Gift Ideas for Someone Going Through A Hard Time

All The Little Ways You Can Help Ease Their Burden

It’s always tough when somebody you care about is going through a hard time. Mostly because you empathize with their pain or struggles and just want there to be something you could do to make it easier on them. However, there is often not a lot that can be done to actually make the situation easier for the person, many types of grief simply need the time to run their course. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to cheer them up. In fact, in this post today I am going to give you a list of 10 great gifts you can get for somebody going through a hard time. And I tried to get a variety of options on this list so that way there would be something affordable for anybody who is on any type of budget. And to make your life even easier I will be sure to include an easy to use link any time you can use one of our GiftYa gift cards to get one of the gifts on the list.

If you are new to GiftYa then you can find out everything you need to know by checking out the video on this page. But if you don’t have the time to open a new tab and watch a video I will try to explain real quick. A GiftYa is essentially a gift card that exists in a purely digital format. And that format comes with a whole slew of benefits that you don’t get with other gift cards. You can buy and send them wirelessly in just a couple of clicks and you can count on the recipient receiving them on time every time because GiftYa will instantly text them right to the recipient’s phone. And GiftYa has partnered with 1000s of national brands all across the country. So you can always find the perfect gift card for any situation!

But I will wrap up the introduction here and get right to that list of great gift ideas for someone who is going through a hard time. And as always, thank you so much for reading!

1 - Care Packages.

You Can FInd Tons of Unique Care Packages to Send on Etsy

care packages that make great gifts for someone going through a hard time
A care package makes a great gift for someone going through a hard time. Image courtesy of

If you know somebody going through a hard time then you could take the time to send them a gift basket or a care package. The nice thing about these is that in this day and age there are so many options to choose from when you are looking for care packages that you’re bound to find one that will be perfect for the person you know that’s going through a hard time. I would be sure to check out Etsy first and foremost for this kind of thing because you are pretty likely to find it personalized which adds just a little special touch to the gift and will really cheer the person up that you went through the effort to find the perfect care package for them. And you have so many options to choose from. You can get them a care package with their favorite chocolates and a box of their favorite tea, or you can get them a care package with a bottle of wine and some candles in some of their favorite scents. And it’s that level of customization that puts the care package at the number one spot on the list!

2 - Calm

This One Can Literally Help Improve Their Mental Health While They Are Going Through A Hard Time

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Calm is an app/service that specializes in all kinds of options to help put your mind at ease and to help you let go of your stress and anxiety. It has everything from white noise to nature sounds that you can take with you everywhere on your smartphone. So that way you can always access the right thing that calms you down no matter where you are. And Calm even offers guided meditations so it is really great for people who have never meditated before but could benefit from giving it a try. And Calm even has guided sleep meditations that help you fall asleep faster and sleep better all night long. And I think we can all agree that there’s nothing better for your mental health than a good night's sleep!

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3 - Take Them Out to Dinner At One of Their Favorite Restaurants

A Great Meal Will Scientifically Make Them Feel Better

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A great meal is literally a scientific way to help lift someone's spirits when they are going through a hard time. When you eat food your body releases all kinds of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and more. Which means that when you eat food (especially healthy food) your brain releases all the feel good chemicals in your brain. So it’s a scientific fact that taking somebody out for a phenomenal meal will definitely help lift their spirits. And I mean really what’s the worst that happens? They get to eat a great meal and it only makes them feel a little better? They still had a great meal so something positive comes out of this option no matter what.

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4 - Barnes & Noble

THere Are Many Great Books That Can Help Guide Somebody Who Is Grieving

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barnes and noble gift card

IF you really want to help out the person you know that is going through a hard time by getting them a gift then you can’t go wrong with getting them a book that will help guide them through their grief, sorrow, or disappointment in a healthy way and process it in a healthy way as well. And that makes the whole process easier because you are never taught in school what to do when you are grieving. And you are never taught in school what to do and how to feel better when somebody you love passes away. So help them better process their turmoil byu helping them be educated and well-informed so that way they are ready to deal with their trauma in the healthiest way possible which will help speed up the recovery process for them

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5 - Get Them A Gift Card to Make Their Day A Little Easier

Anything That Makes Their Day More Convenient Helps

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happy women talking

If you just know that they are in that kind of funk or depression where they aren’t even getting out of bed for a couple days. Well help make their whole hibernation period a lot more attainable by getting them a gift card to UberEats or DoorDash. And that way they can just order food when they are too depressed to get up and make themselves dinner. AT least this way they won’t have a bag of Doritos for dinner and will eat some actuarial food, which will just have to help make their day a little better right?

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6 - ULTA Beauty

A Great Gift for A Woman That’s Going Through A Hard Time

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ulta beatuy

Fellas, if your girlfriend or wife is going through a hard time then one surefire gift to help lift their spirits is a makeover or spay day. You can hook them up with a gift card to Ulta Beauty where they can have a professional makeover done, and then you can have enough extra loaded on the card so she can buy any of the products they used so that way she can recreate the look at home. And then this gift can help lift her spirits time and time again. I mean look good, feel good right?

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7 - Bath & Body Works

A Great Way to Help Spruce Up Their Home

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bath and body works

Bath and Body works is a great place to put together a care package of your own. You can get everything from body washes and lotions to air fresheners and candles. So you can put together a basket filled with all sorts of stuff that are their favorite scents and then your gift will really brighten up their whole home. And brightening up their home will certainly help cheer them up when they are going through a hard time.

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8 - Yankee Candle

You Can Get Personalized Candles That Just Show Your Thinking of Them

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yankee candle giftya

Another great option if you just want to brighten up their living space is to get them some personalized Candles from Yankee Candle. You can get these for like five bucks and you get to pick out the scent for each one and also pick out a custom photo to make the front label on the candle jar. So pick out a couple of their favorite scents and three photos you know will cheer them up and you can put together a nice little set of candles for them to just help brighten their day up a little each time they see them.

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9 - Visa

A Great Way to Help Out Some Going Through A Hard Time

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If you just want to be able to help them out in the most general sense possible. Like just help with whatever it is they need, then you can get them one of these prepaid Visa gift cards≥ The great thing about these cards is that they are accepted everywhere that accepts Visa. So that means your friend or family member can use this card to shop wherever they want for whatever they need. Whether it's the local independent bookstore or they need to order something on AMazon a Visa gift card will have them covered.

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And There You Have 10 Great Gift Ideas for Someone Going Through A Hard Time!

I hope something on the list looks like the perfect option for the person in your life that is going through a hard time. It’s impossible to get every great option in on a list that only has ten options on it so I tried to put together a list that I thought would have pretty wide reaching appeal. But no matter what gift you decide to go with, I am sure that your friend or family member that is going through a hard time is just going to be thrilled you put the thought in to get them a gift in the first place. And even if you can’t totally repair the issues they are struggling with, you can definitely bring a smile to their face by bringing them a great gift to brighten up their day!

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