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Depression is a sensitive but important topic to talk about. It’s way more common than the average person may think, in fact the HeathLine says the World Health Organization (WHO) reported “about 280 million people worldwide have depression, including 5% of the world’s adults and 5.7% of adults above age 60.” Depression has been heavily stigmatized over the years but only in recent years have seen more and more people standing up and openly talking about their struggles with it. 

Just like working out your arms, legs, and abs in the gym is important for your health, working your brain out is just as, or maybe even more, important. The brain is like a muscle and it’s good to “train” it by talking through and practicing mental health exercises often. Now anyone who has had or currently deals with depression knows that there isn’t a “gift” that will magically make it all better, if there was well, we wouldn’t need to write this article. But there are some gifts that can help improve your overall being so maybe the darkness isn’t so dark. We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for someone with depression that might be helpful.

If you or a loved one is struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts or ideations call or text the National Mental Health Crisis Line: 988

Unfortunately you may not be able to always be in person with the loved one you know is struggling. But if you still want to help then you can send them a virtual gift via a GiftYa eGift card. GiftYa is a website and mobile app that has thousands of gift cards for restaurants, famous retailers, online services, stores, and subscriptions, spas, and more. You can text or email them a GiftYa gift card all within a few minutes. Add a personalized message on the card showing them that you’re there and ready to help whenever you can- even in the form of a silly digital card.

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Take the first small baby steps to bettering your mental health…

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As we mentioned in the intro, the stigma around talking about depression has been heavy, but in recent years many mental health advocates have taken the initiative to dissolve that stigma by openly discussing it. But we understand that not everyone is ready to jump immediately into sharing their trauma, thoughts, and feelings with the world, so that’s why we recommend taking a small step into the world of hopefully helping those feelings through downloading a mental health app like Calm. 

  • Calm or is an app you can download on your phone that has so many resources to help improve one’s mental health. They’ve got meditations, stories, music, soundscapes, and other tools to bring a bit of a routine into someone’s life. Even if it’s not helping right off the bat, establishing a daily “to-do” list involving the healthy practices on the Calm app is a great way to get started in your healing journey. 

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In no particular order or category we have a list of gift ideas that might be beneficial for your loved one who needs a little extra care:

Weighted Blanket(s)

Weighted blankets have become more popular over the last few years. With many who have mental health problems advocating for them and those who suffer from insomnia finding an improvement in their sleeping patterns, it’s safe to assume that this gift might help those who are up in the wee hours of the night get a more restful sleep. In fact, according to Healthline, “In the study, 120 people received either a light blanket or a weighted chain blanket. After 4 weeks, those who used the weighted blanket had less insomnia and reduced fatigue, depression, or anxiety during the day.” Here is a few different weighted blankets at varying weights to try out:

  • From Luna, the “🏆 Winner of 2023 & 2024 Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Award 🏆” Classic Cooling Cotton Weighted Blanket comes in seventeen different colors and has three options for weight and four sizes: 10lbs Queen, 15lbs Queen, 20lbs Queen, and 20lbs King. There is no set price as every size and color changes the total but the range is $65 to $110.
  • Made from 100% cotton, the Bearaby Knitted Weighted Blanket comes in five colors and has three options for weight and size: 10 lbs (40”x64”), 15 lbs (40”x72”), and 20 lbs (45”x72”). The 10lb blanket is $199, the 15lb blanket is $249, and the 20lb blanket is $259.
  • Just like the first couple steps into talking about and managing depression should be taken with care, the weighted blanket world also has a good “starter” blanket and it’s the YnM Exclusive Cooling Weighted Blanket from Amazon which comes in thirty-two patterns and colors and has a ton of options for weights and sizes. Here’s a size chart courtesy of Amazon and YnM you can view to get the best idea:
Prices also vary depending on the color, pattern, size, and weight of the blanket, but the typical price range found on Amazon is $39 to $79.

Essential Oils

Again, unfortunately there isn’t an end-all, cure-all for depression, but there are products like essential oils that can help with symptoms. Essential oils and essential oil diffusers are a great little tool used to promote relaxation and calm anxiety and the mind. There are a lot of scents that are used to treat depression symptoms, some of the more popular and “go-to” ones are: lavender, bergamot orange, jasmine, sandalwood, and ginger. There are a lot of essential oil brands out there, here’s a few to pursue:

Light Therapy Lamp(s)

There’s been many products invented and made in the last few years to help with stress, anxiety, and depression. And light therapy lamps are one of those products. A light therapy lamp is a special lamp that gives off a light to help boost your mood. Improving symptoms of S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder), depression, and other mood-altering mental health problems. Now this isn’t a proven science, but some suspect that the bright light from these lamps may stimulate the same effects one would have while under the sun. 

  • The Carex Health Brands Sunlite Bright Light Therapy Lamp on sale for $47.24 at Amazon is a great “beginner” light therapy lamp. If you’re not sure how you’ll respond and want something both budget-friendly and easy to figure out then this light will do the trick. 
  • And if you’re looking for one that’s been around for a while then you might want to check out HappyLight Therapy Lamps & Boxes from Verilux. They have a few different products to pick from but for today we will recommend their HAPPYLIGHT® Luxe for $69.99 which gives off 10,000 LUX.
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No matter how long the tunnel is- there’s always a light at the end of it.

Journals, Self-Help Books, and Coloring

Saying your innermost feelings outloud can be scary, even when it has nothing to do with your mental health. There is often a lot of pressure we put on ourselves and when it’s time to speak about it, it can be difficult. But one thing that isn’t as scary and difficult is writing your feelings. Even if it has nothing to do with your mood, write about your day and eventually you’ll find yourself writing about how you feel before you even know it.

  • The Journal Shop sells, well, journals, along with a bunch of writing essentials and they have a great collection of Vegan Leather Journals at affordable prices you can gift your friends. Their CIAK Classic Notebook A5 (Plain, Dots, Lined) is on sale for $21.00 and it comes in eight different colors along with three different paper types: plain, dots, and lined numbered pages.

Another possibly scary and difficult thing is acknowledging your mental health and taking steps to better it by reading about it. But there are a ton of great books out there from experienced professionals and others who’ve suffered from depression sharing their journey, tips, tricks, and insights into all things depression and mental health. Here’s a few books highly rated by many:

It may at first seem a bit silly, but in actuality it can be super helpful. Coloring books are a way to relieve stress and take us out of our heads for a while. In fact, you can suggest coloring while listening to any of the books we’ve listed above, watching a comfort show or movie, and/or take the coloring book outside in the sun for a bit.

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Talking to your loved ones with openness and understanding is an easy way to help.

Quality Time & Activities

Depression can really make one feel as though they are drowning in the ocean, but what they can’t see is the people that love them are on a life raft just a little ways away ready to help. An easy gift to get them is something personal to your relationship. Whether it be a photo album of the two of you, your family, and friends, or offering to be with them for a bit. 

You can suggest the two of you go out to a museum or maybe even a class of some kind like cooking or painting. Small activities to help get them out of their own head for a bit with someone they know and love. This is less of a physical gift and more of an idea to hopefully help uplift your loved one. Plus you both could end up with a new routine that will strengthen their resolve to take steps to get the help they need.

There is only so much one can do to help someone with depression, but hopefully these gift ideas will be the small steps the person can take to open up and talk to a therapist, friend, or family member.

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