Grab a Pint or a Flight At One of These 6 Breweries in Orlando

Pizza and Beer or A Flight or Beer and Small Snacks

Visiting local breweries has become increasingly popular in recent years -- especially beer tastings which commonly include a flight or four beers of your choice. Orlando is home to a number of breweries that each specialize in different types of brews. We have picked out six local breweries that have peaked our interest for a few reasons -- amazing backstories, organic ingredients, different specializations, and guest reviews. There is a beer for everyone to be found in our list, that we can promise you. So, the next time you’re in Orlando, stop and try out one of these local hits and try some of the small plates on their menu!

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1. Dead Lizard Brewing Co.

Homemade Brews and a Small Cafe Menu Accompaniment 

Two pints for the perfect pair. Image courtesy of Yelp.

4507 36th St Building C | Orlando |

Dead Lizard Brewing Company began in a garage by third generation brewer, Richard Dine. He brewed his first beer with his father over 27 years ago, and the rest was history. The passion for brewing quickly grew as he shared his beers with friends, family, and co-workers. The simple garage setup then transformed into an entire home brewery that took up every inch of the garage, and it was filled with fermenters that always contained a new recipe. This went on until the day came when he decided to open his very own brewery. 

Now you may be wondering, how did the fabulous name “Dead Lizard” come about? Well, during a long day of mowing a two acre lot, Richard encountered two petrified lizards on his back porch -- baked in the sun, per say. These two lizards were curled into a convenient yin and yang symbol, thus the epiphany had occurred and Dead Lizard had officially come to life. 

So, what’s on tap? Dead Lizard offers a number of namesake correlating beers from Key Lime Chameleon Cream-Sic-Ale to Komodo “KoKo” Dragon Chocolate Stout and Gila Monster Chocolate Coffee Stout. They also have craft brewed sours, IPAs, stouts, shandys, and hard seltzers. They also have a small cafe menu with other appropriately named lizard meal options. 

“Always amazing service, amazing beer, and fantastic vibes. The owner Rich is very friendly and recognizes people who frequent his brewery which is awesome. We send friends and customers here as it is our favorite brewery in Orlando.” - Yelp Review 

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2. Orlando Brewing 

The Only USDA Certified Organic Brewery East of Colorado

Flight of hand-crafted brews. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1301 Atlanta Ave | Orlando |

With rough beginnings right after the 2000s hit, John Cheek and Ed Canty decided to go into business together to restart the company. However, after only three months, the team was informed that their location was to be turned over to the Florida Department of Transportation under an eminent domain provision.

Over the next year, as the new location was built, they decided to change the direction of their brewery. The new motto -- brew what they wanted to drink, and they wanted to drink the best. Their new commitment was to make the highest quality ales and lagers. Highest quality to them meant they needed to brew in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516 while only using organic ingredients -- the four according to the Purity Law are water, yeast, hops, and malted barley. In 2006, they were certified USDA organic and are the only organic brewery east of Colorado. 

On their beer menu, they offer a list of regular and seasonal certified organic beers as well as non-certified organic beers. 

“First off, I love that all the beers made here are organic. Second off, they have an amazing variety of beers. I couldn't choose just one. I had a couple samples of a few that were all so good it was hard to choose.” - Yelp Review 

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3. Ellipsis Brewing 

Independently Owned Microbrewery With a Tasting Room

Flight in adorable glasses. Image courtesy of Yelp.

7500 Tpc Blvd #8 | Orlando |

With Ellipsis Brewery, a five gallon homebrew kit became a ten gallon system until they reached the current set up they have today. The system is comprised of a 10-barrel brew house with five 10 bbl fermentation tanks and one 10bbl bright tank. Combined, the brewery and taproom are about 7,500 square feet. The brewery can be viewed by guests through double glass doors. 

Ellipsis gained its name from the significance of the punctuation -- to leave something out but continue on. The company chose it because it signifies their love and passion for beer. Their current tap menu includes sours, chocolatey delight stouts, IPAs, hard seltzers, and one porter. 

“Always great service and beer selection. They make great sours, IPAs, and BA stouts.  Large cafeteria style environment, prior to covid could get a little loud, now not so much.  Def a nice spot to grab a beer with friends.” - Yelp Review 

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4. Ten10 Brewing Co. 

Craft Brewery With a Kitchen Menu and Something for Everyone

Flight views. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1010 Virginia Dr | Orlando |

A new local hit, Ten10 first opened its doors at the end of July in 2015. However, the name and concept was founded by partners Mike Wallace and Patrick Mcpherson in 2014. Their goal was simple -- provide guests with the best in hand-crafted beer. They offer a variety of styles and flavors in hopes that there is something for everyone. After four years of operation, guests have become family, and quite the large family. 

They offer beers and a food menu which includes a breakfast anytime selection, sandwiches, house-made hot dogs, snacks, specials, and sides. The Ten10 nachos are a staple for newbies. Their current beers on tap include ale, cider, dark, stout, lager, wheat, and non-alcoholic. 

“Awesome spot to enjoy some unique and delicious craft beer plus their food is so good! I love sitting at the bar here to enjoy a few drinks. On my recent visit I had a coffee stout and a pumpkin spice latte beer. Both were delicious!” - Yelp Review 

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5. RockPit Brewing 

Two Food Menus and a Variety of Craft Beer and Hard Seltzers

Bacon and cheese tots with a beer. Image courtesy of Yelp.

10 W Illiana St | Orlando |

Rockpit Brewing was founded by Chris Rock, Jeremy Pittman, Sean Burke, and Ed Clark. Rock is the master builder who helped to put together all of the tables in the building and Pittman is the brewer who makes all the beers they offer. Sean is the financial manager who ensures bills and crew members are paid and Clark is their international man of mystery. The rest of the team is dedicated to serving and accommodating guests with craft beer and delicious food. 

They have two food options -- Fleur D’Elise French Quarter Cuisine and Cecil’s BBQ menu. They have 20 taps in their taproom that are filled with in-house craft beer and hard seltzers. Overall, customers say that there is something for everyone at Rockpit. 

“We've been back A TON of times since our initial visit. They've got it ah now!! Game night, bingo, kids friendly high chairs, YES! Their wings are my fave, and I usually get a side of fries to split with the table.” - Yelp Review 

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6. Redlight Redlight 

Specializing in Sours and Wild Beers But With a Variety of Other Beers

Flights in growlers. Image courtesy of Yelp.

2810 Corrine Dr | Orlando |

Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour began on April 7th, 2014, and today includes a 50 liter brew house, three 14 gallon temperature controlled fermentors, and five oak barrels that are used as fermenters. Their specialty is sour and wild beers, among other options and they have won awards in sour and stout categories. 

Currently, Redlight Redlight is asking guests to purchase a growler and sample beers this way -- this is to maintain safety precautions. Their full beer list is 22 pages long and can be viewed on their website. Currently, their food list is small, and most guests recommend that you visit and have a few beers while waiting for dinner reservations.

“Wow! Just wow! This place is awesome! They have an entire book of beers from all over the world. If you are looking for hard to find beers this is the place. I went for a beer from Germany, Aventinus. This had notes of Banana, Raisins, and Licorice!” - Yelp Review 

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Whether you want a flight solely consisting of sours or some chocolatey, coffee delights -- there is a brewery on this list for you. Who knows, you might even become a family member at one of these spots.

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