The Best Bakeries in Chicago

Chicago takes a lot of pride in being a city of neighborhoods. Every culture and ethnicity has left its mark on this city. You can find authentic cuisine for every type of taste. We're also big on comfort food in the Windy City. And there's nothing quite as comforting as baked goods.

Whether you're looking for the perfect, authentic Greek pastry or a new and amazing cupcake, you'll find that there are some fantastic bakeries across the Chicagoland area that deliver one-of-a-kind treats. You can find the perfect cake for a birthday, specialty items for a party, freshly baked bread to make your mouth water, or just something to tempt any tastebuds for a breakfast goodie.

In Chicago, baking is an art form. We have shops that specialize in specific regional baked goods and ones that love bringing original, new recipes to the public. There are Polish bakeries with the perfect Paczki for Fat Tuesday, and ones with the best Czech Kolacky, Italian Cannoli, and sweet American treats. If you're in the market for a specific dessert for any occasion, we've got a bakery on our list that will have something you want.

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D'Amato's Bakery

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D'Amato's Bakery is a Chicago institution. But you'll get more than just sweet treats here. The specialty is their freshly made bread and it is fantastic. They serve all of the traditional Italian and Sicilian baked goods you might want and everything is made in the coal-burning oven. It's a distinct flavor all its own.

They have cannoli, tiramisu, and the traditional lemon knot cookies that the Italian grandmothers make for traditional holidays. They also serve traditional Sicilian bread pizza, sub sandwiches made on their fresh-baked bread, and an assortment of pasta and other food. It's a family-run business and they offer fantastic service and even better food. Come prepared to eat, because you're going to want a little bit of everything once you see the menu.

Vasecky's Bakery

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Vasecky's is a neighborhood staple in the Berwyn and Cicero area, just west of Chicago. It's been on Cermak Road for nearly 100 years and is still family-owned. Vasecky's serves traditional Czech baked goods, along with the traditional American baked goods you'd expect. But it's the Czech offerings that are really a treat. Still made with the same authentic recipes and fresh ingredients that they served your great grandparents.

Locals in the area will tell you about their muttnicks. These are hotdogs baked right in a freshly made bun and they are something you won't find anywhere else. Highly recommend you try them. Other favorites include Kolacky cookies, strudels, and fresh-baked breads.

Weber's Bakery

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Weber's Bakery is a tradition on the south side of Chicago. Families have been coming here for generations and the quality never disappoints. They're best known for their fresh cakes, made to order. Whether you want a cake for your birthday celebration or another occasion, Weber's can create a beautiful-looking cake that tastes as amazing as it photographs.

They also have ethnic favorites, such as Kolacky cookies and they always have an assortment of fun treats for holidays. The original Weber's bakery was founded in 1930 by Erich Weber, a German immigrant. The location has moved to Archer, still on the south side. It's also still in the family. Currently, it's run by the third generation of Webers. Stop by and find out why so many families won't trust their celebrations to any other bakery.

Tel-Aviv Kosher Bakery

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If you're looking for a Kosher bakery, you can't do better than Tel-Aviv. They offer a wide menu that includes babka and rugelach. You'll find a great variety of traditional Jewish delicacies to fit any appetite. If you want fresh bagels, homemade doughnuts, cinnamon buns, traditional Jewish cookies, you'll find it all here.

The shop is welcoming and the staff is super helpful. Stop in and see why this Jewish bakery stands the test of time in the Chicagoland area.

Turano Baking Company

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The Turano Baking Company is located in Berwyn on Roosevelt Road and supplies the fresh-baked bread that many local restaurants use for their sandwiches and dishes. You'll also find an array of Turano breads at your local grocery store. It's that popular because it's that good.

The in-store bakery is still there, though the baking company has become a much larger supplier. But the in-house bakeshop is named "Mama Suzi's Bake Shop"... locals here know that the bake shop was named after the original matriarch, known to everyone as Mama Suzi. She and her husband opened the shop in 1962. Local school kids will tell you stories about Mama Suzi's pizza, which was available at the shop and a few local "Fair share" markets. They were always a favorite. Today, you can stop into the shop to get fresh-baked bread, cookies, brownies, and traditional Italian desserts.


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Hewn is a breath of fresh air located in Evanston. They are a woman-owned business and they specialize in artisan bread. Everything here is made from scratch. They believe in quality and craftsmanship, so all of your baked goods are made with attention to detail. And it really is delicious.

They have a wide variety of options for every taste. Whether you're looking for the perfect loaf of bread, a quick and filling lunch, or the perfect array of treats for your dessert table, you can't go wrong here. Hewn often has a line out the door that should tell you how good the quality is. But the service is fast and friendly and it's well worth the wait when it's busy.

Delightful Pastries Market Inc

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Located in Jefferson Park, Delightful Pastries is a gem. They use fresh ingredients and they're locally sourced whenever possible, and you will taste exactly how much better fresh and unprocessed is in all of their delicious items.

They make items to order and you can find a variety of low sugar entries on their menu. They also have an assortment of gluten-free items so everyone can enjoy a little treat, even if they have dietary restrictions. Their signature cakes include a Raspberry Almond Torte, German Chocolate Cake, and the amazing Death by Chocolate.  They are also well known for their out-of-this-world Paczki... and as any Chicagoan knows, these traditional Polish confections are an absolute must on the Fat Tuesday before Lent.


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Dinkel's has been around since 1922 and it still has that family-friendly charm residents have come to expect. As you may have noticed on this list, Chicago has an abundance of long-time, family-run operations, and Dinkel's is one of those gems. They are currently run by the fourth generation of Dinkels. More than just a bakery, they have an in-store cafe where you can get fresh-made breakfast and lunch items and sit to enjoy your treats.

Dinkel's also has a full array of cakes, cookies, and fresh-baked items. You can have them in the cafe or order them to take home. They also ship items, so if you're ever far from home, you can still have your favorite treats delivered. Dinkel's has a full menu of specialty items for holidays and events. They also cater for parties. It's a great little shop that packs a lot of options and their staff is always super friendly and helpful.

Bang Bang Pie Shop

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Bang Bang Pie Shop is more than just pie, although that is pretty outstanding, too. The shop grew out of a food truck operation in 2012 and has grown to include two locations. They specialize in Chicago and midwestern comfort foods.

They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pie options and their ingredients are locally sourced. So the menu items change with the seasons. The coffee is even stupendous here and a lot of people come just for their brunch or a nice cup of coffee with a slice of fresh pie.

They serve biscuits, pot pies, and fruit pies. Ingredients are fresh and the recipes are, too. You'll find a mix of the traditional comforts you love and new spins on old favorites. The staff here is super friendly and the food speaks for itself. If you're in the Logan Square neighborhood, this is a place you really need to try. Order a pie for your next family party or pick one up for home. You won't be disappointed.

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