Our Favorite Variety of Restaurants in the Denver Tech Center

Find a Little Something for Everyone at These Seven Eateries

The Denver Tech Center, located in the southeastern portion of the Denver Metropolitan Area, is known for housing several companies as well as delicious restaurants. The Tech Center is located in portions of Denver and Greenwood Village with many eateries surrounding both of these locations. We have selected a variety of delicious restaurants from brunch and breakfast to seafood and steak and more cultural cuisine like Cuban, Poke, and Asian fusion. The next time you or someone you know are in the area, give one or a few of these restaurants a try! 

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1. Ocean Prime 

Impressive Seafood and Steak Menus With SIgnature Cocktails

Fresh made sushi roll. Image courtesy of Yelp

8000 E Belleview Ave C10 | Greenwood Village | ocean-prime.com

Ocean Prime is a modern American lounge in a sophisticated setting that serves a variety of seafood and prime cuts of steak. They are a nationally-acclaimed restaurant for their decor, famous seafood menu, high end steaks, delicious drinks, and fantastic service. The approach to their menu is classic yet modern and they have an appreciation for ingredients from lighter meals like sushi and poke to rich and decadent seafood and steaks. Ocean Prime can be found in 15 locations across the United States, but each one continues their dedication to classy meals and a professional dining experience. Every location is unique to the area it is built in to better blend with the culture and people around. 

At the Denver Tech Center location, you can find Ocean Prime is open for lunch and dinner and serves family meals for everyone to enjoy. Come and enjoy impressive foods and craft cocktails over lively conversation. 

“Great dinner tonight on the patio. Everyone enjoyed their meals and the service was wonderful. This is our third dining experience at this location since Covid and each time has been great.” - Yelp Review 

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2. The Original Pancake House 

Breakfast Delights With Fun and Interesting Recipes 

Banana pancakes! Image courtesy of Yelp.

8000 E Belleview Ave F10 | Greenwood Village | ophdenver.com

The Original Pancake House began in Portland, Oregon in 1953. Both chefs had vast experience in the culinary world, and took this knowledge of national and ethnic pancake recipes to create their unique breakfast menu. Their recipes use high quality ingredients cooked by chefs with passion and dedication. When you visit this restaurant, you will be greeted by their friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

On their menu, you will find everything from your basic eggs and toast with breakfast meats to interesting pancake combinations. This is a breakfast lovers paradise! Even though they are a chain, you will not be disappointed by their consistent preparation and delicious flavors. 

“My wife & I were VERY PLEASED with the food & the service. Coffee refills every 5 minutes. The chocolate chip & the apple pancakes are OUT OF THIS WORLD!” - Yelp Review 

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3. Snooze, an A.M. Eatery 

Breakfast Joint With a Commitment to Sustainable Foods

Breakfast and coffee, a classic yet always delicious combination. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5073 S Syracuse St | Denver | snoozeeatery.com

At snooze, every dish is thoughtfully prepared by their dedicated chefs. They are committed to providing a more sustainable way to create delicious meals and they partner with other local restaurants who are passionate about food and the planet. Their goal is to create a more sustainable food system. 

With their extensive menu, there is a little something for everyone. They feature plant based dishes as well as classic breakfast foods like pancakes, french toast, every type of egg dish you can imagine, and breakfast tortillas. No matter your dietary needs or preferences, you are sure to find a satisfying meal at Snooze. 

“The wait usually averages 30-60 minutes. I suggest joining the virtual waitlist. Overall, the food was great and the service was good. Definitely worth the wait. Chain restaurant but definitely a must if you are visiting the Denver area.” - Yelp Review 

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4. Shanahan’s Steakhouse

A Modern Steakhouse, Commonly Mistaken for an Art Gallery

Prime cuts of aged steaks. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5085 S Syracuse St | Denver | shanahanssteakhouse.com

Shanahan’s brands their restaurant as a modern steakhouse. On the inside you can find a cowhide bench and NFL Lombardi trophies. During the winter months, you can dine inside while watching football on TV with a signature spirit or cocktail, in the summer, you can dine outside on the patio while enjoying the fresh breeze. This is a place for steak lovers and wine connoisseurs alike -- with their extensive wine list featuring 4,000 bottles of red wine and 1,400 bottles of white wine. 

The menu includes prime cuts of aged steaks, fresh seafood that is flown in daily, and organic produce grown in Colorado. Their large menu includes starters, soup, and salads on the lighter end with meat and potatoes for the hearty eaters. This can be an experience for the whole family to enjoy, they have a kids menu too, so you won’t have to worry about what they will eat. 

“Great food, great service and great recommendations. You really get what you pay for. Amazing steakhouse and will always love to go back.” - Yelp Review 

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5. Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria 

Caribbean Sandwicheria Featuring Fresh Cuban Bread and Ingredients

Vaca frita. Image courtesy of Yelp.

5322 DTC Blvd | Greenwood Village | cubacubadtc.com

Cuba Cuba is a Caribbean sandwicheria that showcases cuban cuisine from freshly baked bread to classic cocktails. However, they are more than just a sandwich joint. You can find cuban plates, wraps, greens, a menu of sides to choose from, and even a list of coffee choices. Find everything from pork, sirloin, and chicken, to veggie options -- they serve the best of both worlds and a dedication to cuban cuisine. The locals are fond of this joint and all they have to offer, so we’re confident that you will be too!

“I had never had Cuban food prior to visiting Cuba Cuba and I can now say that I'm obsessed! I take everybody here that comes to visit and can't recommend enough. Everything on the menu is delicious!” - Yelp Review 

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6. PokeCity 

Hawaiian Poke Bowls Featuring Fresh Seafood and Produce 

Build your own Poke bowl! Image courtesy of Yelp.

8101 E Belleview Ave Suite B1 | Denver | thepokecity.com

Hawiian Poke bowls are made from a mix of raw cubes of seafood in a soy-based marinade. The bowls are often adorned with other fresh ingredients like seaweed, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, and served over rice or greens. You can think of Poke as a deconstructed sushi roll in a bowl. 

These are generally healthy meals that have a beautiful and colorful presentation and are customizable to fit your needs. In Hawaii, you can find Poke everywhere -- in the grocery stores and even at the gas station. At PokeCity, you can choose from one of their signature bowls or create your own!

“I used to live in Hawaii and eat poke almost every day...so I know what good poke tastes like. Poke city does a really good job with the taste and flavor. You first choose the size of your bowl, then rice, then the fish, then your sides and sauce - kind of like a chipotle”. - Yelp Review 

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7. Bara Sushi 

Fresh Sushi Rolls Made by Experienced Japanese Sushi Chefs

Fresh made sushi. Image courtesy of Yelp.

8000 E Belleview Ave D50 | Greenwood Village | barasushiandthai.com

At Bara Sushi, food isn’t just food, it’s art. Sushi chefs put a lot of time and dedication into improving their menu -- so much so that they are getting ready to reopen under new management to be back and better than ever. Their new menu will offer a unique and exciting variety of rolls and other delights. We are excited to see what this restaurant does with their new menu!

“Bara Sushi is a wonder hide away for sushi. They have a happy hour, friendly staff, and incredible sushi. If you are in the Denver tech center, stop in to Bara and be pleasantly surprised!” - Yelp Review 

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At the Denver Tech Center, there is a restaurant to fit every meal of the day and offer a variety to choose from. If you want breakfast, fresh seafood, prime steaks, Cuban cuisine, Hawiian Poke, or delicious sushi -- you can find all of these options readily available. The next time you’re in town, stop and visit one of these locations. 

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