Tea for Two: Pittsburgh’s 10 Best Spots for Tea

Tea offers an escape coffee can’t match, but to truly enjoy a tasty herbal brew, ambiance is key! You can't go wrong with our choices for Pittsburgh's 10 Best Spots for Tea.

Believe it or not, gift cards are available for all venues on our list through GiftYa. So, find a place to cozy up and share the love. Tea and friends are the perfect blend.

1. Bantha Tea Bar


5002 Penn Ave.

Mon-Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 11am-7pm

Located in the midst of a booming Bloomfield-Garfield art scene, Bantha should be your first stop on a Friday gallery crawl.

Step inside and you’d swear you walked into an otherworldly work of art.

This tea bar features organic walls, mosaic floors, and warm lighting. Bantha is solar powered and the space was built with recycled materials. Their food and drinks are locally and ethically sourced and they use triple-filtered, reverse-osmosis water.

Try their best-selling Coconut Chai tea or a CBD infused drink.

Bantha has worked to build and support community around a unique offering of events. Join them for tea tastings, art shows, tea and tarot readings and brunches.

They also have Sober Bar events for those looking for good, clean fun in a chill setting. Check their instagram for the scoop.

“They have a wide selection of teas and herbal drinks that can pick you up or calm you down, whatever you need. They even have different Kratom teas and CBD oil additions. The iced Green Bali (Kratom) with lemon CBD is my favorite. They also have local baked goods, ice cream, soups, and salads.” - Adell K. Yelp Review

“Creative tea choices, wonderful ambience, and great service...Prices are reasonable, $3 for a mug of tea that comes in a handmade mug...Lots of plugs for laptops and free wifi.” - David B. Yelp

2. Dobra Tea


Squirrel Hill
1937 Murray Ave.

Mon-Fri: 11am-10pm
Sat: 11am-11pm
Sun: 11am-8pm

When you walk through the doors of Dobra Tea in Squirrel Hill, your mood is almost instantly uplifted by the energizing colors and pleasant bohemian decor, see for yourself.

“This place is amazing. So completely chill and unique. The list of tea is unreasonably long. In a good way—a really good way!” - Yelp Review

The inviting atmosphere is infused with multicultural details. For example, the tea is served in vessels from the country of origin.

This tea house promotes a welcoming space where the people can relax and enrich their mind and well-being through delicious, carefully selected traditional teas. They offer over 160 teas, bubble teas and light vegetarian fare. Pottery is available to purchase in the café and select teas are for sale online.

“LOVE the atmosphere in this place. Deceiving on the outside, it looks like Dobra is just three tables and a counter, but once inside you'll see that it stretches far back to the end of the building. It's an incredibly comfortable atmosphere, to the point where you'll be wondering if you should take your shoes off (not necessary unless you sit in the way back). The menu for teas is literally a book. It's huge and maybe a little intimidating, but any server would be more than happy to guide you to something that fits your tastes. If you're a vegetarian (or if you're not) their Baba Ghanoush is delicious. As far as teas go, I love their tea beers (non alcoholic, but they look like beer) and their Forest Dragon.” - Brendan M. Yelp Review

3. Tupelo Honey Teas


211 Grant Ave.

Tues & Thurs: 10am-8pm
Weds & Fri-Sun: 10am-6pm

This café could be your new favorite spot! Located in Millvale, Tupelo Honey Teas is cozy and charming with a phenomenal calendar of events. Join them for Tacos and Tea, Tea Leaf Readings, or a Kombucha Cocktail Class. Schedule a Tea Blending Class for up to 4 friends to custom blend herbs and teas that match your ideal aroma, flavor and desired benefits. You leave with 4 ounces of mixed organic tea and a custom recipe that the cafe keeps on file to recreate your unique blend in the future.

“My co-workers have been talking this place up for months, so I finally decided to check it out on my lunch break today. I will definitely be returning. Nestled into a tiny spot in Millvale, it would be easy to walk past if you weren't paying attention. It's super cute inside” - Shannon W. Yelp Review

“All teas are blended in-house, and they are working on using herbs grown in a community garden in Millvale in some blends! You can even sniff the tea that you want in little jars that are laid out. We spent more than an hour there relaxing, browsing through the many gifts, books, and other goodies, and enjoying our tea and cookies. They are a vegan cafe and usually have a creative food menu on weekdays. What an amazing spot in Millvale! Please visit and support this local business!” - Stacy V. Yelp Review

4. The Inn on Negley


703 S Negley Ave.

Wed-Sun: 12pm-4pm | * Reservations recommended

If you’re looking to taste the finer things in life, The Inn on Negley takes High Tea to a new level of luxury. This restored Victorian home from the 1800s delivers refined elegance with stunning rooms and an intimate dining setting. It’s an amazing place for a staycation, but many patrons come there specially for breakfast and afternoon tea service. High Tea with a tag of $35 might turn some heads, but the ambiance, attention to detail, and service make for a truly special occasion. Choose from a generous list of loose-leaf and try as many as you’d like. Indulge in the mouth-watering menu of fresh fare, sandwiches, savories, and decadent delights. The chef takes care to accomodate any dietary restrictions. Visit the Inn on Negley for a tasteful experience that is like a fine tea to be sipped and savored.

“I recently had High Tea here, and it was wonderful. The Harney & Sons cinnamon spice tea is incredible. It's a loose leaf tea, and even though I've tried to make my own at home, it just tastes better here. The tea room area is very charming, and our party of 5 was seated at a large round table, which was perfect for our hours (literally) of conversation over tea and delicious food.” - Jenna T. Yelp Review

“Our server was really great, everything about the experience was perfect. I would definitely come back especially during Christmas time to see the Inn decorated.” - Paige C. Yelp Review

5. ADDA Coffee & Tea House


200 S Highland Ave.

Mon-Thurs: 7am-6pm
Fri-Sat: 7am-7pm
Sun: 9am-6pm

Adda is a Bengali word that means a place for a gathering and conversation. Indeed, this is a tea house where you can chat, experience community, and appreciate different cultures. Each month the cafe spotlights a different culture through food, drinks, music, events, and art. Adda further supports artists and entrepreneurs by devoting a space with work tables for collaboration that can be reserved online. They offer vegan fare and an enticing assortment of hot and iced teas, ranging from traditionally tasty to vivid and refreshing. Classic favorites include Masala Chai, Peppermint and Earl Grey, but if you’re looking to liven things up, try a minty Mojito Green or Blueberry Herbal iced tea. Book a table for High Tea, offered every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month featuring a delectable menu planned by Bar Marco.

‍The chef takes care to highlight the flavors of their fresh ingredients by pulling from Italian principles of cooking. Expect aromatic, flavorful, and seasonally inspired dishes served in perfect portions that pair nicely with your cup of tea.

Bar Marco was listed as one of the top 50 New Restaurants by Bon Appétit magazine.

“This place has a great vibe and a variety of interesting hot drink options (e.g., matcha tea, and more). A good place to come to work, although seating is quite limited. They also have cultural events like sake tasting.” - Bryan Y. Yelp Review

“The quiche from Bar Marco was amazing as well. FYI, they have their food menu from Bar Marco, and it is totally delicious as well. I don't get out to Shadyside often, but when I do....this will be my go to spot to get some work done, sip on tea, and enjoy the ambience.” - Veronica B. Yelp Review

“I love that all of snacks are made at Bar Marco; it's always nice to see local businesses team up! When it comes to the tea, there are plenty of options. It's presented to you on a handsome little wooden platter with a timer so that you know how long to let it steep. I tried the hibiscus herbal tea, and my friend tried the peppermint. We were both very happy with our choices!

Another great thing about Adda is that they do a high tea, which I think would be so fun for a birthday or even just a girl's day out. I haven't had a chance to try the high tea, but I've heard great things about it and I think it's pretty unique for the city of Pittsburgh. If you enjoy a good cup of tea, you definitely need to check Adda out soon!” - Kelly F. - Yelp Review

6. Blue Monkey Tea


Squirrel Hill
5872 Forbes Ave.

Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm

Walk into this gourmet one-stop-shop as a tea-lover and leave as a tea-loving-expert, well-equipped with fine teas, tools, and tricks of the trade so you can bring the tea party home. Blue Monkey Tea offers several classes https://www.pittsburghcuppa.com/nesaev.html

You’ll love their curated tea tastings or learning about the health secrets of herbal tea. Blue Monkey Tea offers a large selection of 300 types of loose leaf herbs, teas, and spices. Order in bulk—or— keep it dainty and stop by for a sip-to-go. Whatever your fancy, you’ll find it here!

“I KNEW I would love this place even before I walked in!  It's actually sad it took me so long to get here, considering I'm such a tea nerd. I love it! I want to be an old lady who collects funky teapots. I want to then be an old English maid who sips tea whilst watching people play croquet.  Okay, I really got sidetracked. But seriously, seeing all the funky teapots and cups made me want to buy all of them!” - Rachel C. - Yelp Review

“The staff there are very knowledgeable and the owner is very nice and humble, she teaches really informative tea classes.” - Dianne S. Yelp Review

7. Gryphon’s Tea


4709 Liberty Ave.

Mon-Sun: 11am-7pm

This shop recently moved from Lawrenceville to Bloomfield and it has become a fast favorite of the neighborhood. This homegrown family business uses carefully selected ingredients from sustainable sources. Stop by and grab an ounce of your favorite teas and spices or request a custom blend suited to your taste.

This shop also offers unique culinary teas and rubs that will liven up any meal. Add some panache to your palette and try adding a curry green tea curry blend. Pep up your hummus or root veggies with a rocking root rub set off by smokey tea flavors.

“We tried the lavender mint matcha with almond milk and it was quite delicious! The lady was also very kind and informative. A short walking distance from the West Penn hospital.  Very nice place with good selections. We will be back.” - Jd L. Yelp Review

8. Spice Island Tea House


253 Atwood St.

Mon-Thurs: 11:30am-8:45pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30am-9:45pm

Experience the flavors of Southeast Asia at Spice Island Tea House. This spacious restaurant has been tucked away in Oakland for nearly 24 years and is a long-running favorite of students and locals. It’s a great place to enjoy lunch and a pot of hot tea with friends. The menu features an exciting selection loose leaf teas with options from India, Sri Lanka, China and Japan. Each tea is distinctive ranging from soothing and therapeutic to scented and fruity. Try one of their herbal blends like “English Garden”, made with rose petals, blue lavender, rosehips, raisins, and mango. Spice Island is also one of the best Thai, Burmese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean restaurants in Pittsburgh. This restaurant was featured on WQED’s Pittburgh Eats.

“Tea is always fantastic and every food item I have eaten (usually the special of the day) has been flavorful and comforting.” - Sarah J. Yelp Review

“A note to tea lovers: This place is not to be missed. The selection of quality teas should satisfy even the most discerning tea critic.” - Karolyn A. Yelp Review

“There's lots of Thai food in Pittsburgh, but Spice Island separates itself from the others by offering other styles, namely Burmese and Singaporean, and also having a lengthy tea menu!” - Michael Y. Yelp Review

9. Arnold’s Tea


North Side
502 E Ohio St.

Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm
Sat: 8am-5pm

Patrons of Arnold’s are greeted by warm, welcoming vibes and delicious aromas that fill the spacious and cozy café. You’ll love their locally sourced menu of excellent teas, pastries, and food. Fuel your day with their famed breakfast sandwich or a tasty turkey club. Try the Peach Cobbler Tea, it’s one among many that customers rave about. The café has lived up to the mission of serving “the freshest, purest, healthiest and best-tasting tea humanly possible”. Arnold’s hosts an Annual Mother’s Day High Tea that is not to be missed featuring a delicious line up of baked goods and loose leaf tea. Exciting additions are on the horizon, like new menu items, vegetarian options and outdoor seating.

Buy a GiftYa To Arnold’s Tea >

“What a gem! The place is absolutely beautiful. The space was much larger than I had expected, and with all the beautiful woodwork, it was just beautiful.

I am a chai tea drinker - and was happy to find all kinds of flavors - vanilla, masala, chocolate...and a few others. I went with vanilla (and was happy to find it was decaf!). It was phenomenal! I don't typically drink every ounce, but I couldn't wait to drink every ounce, it was so good!

The space has free wifi to use that worked beautifully. The staff is friendly and helpful.” - Jessica D. Yelp Review

10. Te Café


Squirrel Hill
2000 Murray Ave.

Mon-Sun: 12pm-8:30pm

Te Café is known as Squirrel Hill’s first tea shop. This pleasant place for tea lovers is all you need to power through your day. Take in the bright and cheery aesthetic and stay a while. Start your morning by choosing from their wide variety of loose leaf teas. In addition to hot teas, you will also love refreshing options like bubble tea and lavender lemonade. As afternoon approaches, stay for lunch because this cafe also serves sushi and Japanese cuisine. This is the perfect café to set up shop if you need to get work done. Conveniently, there is no shortage of electrical outlets and customers love the quiet and calm environment.

“All of the employees (and owners?) are so nice! I've stayed here for hours without ever feeling rushed. It's usually not too crowded - I've never had a problem finding a seat. The wifi is reliable and there are plenty of power outlets.” - Anjalie F. Yelp Review

“This place is so lovely! Everything on their menu is so good and the people who work there are really nice. It's a great place to go and do homework when you want to get away from a college neighborhood. Also, Squirrel Hill is such a happy environment and it's full of such pleasant people so it's always a good time there.

Seriously the people who work here are so nice. One time they let me shoot a little scene for a class project in their store. Definitely check them out!” - Lizzie K. Yelp Review

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