Give Love a Chance at One of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Orlando

First Date Jitters Got You Nervous? Let the Restaurants Do the Talking

From the first date to finally popping the question to celebrating your first or twentieth or fiftieth anniversary, romance is the key to making a good impression that will help a relationship to last a lifetime. If you’re not sure what the best way to romance your date is, though, you always have the option of letting a beautiful, romantic restaurant sort out the romancing for you. All you have to do is show up and be yourself. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the most romantic restaurants in Orlando where you can give love a chance this week.


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Chatham’s Place Restaurant

 Caption. Image courtesy of Chatham’s Place Restaurant Instagram

7575 Dr Phillips Blvd. | Dr. Phillips |

What’s the best way to woo your date whether it’s your first date or you’ve been together for over fifty years now? Why, treat them to the kind of dining experience that you’ll only experience a few times throughout your life!

At Chatham’s place, the experience that they’ll provide for you and your date is truly one of a kind. Everything - from their service to their decor to the flavors of their food and even to the presentation of that food is paid such careful attention.

Your date is going to be treated like absolute royalty here, so as long as you hold up your end of the deal and make sure to be your most charming self throughout the dinner, you’ll be in good hands to woo your date whether it’s for the first time or all over again.

“This is probably one of the best, and most romantic, upscale restaurants I've ever been to. They pay such attention to every little detail in their service...and you're treated like absolute royalty during the entirety of service.” - Yelp Review

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Kres Chophouse

Caption. Image courtesy of Kres Chophouse Instagram


Address: 17 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32801

Neighborhood: Downtown

Hoping to bring a little blast from the past to this week’s date night? Kres Chophouse has come forward to pair the best parts of history and modernity into one extraordinary experience of dining in the Downtown Orlando area.

There are three main tenets of their mission: source, service, and style. They source as many of the ingredients described in their menu in-house or from local fishers and farms; they aim to provide the most professional service possible; and they bring the style by decorating their 1930’s era building with modern decor.

Stop by to enjoy some of the best steakhouse fare in all of Orlando. From their prime beef which is aged in-house and cut to your specific order to the fish that they source daily from local fishers, this is a steakhouse like none you’ve ever experienced before.

“Have you ever had a meal so good that you wanted to cry? Kres did that for me. My husband and I chose Kres as our anniversary dinner choice on our trip from Jacksonville.” - Yelp Review

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Chef’s Table at Edgewater

Caption. Image courtesy of Facebook


Address: 99 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Neighborhood: West Orlando

If your partner is one of those people who’s always wanted to go to a high-end restaurant where the chef will come out to talk to you about your meal but never had the chance to, this is your chance to impress them.

Chef’s Table at Edgewater, located just a few minutes drive away from all of the theme parks scattered throughout Orlando, offers you one of those dining experiences that would be almost impossible to pass up on.

Whether you’ve made a reservation to enjoy a prepared meal in the dining room or you’re just dropping by to enjoy some tapas and drinks in the tasting room, the chef here at Chef’s Table at Edgewater loves to come out and talk to guests about the food he’s prepared. You’ll even have the chance to peek your head around the corner of the dining room to see the kitchen in action!

“I took my husband there for his birthday and it was everything I had heard about and expected! What a wonderful, intimate experience! The food was top notch (my husband is a former chef) and there was no rush.” - Yelp Review

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Nona Blue Modern Tavern

Caption. Image courtesy of Nona Blue Modern Tavern Instagram


Address: 9685 Lake Nona Village Pl, Orlando, FL 32827

Neighborhood: Lake Nona

The best romantic settings are all about the lighting. Most certifiably romantic restaurants will take the typical lighting of a restaurant and dim the switches until there’s just enough light to feel like you and your date are surrounded by a warm glow of firelight.

Here at Nona Blue Modern Tavern, however, they’ve taken this standard of dim lighting and turned it blue! That’s right: not only will you be treated to the quiet and romantic ambiance of dim lights while you enjoy your meal together, but you’ll also be bathed in blue at the same time.

A lot of the food on their menu isn’t exactly what you’d call fork-and-knife food, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. Enjoy their beloved French Quarter Penne Pasta Bowl or tuck your napkin into the collar of your shirt to enjoy a veggie burger.

“The ambience inside and outside this business is absolutely beautiful. It was calm, elegant, and sophisticated - cozy and dim lighting any time of day.” - Yelp Review

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A Land Remembered

 Caption. Image courtesy of Facebook


Address: 9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Neighborhood: I-Drive

Is your date someone who notoriously loves literature and anything relating to literature? Well, what better place would there be to bring them for your date than a restaurant that is entirely themed after a piece of literature.

Whether you’ve read A Land Remembered or not, this restaurant is the quintessential experience for anyone who’s ever wanted to enjoy a meal set in the same place that their favorite book is set in.

Named after a book of the same title, A Land Remembered uses fresh and exquisite ingredients to create meals reminiscent of the ones featured in the novel’s early frontier Floridian setting. You can enjoy some of the best beef that Florida has to offer here, as well as fresh seafood that will make your mouth water as soon as you read about it on the menu.

“If you are looking for an exquisite steak for dinner this is the place to go to. A fancy restaurant good for a special occasion or just in the mood for a good steak kinda night.” - Yelp Review

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Itta Bena

Caption. Image courtesy of Itta Bena Instagram


Address: 9101 International Dr, Ste 2210, Orlando, FL 32819

Neighborhood: I-Drive

What’s a romantic night out on the town if not a dining experience with the intimacy that you could only ever know at a hidden gem of a restaurant? Itta Bena is exactly that - a hidden gem situated at the rear of an old architecturally New Orlean building.

Featuring dim lighting, delicious food, and live piano music playing during most nights of the week, you can’t really go wrong with a romantic dinner spent here. Enjoy the jazzy twists on classical tunes while you chow down on some of the best food in Orlando.

With a menu self-described as “contemporary southern cuisine,” you can find just about anything for you and your date to enjoy here at Itta Bena. From scallops and grits to BBQ shrimp, their small plates have a wide array of southern comfort food that will make your mouth water.

“I've been here for my birthday's really nice.  The food is outstanding and really good drinks.  Intimate ambiance.  Piano playing made us get up and dance in the aisle.” - Yelp Review

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Whether you’re gearing up to take someone you’re interested in out for your first date or you’re looking to find a special way to celebrate an anniversary with your long-time partner, there are no shortage of romantic restaurants in Orland. These are some of the best ones. Let us knoew which restaurant led to one of your most successful dates in a while in the comments below!

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