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The restaurant business is a popular type of entrepreneurial activity, which is now actively developing. However, for a restaurant to thrive, it is not enough just to have a good kitchen. It is important to select qualified staff and to organize their work skillfully. Taking care of all these tasks can only be done by an experienced specialist who has been trained in the best schools in the world.

The restaurant business: features of training

Training in the restaurant business abroad culminates in an international diploma confirming the student's specialization.

Training begins with theoretical aspects of management, which are subsequently consolidated by the practice during the internship. The standard course includes:

  1. Consideration of modern management technologies.
  2. Participation in training, and seminars organized by experienced specialists.
  3. Catering training for students with an elementary level of training.
  4. Internships in leading restaurants and hotels abroad.

Standard training program usually includes the following blocks: restaurant management and finance/setting up and running your own restaurant/marketing and communication/food and drink + internship.

Restaurant management training

Restaurant management is a multifaceted activity. The specificity of the activity concerns the management of all restaurant and kitchen services: it is necessary to control the quality of products, marginality of dishes, sales level, correctly build a marketing campaign and brand promotion, and manage the personnel of the hall, and kitchen, etc. Much attention is paid to the economic training of the restaurateur, and his ability to control costs and income.

Training programs include:

  • Consideration of the skills for effective organization of the company.
  • Focusing on the needs of the modern world and current trends in the restaurant business.
  • Learning ways to maintain a high image of an establishment.
  • Approaches to motivating employees and increasing the number of customers.

A standard training program usually includes the following blocks: restaurant management and finance/setting up and running your own restaurant/marketing and communications/food and beverage + internship.

Studying abroad is built not only on theory but also on the practical application of the acquired knowledge. Schools regularly organize training, seminars, and internships. Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, the future specialist begins to take his first steps in the restaurant business and implement his own ideas.

Employment prospects

Specialists who have been trained abroad are in demand all over the world. The doors of the best restaurants and hotels in the world open to a qualified manager. The diploma of a foreign educational institution is always confirmed by the high level of knowledge of the graduate. This gives you every chance to build a successful career or start your own business.

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Top U.S. universities with restaurant business studies

Cornell University

One of the most prestigious universities with the study of restaurant, and hospitality business in the United States is Cornell University. The university's hospitality school offers undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs in the restaurant, and hospitality industry. Both programs are excellent opportunities to begin your career as a future leader in the hospitality industry. 

Whether you aspire to work in corporations or boutique restaurants, want to start your own business, or expand your family business, Cornell's programs prepare you for any management challenge. Case studies, projects, and assignments are designed with the future workplace in mind, responding to today's industry challenges and opportunities, including revenue management and dynamic pricing, service marketing, and e-commerce. 

U.S. students work closely with faculty working in research and practice in the restaurant industry, business leaders who are guest lecturers, and internship supervisors. The university creates every opportunity for students to realize their career aspirations. 

Graduates who choose an academic career can apply for jobs at Cornell University's School of Hospitality Studies Research Center, created to expand the quality, and scope of research on the food service industry, and hospitality industry.

Washington State University

Washington State University's School of Hospitality Catering prides itself on providing students with real-world experience in the catering industry. Training for future professionals takes place in the state-of-the-art Marriott Hospitality Learning Center, conveniently located in the heart of the Pullman campus. Under the guidance of Chef Jamie Callison, students learn how to use a restaurant-quality teaching kitchen and prepare the university's most popular menus and dishes, as well as learn how to match wines to the dishes they sell. 

Students learn the mechanisms for scaling food service to meet customer needs and gain the practical, confidence-building, managerial skills that employers in the hospitality industry are looking for.

California Polytechnic State University 

The college offers two undergraduate degrees focused on preparing graduates for employment in the general areas of food science. The master's degree in nutrition is designed to prepare graduates for advanced training, specialization, and leadership in the field of nutrition. 

California Polytechnic University graduates work in food processing, sales, research, quality assurance, and government regulation in the restaurant industry. Students participate in the university's many clubs that provide leadership training opportunities and participation in professional societies. 

The university's learning projects offer options for simulating industry and business practices. Catering class instruction is supplemented by opportunities for service, advocacy, and research in the community. Students are encouraged to gain valuable experience by working summers or participating in internship programs.

University of Tennessee

The college offers hospitality, restaurant, and tourism management programs. Programs prepare students for managerial, middle, and upper management positions in hotels, restaurants, and meeting and event planning companies. 

Studying at an American university offers students employment opportunities all over the world. A career start is possible in different positions: cooking, marketing, sales, and meeting services, later it is possible to move to food supply management, beverage management, club management, and restaurant management.

Iowa State University

Iowa State University's hospitality management programs are ranked 15th among the top 100 programs in hospitality and tourism. Iowa State University students have access to large teaching labs such as the Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom, a 100-seat dining facility. More than 200 restaurant and hospitality management students study in small classrooms using methods developed by leading faculty members. 

The training alternates between hands-on classes, individual instruction, and work on group projects. The Hospitality Management Program offers a variety of international job opportunities and internships.

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