is definitely an experience you don't want to miss if you enjoy Chinese and gourmet food.

Minghin Cuisine

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Minghin Cuisine is a popular favorite for traditional Chinese cuisine. They also offer Dim Sum, where you can choose your favorite dishes to share with the table. This gives you a little taste of everything, so you don't have to skip your favorites for one choice or another. Family style is a great way to go in a Chinese restaurant.

It's rated as one of the best Dim Sum restaurants in town and is a five-time Michelin Guide winner. If you're looking for authentic Hong Kong cuisine, Minghin should be high on your list. The decor is modern Asian and beautiful. The staff is exceptionally courteous and customer-friendly. Minghan Cuisine has all of the traditional dishes, with great deference for fresh, high-quality ingredients.

BBQ King House

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With a name like BBQ King, you might not realize that it's a Chinese restaurant. It sounds like it might just be American food. But this place serves the best Chinese barbecue in the city. This is a no-frills restaurant with excellent food at a great price. They're known for large servings of great quality food. Peking Duck is one of the specialties here, and the dinner comes with Peking Duck, shredded duck, and bone in soup, plus vegetables. There are other tasty dishes to choose from as well.

The menu is in Mandarin, so you should know what you want before you order. It's an authentic experience and the food is very good. It's clean but not the traditional sit-down Chinese restaurant. You order at a counter and there are a few seats where you can have your meal or take it to go.

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