Restaurants On the East Side of El Paso

The Five Best Places to Grab Some Grub in Eastern El Paso

El Paso's is a beautiful city in Texas. In fact it’s the sixth largest city in Texas. And being the sixth largest city in Texas makes it the 23rd largest city in all of the United States according to the 2020 census data. And as such, El Paso is filled with all kinds of great restaurants. In fact there are so many great restaurants that in order to narrow it down to a manageable size, today’s list of best restaurants is just going to focus on the east side of El Paso. 

El Paso's east side is filled with all kinds of fantastic bars and restaurants. If you want to find the perfect restaurant for your night out in El Paso's east side, or even just a nice lunch one afternoon, you are sure to find what you are looking for. I've compiled a list of the five best restaurants that El Paso's east side has to offer. And I'll be sure to give you the address and website to all of these locations so that way you can check out the menu or stop by if something catches your eye. And in addition to telling you where the best restaurants are in El Paso's east side, I’m also going to tell you which of these restaurants accept GiftYa digital gift cards!

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El Taquito

Truly One Of A  Kind In Both Authenticity and Customer Reviews 

Chow down on the flautas combo from El Taquito in El Paso’s East Side. Image courtesy of yelp.

1422 Airway Blvd | Eastside |

El Taquito comes in at number one on our list today for one very obvious and simple reason. The overwhelming number of 5 star reviews that have been left by locals and travellers alike. I have written three separate articles on the best restaurants in El Paso. And El Taquirito has come up at the top of the list across every category. Which has never happened before. I’ve had a restaurant appear on two of the three best restaurant lists that I curate each week, but I’ve never had one make it onto all three lists. So I can’t recommend El Taquito enough. It is literally one of a kind in my view. And while sometimes I feel some hesitation in recommending different restaurants, I feel entirely confident in recommending El Taquito. As long as you're in the mood for it that is.

El Taquito is going to serve, as the name itself might suggest, Mexican food. However, in El Paso, you are really only a couple minutes at most from the actual Mexican border. You can be sure that when you find a restaurant serving Mexican food in El Paso that they are going to be serving some of the most authentic Mexican food anywhere in the state. And anywhere in the entire country for that matter.

Not only can you count on El Taquito serving some of the most authentic Mexican food in all of the United States, you can also feel good supporting a locally owned business. And trust me, you won’t regret spending your dollar and supporting local businesses and local families when you stop at El Taquito. Go ahead and give El Taquito a try next time you are looking for the top rated restaurants in El Paso. You won’t leave disappointed. Nobody else has. 

“Incredible lunch spot. Great food, prices, and staff. I had the barbacoa torta, which was fantastic and my papas/fries were straight out of the fryer. Everything or party of four had was also great, and prices are shockingly affordable.” - Yelp Review 

El Taquito is one of the thousands of restaurants that accepts digital GiftYa gift cards, but it is also the highest rated restaurant in El Paso's east side!

Rivas Taco Shop

Home Of The ½ Pound California Burrito

1342 N Zaragoza | Eastside |

The only thing that kept Rivas Taco Shop from making it to the top of my list of the five best restaurants in El Paso’s Eastside was the fact that El Taquito was the first restaurant I’ve ever seen with so many reviews to still maintain a five star rating. I mean it made it to the top of my list across every article I wrote about good restaurants in El Paso. Rivas coming in second place to El Taquito is by no means a mark against Rivas quality of food or their service. 

They boast a four and a half star rating with hundreds of reviews themselves. But on top of that they are both locally owned and operated. And not only are they locally owned, they also happen to literally be award winning. The only thing I think needs to be specified about their cuisine is that they serve a Southern California style flavor of Mexican cuisine. So if you are going for authentic Mexican, go for El Taquito, if you are looking for the classic American interpretation of classic Mexican dishes, then Rivas Taco Shop is the clear and obvious choice. 

“Rivas taco shop man! So amazing! Their staff, flavors and simplicity of their restaurant really makes you feel like home. Their carne asada fries are OFF THE CHARTS as well as their california burrito  you also gotta throw the red and green salsa on everything!

Definitely worth a try if you are on the east side of town looking for an awesome hole in the wall” - Yelp Review

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Trattoria Bella Sera

Have A Beautiful Evening And Enjoy A Slow Cooked Italian Meal Right In El Paso’s East Side

3512 N Yarbrough Dr | Eastside |

Trattoria Bella Sera makes it to third on our list for a couple of reasons. First of all, although the first two restaurants serve authentic and California inspired Mexican cuisine, I felt like that didn’t offer much variety in the top three restaurants in El Paso’s Eastside. I like to make sure there is a little diversity in the menu. And yeah obviously you are going to get great Mexican food in El Paso. It’s a stone's throw from the national border with Mexico. 

But I’m assuming most people already know there is great Mexican food in El Paso. I’m guessing some of you are here because you are looking for something local, but something that isn’t the same old Mexican stuff you’ve had time and time again. 

That’s what brings Trattoria Bella Sera to number three on our list. But no seriously, all objectivity aside, there is also the fact they accept GiftYas … *wink wink* … but even if I were being strictly objective (and hey who says I even have to be objective? Isn’t the very concept of “best restaurant” itself entirely subjective and up to the eyes… or um… tastebuds of each individual person?) they have a four star rating with nearly 400 reviews on Yelp which means that time and time again they are meeting, and exceeding, customers' expectations. 

And as such I feel very confident recommending them to you if you are on El Paso’s eastside and are craving something other than incredible Mexican cuisine. And hey, how many people can say they know where to get great Italian food ten miles from the Mexican border?

“The food here is amazing, service is great, the only downside is that it's a little far away. The exterior doesn't do the interior any justice but the food speaks for itself and shows the quality for which this place is known for. The portions were large and the ambiance lighting with the Italian design really set the mood.” - Yelp Review 

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Thirty 5ive Tavern & Grill

Casual Fine Dining Restaurant And Bar Right In El Paso’s East Side

10420 Montwood Dr | Eastside |

Thirty 5ive Tavern & Grill comes in at number four on my list today. And really the only reason they aren’t higher up is because they have only been open for a few years and as such haven’t had the time to build the same online presence and word of mouth. But, that being said, from the online presence they do have, they boast a four and a half star rating. 

And in addition to that, so far I have listed traditional Mexican cuisine, Southern California inspired Mexican Cuisine, and high quality Mexican cuisine, and I wanted to add some more diversity to this list of the five best restaurants on El Paso’s east side. 

Thirty 5ive Tavern & Grill fills out the list of menu options on the list quite nicely as they operate as both a steakhouse as well as a traditional American restaurant. And hey, somebody on the list had to be serving some drinks and today that was Thirty 5ive Tavern & Grill! They not only have the best steak in El Paso’s east side, they also have its best cocktail bar for some after dinner refreshments if you’re in the mood. 

“My fiancé & I went here yesterday & was immediately impressed with the food!

I would definitely recommend” - Yelp Review 

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Rudy’s ‘Country Store” and Bar-B-Q

The Best Barbeque In El Paso’s East Side

7970 Gateway E Blvd | Eastside |

It would be pretty difficult to get through a list of the best restaurants in a city in Texas and not mention somewhere to get some Barbeque. And if you are in El Paso’s east side then you aren’t going to be able to beat Rudy’s ‘Country Store” and Bar-B-Q for good Barbeque

“I just love this place so much! Rudy's never disappoint ! There’s nothing like authentic Texas bbq! I love road trips through Texas ! Thanks Rudy's for the best quick stop bbq!” - Yelp Review 

Rudy’s ‘Country Store” and Bar-B-Q is one of the best restaurants in El Paso's east side and they just so happen to accept GiftYa digital gift cards and you can grab one for you or someone on your list by following the link!

There you have it! A list of the top five best restaurants that you can find in El Paso's east side. El Paso's is a major hub of business and commerce. It might only be the sixth largest city in Texas, but that alone makes it the 23rd largest city in all of the United States of America. It isn’t easy to narrow down the list of great restaurants to only the five that can fit in this post. 

But just from what I gathered for you here today you’ll be sure to find a location that's convenient for you with plenty of excellent options. And remember, if you or someone you love is out in El Paso's east side, I marked off which restaurants accept convenient GiftYa digital gift cards. And you can use them at any of the locations I indicated on this list today. 

But even if you choose a restaurant that doesn’t accept GiftYa, you’ll be sure to find authentic Mexican cuisine in El Paso, as well as a wide variety of other options. Including, strangely enough, some fantastic Italian food just a few miles from the Mexican border.

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