Order Takeout From the 7 Best Restaurants that Deliver In Tucson

Don’t feel like cooking tonight? We get that, so order takeout from these top seven best restaurants that deliver in Tucson!

There are just some nights where cooking seems like a huge hassle and even a chore. We definitely understand this and sometimes just ordering takeout and picking it up after work, or even getting it delivered, seems better than making a home cooked meal. If you live in Tucson, Arizona and are considering getting some delicious takeout for dinner tonight, consider our top seven favorite restaurants that deliver ASAP!

Main image courtesy of ThisisTucson. 

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Brooklyn Pizza Company

Just want an extra-large pizza for delivery? Check out a favorite in Tucson!

Want some tasty pizza on a Friday or Saturday night for delivery? Consider Brooklyn Pizza Company in Tucson! Image courtesy of Foursquare.

534 N 4th Avenue | West University | brooklynpizzacompany.com

Craving pizza like no other on a day where cooking is out of the question? If this is the case, then make sure to check out the Brooklyn Pizza Company today! This amazing pizza joint is a personal favorite for many in Tucson because of fresh baked and hand-tossed pizza options that you will keep coming back to.

At the Brooklyn Pizza Company, you can try out everything from their famous garlic knots, calzones, pepperoni pizza, supreme pizza, meat lovers pizza, sandwiches, and lots more that you can’t say no to. Go to the Brooklyn Pizza Company as soon as you can for some incredible food for delivery!

“Highest pizza rating I have given here in Tucson. Give them a try! The price is great as well!” - Yelp Review

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Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Craving Chinese food like no other? Put this on your list of places to try out!

Looking for one of the best Chinese places to go to in Tucson? Make sure to consider the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

6433N Oracle Road | Tucson| goldendragontucson.com

Are you craving some Chinese food for dinner tonight and want to get it delivered right to your door? Consider checking out the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant today for some of the best Chinese food in all of Tucson! With multiple locations throughout the city, you can pick the one that is closest to you, order some good stuff, and get it ASAP.

If you’re thinking about going to the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant, make sure to consider trying out the sesame chicken, Mongolian beef, orange chicken, lemon chicken, chicken lo mein, sweet and sour pork, and lots of other incredible dishes. Order some Chinese food at Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant today!

“What I always look for in a Chinese restaurant: Freshly prepared food. And the restaurant does it right!” - Yelp Review

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Urban Pita

Interested in some Mediterranean street food? Consider this amazing restaurant for takeout! 

There is nothing better than some delicious Mediterranean dishes for dinner, so order takeout from Urban Pita! Image courtesy of Yelp. 

345 E Congress Street | Iron House | urbanpitasaz.com

Sometimes all you need is a gyro with fresh lamb in it to enjoy after work. If this is what you’re craving, why not order some delicious Mediterranean food from Urban Pita in Tucson today! Everything at this restaurant is bursting with flavor and made from official Mediterranean recipes for an authentic and delicious taste you’ll never forget.

If you’re craving Mediterranean dishes at Urban Pita, make sure to consider trying out the chicken shawarma, dolmades, greek salad, lamb gyros, hummus and pitas, and so much more. Check out Urban Pita for an incredible takeout meal when you don’t feel like cooking!

“I don't think you could go wrong with anything on the menu! I would love to see this place open in more locations in the future.” - Yelp Review 

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Brother’s Noodles

Live by the strip mall in Tucson? Order from this amazing Chinese restaurant today!

Looking for some of the best ramen in Tucson? Why not place an order for Brother’s Noodles today! Image courtesy of ThisisTucson. 

5605 E Speedway Boulevard | Harlan Heights | brothersnoodlestucson.com

Are you in love with Chinese noodles? If you want to go somewhere that is specifically known for their noodles, then make sure to check out Brother’s Noodles as soon as you can! Brother’s Noodles is known for their fresh-made dumplings, and their amazing $3.99 lunch combo that is perfect for delivery.

Brother’s Noodles is the perfect place to go for some amazing Chinese noodle dishes and more, such as sesame chicken, chicken fried rice, Mongoliam beef, sweet and sour chicken, ramen noodles, cabbage and pork dumplings, and much more. Make sure to order from Brother’s Noodles as soon as you can!

“Brothers Noodles is my go to delivery place. Their food always comes so fast and is hot and fresh.” - Yelp Review 

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Sauce Pizza & Wine

Looking for a pizza place with a high-end style menu? If so, then check out this restaurant!

Looking for delicious and unique pizza to try out in Tucson for delivery? Come and try out Sauce Pizza & Wine as soon as you can! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

2990 N Campbell Avenue | Shaheen Estates | saucepizzaandwine.com

Are you looking for some different and unique pizza options to order for delivery? If so, then make sure to check out Sauce Pizza & Wine as soon as you can! Sauce Pizza & Wine is known for its delicious and amazingly good specialty pizzas to choose from, along with other high-end dishes that you can’t miss out on.

Sauce Pizza & Wine has so much to choose from, including spicy chicken sausage mac n’ cheese, caprese, wild mushroom, chicken pesto pizza, quinoa, beet, and arugula salad, caprese bruschetta, basil pizza, and lots more. Order from Sauce Pizza & Wine for something delicious!

“My boyfriend and I dined here today and Sauce Pizza & Wine was perfect for lunch! The restaurant itself is really pretty, open, and trendy.” - Yelp Review 

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Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food 24/7

Want some Mexican food to satisfy your hunger? If so, check out this restaurant ASAP!

Craving some Mexican food to place for delivery? If so, make sure to order some tasty food at Rilibertos Fresh Mexican Food 24/7 right now! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

4352 E Speedway Boulevard | Tucson | rilibertos.com

Are you thinking that Mexican food may be the move tonight? If so, then you need to order from Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food 24/7 as soon as you can! This exquisite Mexican food restaurant is known for serving you some good food at all hours of the night no matter when you have cravings for it, and just for being as authentic as they can be.

Whenever you decide to go to Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican food 24/7, you can try out everything from huevos rancheros, rice and beans, street tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tostados, and so much more. What are you waiting for? Consider ordering from Riliberto’s Fresh Mexican Food 24/7 for delivery today!

“Such a refreshing and authentic Mexican restaurant with freshly made, home cooked cuisine.” - Yelp Review 

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Trident Grill

A juicy hamburger is just what you need, so make sure to order from this amazing restaurant! 

A good hamburger may just be the thing that you need after a long day at work, so order delivery for Trident Grill right now! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

2033 E Speedway Boulevard | Blenman-Elm | tridentgrill.com

Are you stuck on what to get for delivery? We think that you should get a good hamburger and fries combo from Trident Grill in Tucson today! Trident Grill is a fun sports pub that features a menu full of hamburgers, pizzas, tacos, and so much more to satisfy your hunger on a day where you don’t feel like cooking.

At Trident Grill, you need to try out fish and chips, fish tacos, chicken skewers, the old bay burger, the steakhouse burger, the wildcat burger, and so much that you won’t be able to say no to. Why not order takeout from Trident Grill ASAP in Tucson, Arizona today!

“I would give our dinner a 5/5 experience! Thank you Trident Staff for taking care of us :)” - Yelp Review 

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There are so many incredible restaurants that surround Tucson that also deliver as well. If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, or just want something different, make sure to check out our top seven favorite restaurants that deliver in Tucson!

Is there a restaurant that delivers in Tucson that you love, but we didn’t mention? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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