Holy Tortellini! These Are The Very Best Italian Restaurants In Naples FL!

Hungry? Well Italian food is one of the best to satisfy any appetite with pasta, pizza, lasagna, and more, finding the finest is key!

Naples, Florida is the city of constant surprises, while a lot of the area is known for its high end shopping, classy dining, and wonderful culture, it also blends a family friendly and “casual” atmosphere very well. Whether you’re on vacation or a local native, finding food, good food, is a priority for everyone. 

Luckily you’ve come to the right place, Naples, Florida has a truly spectacular selection of restaurants at its disposal, especially Italian restaurants. With so many Italian dishes on the market, knowing where to go for the best of those dishes and great service is a must know! Today we are here to explore the best Italian restaurants in Naples, FL!

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Bringing a new spin on classic in a delicious way!

Pasta with add-ons > Pasta with no add-ons. Image courtesy of the Barbatella Instagram page.

1290 3rd St S | Naples | barbatellanaples.com

Barbatella is bringing the rustic landscapes of Italian regions right to the footsteps of Naples, Florida. This restaurant strives to bring each dish from that Italian region authentically, but also adding their own flare. Giving fresh interpretations to Italian cuisine you may know very well, Barbatella’s ingredients are “Mediterranean in origin and global in connection.” Along with their delicious food, the setting is also top tier, Barbatella has a beautiful courtyard setting with views of the ever popular Third Street South!

Now let’s officially dive into Barbatella’s menu, or should we say menus! Lunch, dinner, happy hour, dessert, kids’s, and daily special menus are all there, ripe for exploring! Here’s a couple highlights from each menu:

  • For lunch, Crispy Calamari and Black Mussel appetizers, Artichoke Caesar and Caprese salads, Regina Margherita and Diavola wood-fired pizza, Grilled Jumbo Shrimp, and Grilled Faroe Island Salmon!
  • For dinner, Lasagna, Bucatini, Lobster Ravioli, Seared Sea Scallops, and Eggplant Parmesan.
  • For happy hour, a selection of wines, draft and bottled beer, and cocktails!
  • For dessert, Creme Brulee, Fresh Mixed Berries, Gelato & Sorbet, and Italian Sundae’s!
  • For the kids menu, penne pasta, crispy chicken fingers, and mac & cheese!

A lot of these items are interchangeable but some only are for specific times of the day, so make sure to check out their website for more information!

“So I'm not a spicy person so everything I ordered had no kick to it which that's how I like it. Food was amazing. Short rib ravioli and the lobster ravioli was done perfectly. Calamari was good, not overly battered. Arancini was very tasty. For desserts, Crème brûlée was phenomenal.” -Yelp Review

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BiCE Ristorante

An upscale Italian restaurant that has white table cloths and terrace setting adding to that elegance.

Beautifully plated dishes = great tasting dishes! Image courtesy of the BiCE Ristorante website.

300 5th Ave S | Naples | bice-naples.com 

With a history spanning over 90 years, BiCE Ristorante has grown and changed a lot, but one thing has stayed the same: food and service that impresses. Multiple locations country wide, this restaurant has evolved a long way from being just a suggestion to the original proprietor, Beatrice Ruggeri, aka Bice. You can learn more about BiCE Ristorante’s expansive history here

The culinary team at BiCE Ristorante prepares everything fresh, from the best locally grown products, and along with that their award winning wine cellar pairs nicely with any creation from the kitchen.

BiCE Ristorante has 3 main menus, the daily brunch, all day, and dessert menu, with a well crafted wine list also available. On the brunch menu they have things like Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Skizza Truffle, Smoked Salmon Bagel, and an Omelet. While the all day menu has the likes of Home Made Baked Eggplant Parmigiana, a variety of salads, Penne Pasta in a Spicy Tomato Sauce Finished with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a full variety of different styles of pasta prepared with that same care and extravagance, well prepared fish, and 8oz Roasted Beef Tenderloin with decedent sauces. 

Their dessert menu has Tiramisu, Creme Brulee, Italian sorbet, and more! With their wine selection, you can pair a drink with any of their meals for a very good time!

“Cool place, really friendly server from Puglia, Italy, very knowledgeable about the menu items. We enjoyed the Caesar salad with anchovies, Belgian endive salad, Branzino, and chicken marsala. Everything tasted great and the service was well paced. Thanks Bice, we will be back!” -Yelp Review

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Caffe dell'Amore

An intimate setting with beautiful decor and amazing Italian flare!

A dish designed to melt in your mouth! Image courtesy of the Caffe dell’Amore Facebook page.

1400 Gulf Shore Blvd N Ste 154 | Naples | caffedellamore.com 

Serving dinner five nights a week, Caffe dell’Amore wanted to bring a piece of Italy to the people of Naples, Florida. Just like in Italy, this establishment is family owned and those very same people are behind the kitchen too. Their menu may be smaller than average, but that doesn't take away from the sheer flavor and delight each dish brings. Dominic and Brian, the owners and chefs, make sure to source the freshest of ingredients, no artificial or pre-made foods, they want the taste to be as real as you can get! 

On their dinner menu they have five parts, part I is appetizers, which has the likes of Prosciutto Chips and Spinach Delize, part II is sides and that has items like hand rolled Meatballs and herb roasted Potatoes. Part III is full of pasta, while part IV is all the meat and seafood lovers dream! Part V is desserts which are perfect for any sweet tooth and finally part VI is beverages to enjoy with your Caffe dell’Amore dish!

“Absolutely incredible food and experience. Felt like we were in Italy. The baked ziti is one of the best things I've ever eaten. Can't believe we've lived here so long and haven't been before- highly recommend” -Yelp Review

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Noodles Italian Cafe & Sushi Bar

A classy yet casual dining experience for those who love great food!

Sauce, herbs, and spices, oh how delicious! Image courtesy of the Noodles Italian Cafe & Sushi Bar Instagram page.

1585 Pine Ridge Rd | Naples | noodlescafe.com 

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, brothers Matt and Seth grew up in a family of cooks who really cared about the quality of food they were eating. Dishes were always served with three things in mind: nutritional, healthy, and great-tasting. After sharpening their skills through years and years of training, Matt and Seth opened their first restaurant in 1991 called Noodles Cafe & Sushi Bar! 

This passionate family restaurant has menus for every occasion, lunch, dinner, happy hour, drinks & dessert, and catering! Their lunch menu has small plates like Italian Calamari, Asian Potstickers, and Italian Bruschetta, their famous creamy tomato & basil soup, Hot Italian Sub and Chicken Genovese Sub, a variety of delicious salads, chicken, seafood, pasta dishes, gourmet personal pizzas, and Asian salads & sushi rolls! 

While their dinner menu has all of those things and more like Italian Meat & Veal, Original Chicken & Seafood Pastas, and plenty more! Noodles Cafe & Sushi Bar has so much food/drinks to offer, you won’t know what to choose! 

“I absolutely love this restaurant!   The food is amazing, the staff is very friendly and professional with a good understanding of their menu.  The environment has a great vibe that suits both younger and older groups.  This is the third time visiting (from CA) and this is definitely a highlight when I am visiting.” -Yelp Review

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La Trattoria

A casual place to get great Italian cuisine right in Naples!

Hot and fresh, always ready to come out of the kitchen! Image courtesy of the La Trattoria Instagram page.

878 5th Ave S | Naples | latrattorianaples.com 

In the heart of downtown Naples, La Trattoria is bringing a sense of family to the people of Naples with its “old world charm.” La Trattoria has brought together a bunch of food geniuses in order to create a restaurant that doesn’t have a weak spot on the menu! They create food built for a foodie, with classics that are made just right to satisfy!

On their dinner menu they have a delightful spread of different foods like, Bruschetta Classica and Polpette snacks, Fritto Misto and Antipasto Italiano appetizers, salads, Margherita, Marinara, and Vegetariana pizzas, Lasagna, Cannelloni Ricotta, and Fettuccine Mare homemade pasta, soups, entrees, and more! With their carefully crafted drink list, you’ll leave having enjoyed a well rounded meal!

“Yummy, fresh, and authentic! I love that this place is centrally located and has such a a nice vibe. I loved eating here! We had a white pizza, caccio e pepe, Caesar salad, and salad with filet mignon. Everything was very well cooked and tasty. I would definitely come back!” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

Osteria Tulia

A Naples hotspot that makes classic Italian in a rustic environment!

Pizza, pizza, and pizza perfect for a pizza craving! Image courtesy of the Osteria Tulia Instagram page.

466 5th Ave S | Naples | osteriatulia.com 

Born in Sicily, bred in Milwaukee, Chef and Partner Vincenzo Betulia had a lifelong dream to create something spectacular and in 2013 after training with some of the best, he did that with opening up Osteria Tulia! Drawing from the simplicity of Italian fare, Osteria Tulia offers plenty when it comes to their food, now along with their ambience, it ties together to create an awesome restaurant.

 With their unique blend of great service and good food, Osteria Tulia has become very popular among the Naples area, and has won many awards for its efforts!

Their lunch menu has the likes of Caramelized Brussel Sprouts, Sicilian Meatballs, Tuna Crudo, pizzas, Faroe Island Salmon entree, Stracci and Spaghetti Chitarra pasta, salads, and Grilled Chicken and Roast Turkey sandwiches. While the dinner menu has those dishes with more/less added to create even more opportunities with good food! With a drink list that completes everything, Osteria Tulia has plenty to experience!

“Run, don't walk to the restaurant!!! Especially gluten free folk. They make their gluten free pasta in house. Cooked to perfection. Wait staff is amazing, especially Amanda. She made the experience that much better!!!!  New favorite!” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

Pasta, pizza, lasagna, and more, Italian is a blend of foods that leaves you happy and warm. These restaurants are all ready to provide that in spades, with Naples being a very popular town Italian food is everywhere so you can’t go wrong with this list or more options out there. The best Italian restaurants in Naples, FL have been found, so go get to enjoy great cuisine!

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