Spend Some Quality Time And Enjoy These Family Restaurants In Raleigh!

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Nicknamed the “City of Oaks,” for its sheer amount of massive oak trees surrounding the city blocks, Raleigh, North Carolina is the city to enjoy a multitude of activities! You can visit one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, go to the North Carolina Museum of Art, or take a stroll through the state’s largest hiking trail! Now all of that sounds fun, but it can make one very hungry, so today we are going to be listing some great family restaurants in Raleigh to head on over to after a day out on the town (or to just have a nice family outing after a long work week)!

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Glenwood Grill

The destination for southern coastal cooking in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Colorful food making for a flavorful meal! Image courtesy of the Glenwood Grill website.

2603 Glenwood Ave | Raleigh | glenwoodgrill.com

Locally and regionally sourced farm fresh products cooked to serve you at the table. Offering cuisine inspired by coastal Carolinas and the American south. John Wright, the chef of Glenwood Grill, takes his food very seriously, wanting all customers to know the importance of harvesting products locally. It is definitely a more “upscale” restaurant compared to the other listings in this article, so it’s a perfect place for a family celebration, event, or a date night with your partner!

Glenwood Grill has a lunch menu, from soup & salad appetizers, entrees like lemon shrimp risotto, shredded steak sandwich, chicken bowtie pasta, and more! They also have a dinner menu with options like seafood & grits, lump crab cakes, crispy NC catfish, and other mouth-watering dishes! It’s a place that is here to serve elegant food just for you.

“Wow!  Service, wine selection, food options, taste, portions and overall experience.   We had found this place on Yelp last year, but just got the opportunity to dine at GG.  This definitely will be part of our rotation going forward. I do recommend reservations.” -Yelp Review

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The State Farmer’s Market

Hosting a variety of different events, but most importantly hosts a spot for great food!

A uniquely fun setting for some…well, unique fun! Image courtesy of the State Farmer’s Market Restaurant Yelp photo page.

1240 Farmers Market Dr | Raleigh | realbiscuits.com

With a funky aesthetic, the State Farmer’s Market Restaurant has been around for years. Originally opened by Jackie Watkins in 1991,and was then bought by the Gilliam family in 2002. After that, just a few years later, their restaurant now offers their location for parties, charitable efforts, and banquets! The State Farmer’s Market Restaurant is known for its fresh, home-cooked meals, and their signature dish is their real, authentic biscuits.

Also on their menu they have a variety of delicious meals, and the State Farmer’s Market Restaurant features plenty of Northern Carolina fresh and local ingredients. From the country breakfast, real biscuits, hot cakes, waffles, french toast, sandwiches, omelets, and more, this spot is perfect for a morning or late lunch meal! 

They also have their own kids menu for all the little ones a part of the family! State Farmer’s Market Restaurant is a cool place to take your loved ones if you’re looking for a relaxed casual experience.

“First time here, but definitely won't be my last time. The food was amazing! The service was great and fast. It was hard to choose a menu item because there were so many good choices. Kid-friendly and decent prices.” -Yelp Review

Peri Brothers Pizza

That classic New York-style pizza right here in the south!

This pizza looks so delicious. That’s it. Just delicious! Image courtesy of the Peri Brothers Pizza Instagram page.

7321 Six Forks Rd | Raleigh | peribrotherspizza.com

From New York and visiting North Carolina? Miss that New York-style pizza that is only just right back home? Or maybe you’re looking to experience that profile of pizza down in the south? Well, let us introduce you to Peri Brothers Pizza, the place in Raleigh to get incredible pizza and more!

If you’re in the mood for pizza, you’ve come to the right place, but that’s not the only thing they have on their menu! They also have, including but not limited to: mozzarella sticks, garlic knots, meatball sliders, chicken wings, calzones, home-made pasta, salads, and desserts! Definitely a place for a nice weekend meal, sitting back and relaxing!

“You basically made my husband (who grew up in Queens) cry happy tears over how much it reminded him of authentic NY pizza. The wings and cannoli were perfect, too. So, thank you!” -Yelp Review

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

Fusion combos of gourmet burgers and sushi…that’s something to see!

A unique blend of flavors with a sweet treat! Image courtesy of The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar Instagram page.

4208 Six Forks Rd Ste 100 | Raleigh | thecowfish.com

“You my friend, are an idiot.” is the quote that started it all when Marcus Hall heard his business partner, Alan Springate, plan’s to create the first ever sushi burger bar. However, his initial thoughts didn’t stop him, as they opened up The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar. With their offbeat colorful walls, and original artwork, this spot is a perfect place to bring the family to experience this fusion of flavors and enjoy the eye-catching atmosphere.

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar highlights their speciality Fusion Bento Box, a combo meal that features both burger, sushi, and sweet potato fries. Also on the menu is a Sashimi Bowl, Blackened Tuna Nachos, Firecracker Roll, Gimme More S’more Shake, and the Jalapeno Popper Show-Stopper Burger! An inventive menu with new styles of food to try with the whole family!

“If you are looking for different but good food, this could be your spot! The unique Burgushi is a fan favorite of combined burgers and sushi. Amazing staff, friendly and tentative.” -Yelp Review

The Pit Authentic Barbecue

Barbecue staples in this smart-casual setting!

Highlighting those well-seasoned fries right! Image courtesy of The Pit Authentic Barbecue Instagram page

328 W Davie St | Raleigh | thepit-raleigh.com

North Carolina is a state that is filled with great barbecue joints, and The Bit Authentic Barbecue is here to continue that trend with their “authentic whole-hog, pit-cooked barbecue,” and other delicious offerings in this Raleigh hotspot! It’s known to be amazing too, with their awards that they have won stated on the official Pit Barbecue website and the many reviews from all of the patrons who walk through their doors!

The Pit Authentic Barbecue has got southern comfort covered with menu options including, seasonal skillet cornbread, fried mac & cheese, chicken wings, barbecue fries, chopped BBQ, pulled pork, baby back ribs, house made brunswick stew, smoked sausage plate, and a whole lot more. Truly the place to go with your family for a nice casual outing!

“Tried this place for the first time with my Husband and the food was AH-MAZING!! Complimentary hot biscuits and hush puppies with whipped butter. We shared the deviled eggs as an appetizer - very tasty.” -Yelp Review

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

A restaurant chain that doesn’t lose its flavor no matter the location!

Now those chips can go with any sandwich! Image courtesy of the Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar Instagram page.

111 Seaboard Ave | One Raleigh Location | baddaddysburgerbar.com

In 2007, the first Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar was opened in Charlotte, North Carolina. When they started it was an almost instant hit, with lines out the doors and five star reviews. Their mission is to create burgers that are two times the ‘epic’ as normal burgers. Making their “normal” dining experience something to remember when you head over to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar.

At their Seaboard Avenue Raleigh location, they have a multitude of menu options, so we are going to name just a few so you can see the vibe of these restaurants! Backyard BBQ Pork Nachos, Fried Pickles, Chicken Wings, Daddy’s Sliders, Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids, Pastrami Burger, Buffalo Chicken Burger, Shakes, desserts, and family packs! Honestly, just take a look at their menu and see what they have, as each option serves up a picture of the dish to see what to expect!

“The food is soooo awesome! I would easily say this spot is one of the best places in Raleigh to get a really good burger. They've got tots, fries or fruit for side options and also some different non beef alternatives. The food is seasoned well and the portion sizes are huge! Enjoy!” -Yelp Review

Morgan Street Food Hall

A bustling marketplace with local restaurants that offer a variety of dishes!

Ice-cream creations that look so good you don’t want to take a bite! Image courtesy of the Morgan Street Food Hall & Market Instagram page.

411 W Morgan St | Raleigh | morganfoodhall.com

Now this is the most “different” location on our list, as the Morgan Street Food Hall & Market is reinventing the dining experience with a new lifestyle concept. Now it’s not to be confused with a food court, it features local eateries, restaurants, and local food retailers. It introduces the concept of “cross meal ordering”, where meals from a number of places can be shared in a central seating area with the people you love!

The Morgan Street Food Hall & Market has numerous vendors for all foodies who are looking to try something new from a couple places or from all of them! Some of them include: Curry in a Hurry, Cousins Maine Lobster, Boba Brew, Bella’s Wood Fired Pizza & Tapas, Bad Cat Coffee, Crepes, & Bagels, Cowbar Burgers & Fries, and more! You can check out all of their vendors here so you can plan your dining experience ahead!

“Very nice choice of eateries! Not expensive and casual comfy dress! Will definitely be returning!  I went there for dessert at Raleigh Rolls! On a separate occasion I enjoyed the pizza!! All absolutely delicious.” -Yelp Review

There are a lot of different family restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina to discover! These are just some of the options on the menu, and each of them offer unique dishes and adventures ahead! It’s also a good idea to check out the menus of what each of these places (and any other restaurant) in Raleigh has to offer beforehand, because when it comes time to order, there may be some bickering. But at the end of the day, once the order is placed, you are with the people you love eating great food!


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