How do you make your Instagram Stories more interesting?

Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. Everyone goes online for different reasons and for different purposes, but one thing is known - the number of active users of platforms is growing, and every second person posts content.

One of the largest and fastest growing site is Instagram. Previously, the network positioned itself as a platform through which people can share memorable photos with each other, share messages and comment on each other's publications. Now the mechanics of insta have changed, and with the arrival of IGTV, Reels and Stories, a lot of video-related content has appeared on the platform.Stories are especially popular. This is a relatively new content format that attracts a large number of viewers and helps to monitor compliance with a single style in the profile. 

Features of Instagram Stories :

  • You can publish photos, videos, gifs and collages
  • This is deleted 24 hours after publication
  • Can be saved in Highlights
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of content per day

Many influencers and blog authors do not use this feature as effectively as they could. They use an outdated style of publishing, use a lot of useless filters and behave unnaturally. Because of this, they lose readers, but they do not understand why this is happening. In an attempt to fix the situation, bloggers buy Instagram followers, but this is not always a solution.In fact, sometimes it is enough to present information correctly and shoot high-quality Stories in order to get more subs  and not lose viewers.

Now in this article we will give you some relevant ideas for publishing Stories on Insta.

Communicate with the audience.

Do not forget that you are being watched by real people with whom it is necessary to maintain contact. They are not interested in fictional stories and life through the prism of rose-colored glasses. Show yourself real with the help of the lifestyle format, let your followers look into your life and become a part of it. You can show interesting and memorable moments, such as trips to other cities, going to the cinema or a museum. Tell about interesting cases using the storytelling format, the story of a real person causes more emotions than dry facts. Diversify your content with surveys, so you can get feedback, get to know your target audience better and increase loyalty. Publish stories and posts from the "memories" section, it will be useful for new subscribers, and current fans can be pleased with pleasant memories.

Entertainment content. 

It's no secret that many people log into social networks to relax and reboot after a difficult day at work. Therefore, in order to gather as many viewers as possible around your blog, entertain them. Post memes and funny demotivators with jokes on the current agenda. Arrange funny flash mobs and show parodies of famous people if you feel like a real actor. Use animations, share humorous finds (short videos) from different social networks. Come up with a game that will be interesting to play for users of all ages. You can even make it a "highlight" of your blog. Arrange comic contests, for example, offer a useful but funny prize for the best parody or meme.

Publish useful information.

No one will want to watch your stories if there is nothing in them that contains interesting and new information. In addition to entertainment and communication content, pay attention to information. Refer to other people's posts that have impressed you and may be interesting to the target audience. This technique is often used to promote other blogs, but you can do it for other purposes. Checklists are a convenient and applied tool that helps to attract the attention of readers. You can create your own guide or share the creativity of another influencer. Don't worry, your audience won't leave because of this after stories to  another author. And if they leave, you can always buy instagram followers cheap. It’s a joke! Don't be afraid to share useful information from another author. Who knows, maybe this author will offer a profitable collaboration?

Educational content.

If you feel that you have something to tell and something to teach people, be sure to use this advantage. People like to think that they get their knowledge from social networks. Share little-known facts, conduct quizzes, advise a fascinating book and engage subs  through discussion. This will help you increase the engagement of viewers, they will not just watch the content, but also actively participate in the life of the account.

Posting photos and writing long texts in posts is a long-outdated trend. Now, in order to be constantly on trend, you need to use all the opportunities that the site offers. But focus not on quantity, but on quality, monitor readers' reactions to different types of stories to understand what content attracts them.

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