Let Your Kids Explore the City of Mesa With the Top Seven Fun Things to Do

Have your kids been stuck in the house recently? Take them on a journey through Mesa with the top seven fun things to do with kids today!

There is just something about going out and making new memories and enjoying new experiences with your kids. Whether that’s going to the local park, going to a museum, or even just going out to a new ice cream parlor, there are many things to do out there that your kids will enjoy. If your kids have been cooped up in the house for a while and you think that they need to get out in the sunshine and explore new places around Mesa, we got you covered. Here are the top seven fun things to do in Mesa with your kids that you need to see!

Main image courtesy of Pretty Prudent. 

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Arizona Museum of Natural History

Explore the history of the southwestern part of the United States at this museum!

Does your kid love dinosaurs and history? Take them to the Arizona Museum of Natural History today! Image courtesy of YourValley. 

53 N MacDonald | Mesa | arizonamuseumofnaturalhistory.org

If you are considering taking your kids to a museum, but want to find one that will appeal to them, why not take them to the Arizona Museum of Natural History today! The Arizona Museum of Natural History focuses specifically on the history within the southwestern part of the United States, but they also offer a lot more than that too.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is perfect for kids that love dinosaurs. Your kids will be greeted with dinosaurs appearing as if they’re breaking out of the building itself, and you can also see lots of other real life replicas, and even fully put-together dinosaur bones, and more. Come see the Arizona Museum of Natural History for yourself today!

“I have been here a few times and both kids and adults love it. Many exhibits for entertainment and learning.” - Yelp Review 

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Mesa Arts Center

Come here to see performances, visual arts, and so much more in Mesa!

Come to the Mesa Arts Center for an incredible time watching live performances and more with your kids! Image courtesy of Visit Arizona. 

1 E Main Street | Mesa | mesaartscenter.com

Interested in treating you and your kids to a fun night out looking at either visual arts, or a performance of some kind? Consider taking them to the Mesa Arts Center as soon as you can! The Mesa Art Center features four theaters, five art galleries, and even fourteen art studios as well where you can see many different kinds of performances, art, and much more.

The Mesa Arts Center features everything here to come and see and experience for yourself. From ballets, orchestras, plays, and other incredible performances, your kids will be entertained for hours and it will be something special that they always remember. Check and see what’s happening at the Mesa Arts Center today!

“I've been here several times in each of the 4 different size and shape theaters. It is clean and contemporary in style.” - Yelp Review 

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Cold Stone Creamery

Get your kids something refreshing to cool them down on a hot summer day!

Get some incredibly amazing ice cream in Mesa, Arizona with your kids at Cold Stone Creamery! Image courtesy of Yelp. 

3641 E Baseline Road | Gilbert | coldstonecreamery.com

Are you looking to treat your kids to a sweet treat during the hot summertime months? Consider taking them to the Cold Stone Creamery where you can get them everything from ice cream cones, a waffle bowl filled with ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, and so much more that they will feel like they’re in heaven.

With so many different choices of ice cream to choose from, such as cookie dough, cake batter, mint chocolate chip, cheesecake ice cream, strawberry, french vanilla, and so much more, your kids will love this place. Make sure to check out Cold Stone Creamery with your kids ASAP! 

“Friendly and fast service. Store is clean and has all the Cold Stone flavors you're used to. Best creation is the Founder's Favorite.” - Yelp Review 

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AMC Theatres

Go view one of the latest movies to have come out with your kids today!

Check out the AMC Theatres for their amazing theater layout, snacks, and of course, the best movies in Hollywood right now! Image courtesy of Ramiro & Erica Rivas. 

1645 South Stapley Drive | Mesa | amctheatres.com

Is your kid a movie fanatic just like you and you want to take them to see the best movies that are out right now? If so, then you need to take them to one of the AMC Theatres in Mesa, Arizona today! AMC is known for its incredible theater layout, its kid-friendly environment, and amazing snacks to chow down on while watching a movie.

AMC Theatres is just the place to go to with your kids! In Mesa, there are three different locations to choose from where you can see some of the best movies that are out right now. Treat your kids to some popcorn, soda, and so much more at AMC Theatres today!

“I love this theater. Good customer service.  I love the 4D effects. This theater makes sure their customers are relaxed and are fully enjoying their experience.” - Yelp Review 

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Black Bear Diner

Take your kids out for a fun meal at this kid-friendly restaurant in Mesa!

Check out Black Bear Diner for a fun breakfast or lunch that your kids will love and even want to come back! Image courtesy of Postmates.

1809 E Baseline Road | Gilbert | blackbeardine.com

Do you want to treat your kids to a delicious meal that they will love? Make sure to take them to the Black Bear Diner as soon as you can! This is a kid-friendly restaurant where the breakfast is truly out of this world, and your kids will love every second of it. Good old fashioned family food is exactly what you will get here and your kids will love it!

When your kids come to Black Bear Diner, they can try out the strawberry french toast, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and so much more that you will enjoy it just as much as your children. Consider Black Bear Diner for a fun day out with your kids!

“Black Bear has never disappointed!! Breakfast selections AMAZING!!! Decided to try dinner this time and must say, yummy!!!” - Yelp Review

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I.d.e.a. Museum

Check out this museum where kids can learn, invent, and build a lot of fun things!

Do your kids love being creative and meeting other kids their age? Come to the i.d.e.a museum where your kids can run around and enjoy themselves! Image courtesy of Visit Arizona.

150 W Pepper Place | Mesa | ideamuseum.org 

There is nothing more fun for kids than being able to run around in a large area where they can play with other kids. If your kid is outgoing and loves to meet other kids with similar interests, make sure to check out the i.d.e.a. Museum! This amazing museum is known for its fine arts exhibits that children can learn and interact with too.

The i.d.e.a. Museum features a lot of hands-on art exhibitions for as little as $9 where your kids can meet other kids, or you can even grow a stronger bond with your child by learning more about fine art. ArtVille, the HUB, and the Whiteman Family Gallery are the three exhibits that you can go see, so get some tickets today!

“I took my granddaughter here a week or two ago and I just wish I would have known about it sooner as we would have been coming all along! What a great place!” - Yelp Review 

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AMF Mesa Lanes

Are your kids begging you to go bowling? Take them to this fun bowling alley in Mesa!

Come to AMF Mesa Lanes and enjoy a couple rounds of bowling with your kids in Mesa! Image courtesy of PlaceFull. 

2115 E Southern Avenue | Mesa | amf.com

Does your child love bowling? Bowling is a fun thing to do on a Friday night with friends or family, and if you want your children to experience it for the first time, or have been bugging you to go, make sure to check out AMF Mesa Lanes as soon as possible!

AMF Mesa Lanes is a popular bowling alley in Mesa that also has some amazing food in it to nosh on as you bowl with your kids. There are even arcade games and pinball machines here as well for you to enjoy after bowling too! With that being said, come to AMF Mesa Lanes with your kids for a night of fun!

“We love coming to this alley, we have league here every week and the customer service here is amazing! We are always taken care of in the best way.” - Yelp Review 

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Finding something fun to do with your kids is essential to keep them entertained, but to also be able to bond with them a lot more. If you’re struggling looking for some fun things to do in Mesa, Arizona, make sure to check out these top seven fun things to do with your kids!

Is there a fun thing to do in Mesa with your kids that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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