9 Rave-Worthy Restaurants in Sonora, CA

Here’s A List of Some of the Great Restaurants You Can Find In Sonora, California!

Hello and welcome to my article on great places you can find to eat around Sonora, California. I’ll try to give you a link to their website and menu when I can. But not all of the restaurants on the list today have a strong online presence so I’ll at least give you a link to their Facebook page. And of course I’ll list their address so that way you can find your way to the front door when something pops out at you. And if a restaurant offers them, I’ll also give you a link so you can get a digital GiftYa gift card in just seconds.

If you’ve never used GiftYa before I find they make a great choice when you are trying to budget your money or give a gift. For instance, since you can buy the digital gift card in just seconds, you can have the money you will be spending on a night out already out of your bank account and you won’t have to worry about doing so much mental math in your head. Since you can pay for the night out in advance, you can worry a lot less and relax more. You aren’t worried about how much you're spending that night because it’s already been spent.

But enough about how GiftYa can make a great budgeting tool. Here’s that list of great restaurants around Sonora that you were looking for!

1 - Yoshoku

A Great Place for Japanese Food In Sonora

70 W Stockton St | Sonora | yoshokuonlineorder.shopsettings.com

Yoshoku is one of the most popular restaurants you can find around Sonora, California. And the thing that makes them so popular is that they serve out of this world ramen, poke, and bubble tea. And if your world is anything like mine, you have seen the explosion of popularity in bubble tea over just the past few years. And not only do they offer fantastic bubble tea, they also have tons of great Japanese style ramen.

They have over 15 different styles of ramen noodle bowls that you can choose from. And they have everything from spicy pork to vegetarian friendly options. This place also has tons of great poke and rice bowls as well. There are all kinds of fish and shrimp bowls, but you can also get a great vegetarian bowl or chicken teriyaki bowl as well. This is all around my number one choice of restaurant in Sonora if you are craving some incredible flavors and a filling meal for lunch or dinner one day. They have a four and a half star rating with tons of reviews in, so you can be sure they will be great no matter when you stop by.

“Stopped in for some warm ramen on a chilly day.  Very friendly staff. Ramen with pork belly was so good. Give them a try. .” - Yelp Review

2 - Taqueria Sonora

The Best Place for Mexican Food In Sonora

74 S Washington St | Sonora | zmenu.com/taqueria-sonora-sonora-online-menu

Taqueria Sonora (as the name might have told you) is a great place for Mexican and Latin American food when you are in Sonora. It’s harder to find incredible Mexican food anywhere in the country than it is in places like Texas and California. So if you are in the area on vacation you owe it to yourself to try some while you’re here. And don’t worry, they’ll have all kinds of the classics that you love.

They have tons of burritos, quesadillas, and tacos that you can order. And the nice thing is that you get a very filling meal for the price you pay for. Unfortunately they don’t have a super robust online presence so I can’t take you to their website, but the link up there will take you to their menu if you want to check it out for yourself!

“Their burritos are by far my favorites in town but all of their food is great. Fast service even when they're busy. Love this place!” - Yelp Review

3 - Pinocchio's

You Can Get Incredible Italian Food, Sandwiches, and Gelato At Pinocchio’s

736 Mono Way | Sonora | pinocchiositalianrestaurant.com

If you are looking for great Italian food in Sonora then you are definitely going to want to stop in at Pinocchio’s while you are in town. The current owners are the fourth generation of the family to be running the business. They first started in Los Angeles in 1939. And now here they are almost 100 years later to serve you incredible oven baked sandwiches, salads, and pasta all made with homemade sauces.

They’ve been at the Sonora Plaza since 1997 which is impressive all on its own. And in the over 25 years they’ve been open at this location they have built quite the reputation for themselves. Not only do they have out of this world food for lunch and dinner, they also have incredible gelato for when you want to treat your sweet tooth.

And if you have never had Italian gelato before, it’s like ice cream's final form. It is without a doubt one of my favorite desserts and you would be remiss if you passed up an opportunity to try it at a fourth generation family owned Italian restaurant.

“Fantastic small Italian eatery! Just stayed overnight in Sonora after camping in Gold country.  Craving Italian and found this restaurant. Food was excellent and service was great. Will come again next time we're in town.” - Yelp Review

4 - Diamondback Grill

A Great Family Run Restaurant With Hand-Crafted Food

93 S Washington St | Sonora | diamondbackgrillsonora.com

If you are looking to just enjoy a great American style meal at a nice restaurant with wonderful wine then the Diamondback Grill is going to be the spot for you. They are located in historic downtown Sonora in an elegant Gold Rush era building. They started over thirty years ago in 1991 in a very small 25-seat diner in town.

But over the years they have been so successful, and have built such a reputation for themselves, that they were able to move in the summer of 2007 to their current location that can seat three times as many patrons as their original location. And even though they took on three times the work, there was no drop in quality and they continued to be successful. Their made from scratch and hand-crafted food is so good that you’ll see farmers and lawyers sitting arm to arm and biting into an incredible burger or one of the nightly specials.

“Fabulous. Fast friendly service. The place was packed but I got a table immediately. Ribeye was perfect medium” - Yelp Review

5 - The Service Station

A Great Bar That Also Has Fantastic Food In Nearby Jamestown

18242 Main St | Jamestown | jamestownservicestation.com

If you want to have a night of great food paired with great drinks then you are going to want to give The Service Station a try. It’s just a couple minutes drive from Sonora in nearby Jamestown. And it’s well worth the short commute. You can expect to get all kinds of fantastic bar style American food. You can get classics like burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, fish and chips, and pulled pork sandwiches.

You can also get other great options like warm farro salad, spinach salad, and veggie burgers. Which I think makes them a really accessible option for everybody. If you happen to have a picky eater in your dining party, then this would certainly be my first choice of places to dine in Sonora for you. They have so many classic meals that I’m sure they’ll have something that appeals to everybody!

“My wife and I just visited The Service Station for the first time.We have found a new favorite place to dine.Debbie and the rest of the crew were absolutely fantastic.They made us feel like we were regulars .Food was incredible.A must place to dine. Thank you Steve and Marnie” - Yelp Review

6 - Sonora Thai Cuisine

The Best Place for Thai Food In Sonora

51 S Washington St | Sonora | facebook.com/sonorathaicuisine

If you weren’t in the mood for Yoshoku, but are still craving a taste from the east, then I would highly recommend you give Sonora Thai Cuisine a try. They have all the classics like pad thai, spring rolls, and a whole variety of different currys. And if you have never tried Thai food before it’s worth mentioning that it is widely regarded as being delicious due to its use of contrasting flavors.

For example you get plenty of spicy meats with a sweet sauce. Thai food is also very widely known for its use of peanut sauce. So if you’ve ever had a salad or sandwich out and about that was using peanut sauce, it was probably based on Thai food. Overall I think this is a great choice for people who love Thai food and also for people who have never tried it before. They don’t have a super strong online presence and have still racked up a four star rating with a couple hundred reviews in.

“Dined during overnight stay at Sonora on the way to snow tubing at Leland. Service was quick, friendly staff, food was great.My family of 2 Adults and 2 kids enjoyed very much!! Highly recommend!!” - Yelp Review

7 - Sonora Brewing

A Great Place for Burgers and Craft Beer

28 S Washington St | Sonora | facebook.com/Sonora-Brewing-Company

Sonora Brewing is going to be the spot for you in Sonora if you are hoping to have a great burger and a great beer. But they offer more than just burgers of course. They have fish tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, fish and chips and all kinds of other pub classics that you are in the mood for. If you don’t want to make the drive to Jamestown to go to The Service Station then this is going to be my number one pick if you are hoping to have some good food and some great beer too.

“Great food. Awesome beer. And dog friendly. What more could your ask for. Great place. Next time we're are in the area, we will definitely be back.” - Yelp Review

8 - Round Table Pizza

A Great Spot to Get A Pizza Delivered In Sonora

Grab yourself a Round Table Pizza gift card by using this link!

Image courtesy of Round Table Pizza on Yelp.

154 W Stockton St | Sonora | ordering.roundtablepizza.com

Listen, I know that sometimes you don’t want to go through the trouble of making dinner one night. Maybe you’re too busy. Or maybe you forgot to get something out to thaw. Well not to worry because Round Table Pizza has you covered with excellent pizza and cheap delivery prices. So if you don’t want to cook, but don’t feel like going out to a sit down restaurant then you are going to want to place an order at Round Table Pizza and get a great meal for yourself, or the whole family!

“Good place to get pizza, its a quiet spot downtown and if u want it delivered and ur close to town its only 3 bucks more” - Yelp Review

You can easily get a digital Round Table Pizza gift card by using the link!

9 - Applebee’s

A Popular National Chain That Features Classic American Food

Grab an Applebee’s gift card by following the link!

851 Sanguinetti Rd | Sonora | applebees.com

I’m guessing most of you out there are familiar with Applebee’s, but just in case somebody out there has never been to one, I’ll try to explain it real quick. They are a lunch and dinner chain that is famous for its happy hour, its appetizers, and classic American entrees. It can be a great place for a low-key dinner out, or a place to meet up before your night on the town to enjoy some half price drinks and appetizers during happy hour!

“Great service Very clean Good food All around! We always stop when we come to Sonora.” - Yelp Review

Anybody can get an Applebee’s gift card from GiftYa in just seconds by following the link!

And there you go dear internet reader. That concludes my list of restaurants you can find around Sonora, California. I’m guessing for those of you who live in Sonora, this probably didn’t discover anything too new for you. But for anybody who is planning a trip or vacation to the area, I would like to think I got a good variety of great options on this list. And if you are looking for more to do around Sonora then be sure to check out our other article on the great activities you can find around the Sonora area!

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