Take The Kids Out To Eat At These 7 Restaurants In Denver

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For the next time you want to take the family out to eat, try one of these kid friendly restaurants in the city!

Looking for a place to take the family to have a nice meal? There are plenty of kid friendly restaurants in Denver that are perfect for you and the kids! At these great places, everyone can find something they like on the menu. Of course, when you go out to eat with the family, you want a kid’s menu that has menu options your kids like and in smaller portions. Here are some restaurants in Denver that have the kid menus you’ve been looking for, as well as adult menus that you can’t wait to try yourself. 

Having kids can make parents feel like they’re feeding an army. The next time you’re looking for a gift for your friends who also happen to be parents, consider getting them a gift card to their favorite kid friendly eatery in Denver! All of these venues have gift cards available for purchase at GiftYa. Find the venue on their website and purchase a gift card online. All that’s left to do is send a text seconds after to the recipient, and they’ll be able to connect the gift card to their Visa or Mastercard. That’s one way to make a parent’s day! 

Smiling Moose Deli

1710 Sherman St. | North Capitol Hill | smilingmoosedeli.com

Give your kids as wide of a smile as the smiling moose 

Find a table big enough for you and the family and order the meal that’s perfect for everyone! Image courtesy of Smiling Moose Deli’s Facebook

You won’t be unsatisfied eating here, whether you come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You and the kids will love their waffles topped with tasty maple syrup. For lunch and dinner, the kids can turn to the Lil’ Moose Menu. Along with their choice of drink and side, they can have meals like grilled cheese, mac and cheese, or quesadilla. Once the meal is done, you can finish with some tasty dessert. Smiling Moose Deli has cookies, brownies, and krispy treats. Meanwhile, you can enjoy their soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps. 

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“The best waffles I've ever had. Period. No follow up statements needed!… My new go to breakfast spot when I'm at work!!” - Yelp Review

Racines Restaurant

650 Sherman St. | Central | racinesrestaurant.com

A popular spot in the city with delicious food for you and the kids

Racines has the space and the food variety perfect for the family. Make sure the kids save room for the ice cream that comes with their meal! Image courtesy of Racines Restaurant’s Facebook.

Racines is a popular spot to go to whenever you’re in the city, and for good reason! They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, kid menus. With every kid’s meal comes a choice of soda or milk, a fruit cup, and ice cream for dessert. The kid’s menu includes bean and cheese burrito, fish-n-chips, chicken strips, mini combo breakfast, and more. It’s not just the kid’s menu that has such variety! If it’s a nice day out, ask for a table on their patio. 

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“Racines is a great spot for brunch! Nice and big with lots of seating... but you still might have a wait because it's popular. The food is good and I have never had a bad experience with staff…” - Yelp Review

Denver Pizza Company

309 W 11th Ave. | Golden Triangle | denverpizzaco.com

Everyone loves pizza, making it the perfect family restaurant 

Get a taste of some pretty tasty pizza at Denver Pizza Company. This place will become the kids’ favorite pizza place. Image courtesy of Denver Pizza Company’s Facebook.

Prepare yourself for the best tasting pizza in the city! Everyone loves pizza, especially kids. Denver Pizza Company doesn’t just specialize in pizza, but also salad, chicken wings, and breadsticks. If you and your family don’t agree on toppings, instead of buying a whole pizza buy slices. A slice is the perfect portion for a kid, and everyone is satisfied with their choice of toppings. Save room for dessert; Denver Pizza Company also serves Glacier Ice Cream made right in Colorado! 

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“This place has the best pizza in Denver hands down!  Perfect chewy crusts and delicious recipes. They cook it quick and they are open fairly late…” - Yelp Review

Modern Market

900 16th St. | Central Business District | modernmarket.com

A kid’s menu that’s both tasty and healthy

You and the kids can have a tasty meal that’s also healthy! Learning how to eat well starts here. Image courtesy of Modern Market’s Facebook.

Having a hard time getting the kids to eat anything healthy? Have you tried taking them to Modern Market, where everything is both healthy and tasty. Modern Market has everything from pizzas and sandwiches to soups and salads. They even have a kid’s menu, with a choice of pizza (cheese or pepperoni), mac and cheese, chicken plate, or grilled tomato and cheese. If you want to know exactly how healthy each kids meal option is, learn all the nutrition facts of each menu item on their website! 

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“The menu is filled with healthy options for such people like myself. I truly tasted the quality of the food. I was very satisfied with the service there today. Aaand it was inexpensive… I recommend coming here if you are looking for a quick and healthy place to eat…” - Yelp Review

Angelo’s Taverna

620 E 6th Ave. | Alamo Placita | angelostaverna.com

Family friendly with a color-in menu and perfectly portioned menu options

Grab a seat for the family and get them settled with the menu that they can color in! Image courtesy of Angelo’s Taverna’s Facebook.

Come to Angelo’s Taverna for the cozy atmosphere and delicious food. Order a drink as the kids complete the maze and color in their menu. Once you get serious about ordering, you’ll see Angelo’s Taverna has so many great options for the kids. They have choices of spaghetti or penne and three different sauce options, or grilled chicken breast, or fried chicken cutlet. Adults can enjoy menu options such as oysters, calzones, stromboli, salad, pizza, and pasta. There’s something for everyone at Angelo’s Taverna. 

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“A lovely food selection at reasonable prices. Numerous options for food and everything on our table were delish and beautifully presented. Truly an Italian place that serves the high quality of food and the flavors was so authentic…” - Yelp Review

Great Scotts Eatery

1295 Cortez St. | Sherrelwood | greatscottseatery.com

A diner that knows how to cater to all ages 

Come to this diner for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for great service and delicious food. It has menu options for all ages! Image courtesy of Great Scotts Eatery’s Facebook

There aren’t many kid’s menus that are as cool as the ones at Great Scotts Eatery! Only with the food choices are mini games to entertain the kids while you wait for the food. Games such as matching, a maze, “what doesn’t belong” game, and tic tac toe. The kid’s menu has a breakfast, lunch, and dinner option so the kids can order funny faced pancakes for breakfast and mini dogs for dinner. Don’t think this diner just caters to the kids! The adult menu will satisfy all your diner desires! 

Buy a GiftYa to Great Scotts Eatery >

“The food met all of my diner quality expectations, which is to say, most of the key breakfast items were pretty good… Our service was actually too good if that's possible… This place is pretty quirky…” - Yelp Review

5280 Burger Bar

500 16th St. | Central Business District | 5280burgerbar.com

A burger and ice cream is the meal every kid dreams of! 

Order a burger or salad for everyone in the family! Leave room for some tasty ice cream too. Image courtesy of 5280 Burger Bar’s Facebook.

Burgers are a meal everyone in the family can enjoy. They have the patty for all taste buds, including Colorado black angus beef, chicken breast, and housemade black bean and quinoa patty. With the kid’s menu, you can add a beverage and either fresh cut fries or a fruit cup for just two dollars! Kid meals include burgers, of course, as well as hot dog, quesadilla, and many more options. You have to save room for dessert, because 5280 Burger Bar has the most impressive ice cream menu with flavors like campfire marshmallow, belgian chocolate, toasted coconut, wild strawberry, and caramelized banana. 

Buy a GiftYa to 5280 Burger Bar >

“This restaurant is awesome! When they said it was at the mall I pictured inside of a food court, but this is more of an outdoor street plaza. So it is a restaurant just like any other restaurant you would see on the street. Very nice, sit down, great vibes for friends and family…” - Yelp Review

There are so many restaurants in Denver that you can take the family out to eat! Lots of places in Denver want to accommodate the many ages in your family by offering kid’s menus that have smaller portions and menu items that most kids can enjoy. That way, it’s not difficult to go out and have an enjoyable meal for you and the kids. Next time you want to eat out, try one of these great venues in the city!


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