Get Your Groove On With The Top 6 Latin Clubs in Orlando, Florida

Pull out your best dance moves at these bumping Latin clubs in Orlando

Are you thinking about doing something fun and exciting with the girls? Do you need a thrilling new date night spot for you and your significant other? Then this is your sign to head to a Latin nightclub for your next night out! As you take in the high-energy atmosphere and music so loud you can feel it in your bones, you’ll definitely want to grab a drink and get out on the dance floor. If you’re thinking about going to a Latin club somewhere in Orlando, Florida, check out these 11 popular spots now!

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1. Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar

Not only can you eat some good food, but you can go dancing afterward!

Come to Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar for a fun night out with food, drinks, and dancing! Image courtesy of International Drive Orlando. 

9101 International Drive | International Drive |

If you’re looking for an exciting night filled with drinks, food, and dancing, then look no further than Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar! Cuba Libre is a place where you get to explore the Cuban culture with music, dancing, and even the spiciness of their tasty food. It’s ideal to stop by for a cocktail, some Cuban cuisine, and some dancing with an open dance floor to get your groove on. Come experience Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar for yourself today!

“Took my mother for Mother's Day, and we absolutely loved it! The 15 taste courses were outstanding! And our waiter Alberto did an excellent job.” - Yelp Review 

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2. Mojitos Ultra Lounge

Who doesn’t love a cocktail and dancing? Come here for an exciting night out!

If you’re looking for a night full of dancing and drinking sweet cocktails, come to Mojitos Ultra Lounge today! Image courtesy of Travel Channel. 

13526 Village Park Drive | Orlando |

Are you thinking about getting together with your girlfriends, but not sure where to go or what to do? Stop what you’re doing and check out Mojitos Ultra Lounge today for all of the delicious cocktails and dancing that you can do. Mojitos Ultra Lounge is a great place to meet people in an atmosphere that plays primarily Latin music where you can learn how to salsa! There’s nothing more fun than a night out with your girls or your significant other, so why not come to Mojitos Ultra Lounge today!

“Great place to dance a lot of Spanish music and have a lot of fun. Drinks are very affordable and good.” - Yelp Review 

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3. Tier Nightclub

Dance floors, DJ’s, VIP booths, and so much more when you come here!

Come to Tier Nightclub if you’re looking for a fun night out with VIP booths, DJ’s, dance floors, cocktails, and a fun night out! Image courtesy of Twitter. 

20 E Central Boulevard | Downtown |

Are you wanting to enjoy a wild night full of dancing and cocktails? If so, why not go to Tier Nightclub today! Tier Nightclub plays Latin music, and lots of other upbeat jams to get your feet moving, along with serving affordable drinks for you to enjoy as the night goes on. This nightclub offers a VIP experience for its guests with its high-energy atmosphere and fun cocktails. You can meet celebrities, get up close and personal with the DJs, and much more. Come experience Tier Nightclub for yourself today!

“As the night went on we met a few people who invited us to the VIP area which by then filled up.  We were dancing, having a great time. There was a group of guys from a fraternity with mink coats on and gold chains. It was funny to see, especially being in Florida!” - Yelp Review 

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4. Santiago’s Bodega

Come experience the best of the best when it comes to tapas, and Spanish music, and drinks too!

Come to Santiago’s Bodega to try out some of the best tapas and cocktails while listening to some Spanish music in a laid-back environment! Image courtesy of Santiago’s Bodega.

802 Virginia Drive | Lake Highland |

If you want to enjoy a night full of delicious Spanish tapas, Spanish music, and cocktails, then make sure to come and experience Santiago’s Bodega today! Santiago’s Bodega is not a Latin club, but more of a laid-back environment where you still get the Spanish music without the high energy atmosphere. Sometimes this is better for people who keep more to themselves, so we recommend Santiago’s Bodega for a good night out! They feature specials, happy hour prices on their drinks, and much more, so stop by Santiago’s Bodega today!

“What a gem! Nice happy hour prices, but the only special we tried was the herb butter mushrooms. The lamb lollipops were just great, so tender and juicy. The puff pastry over bearnaise sauce was so flaky, and the filling was a perfect combination of flavors.” - Yelp Review 

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5. Mango’s Tropical Cafe

Enjoy a night filled with dancing when you come to this exciting Latin nightclub!

Get the full Latin experience with dancing, food, and drinks at Mango’s Tropical Cafe today! Image courtesy of Mango’s Tropical Cafe. 

8126 International Drive | International Drive |

Thinking about going to a full-blown Latin club to get the ultimate experience? Why not check out Mango’s Tropical Cafe today! Mango’s Tropical Cafe is known for its showcase of international talent with a stage to prove it and the Latin cuisine you can indulge in. Mango’s Tropical Cafe is perfect for families. You can enjoy fun performances and you can enjoy some of the best Latin and Caribbean comfort foods, with some other Floridian cuisine too. Come see some live dancing, and so much more when you come to Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Orlando today!

“This place has live music and performance complimentary to your food or just drinks. We came in for my friend's bachelorette party and we weren't disappointed.  There was plenty of space to sit at the bar upstairs. We ordered $80 drinks for 6 of us and enjoyed the live performance all night.” - Yelp Review 

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6. Salsa Latina Night Club

Explore this Orlando favorite when it comes to latin clubs with a trendy hot spot for drinks and much more!

Come to Salsa Latina Night CLub for a fun night out with latin music, cocktails, and so much more! Image courtesy of Amusement Parks. 

2783 N Orange Blossom Trl | Kissimmee |

If you’re looking for a fun Latin nightclub full of fun dancing, Latin music, and so much more, then you need to come to Salsa Latina Night Club today! Located in Kissimmee lies a nightclub where many different performers come to sing, dance, and so much more while you enjoy some delicious food and drinks. We think that Salsa Latina Night Club is one of the best places to go to because of the diverse and fun performers that come, and it’s just a great place to go to for any fun night out you’re looking for. Make sure to check them out today!

“A very nice place to relax in Kissimmee with great music, food, and drinks.” - Yelp Review

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7. EVE Orlando

Luxury nightclub that is known for its high-end, VIP service for guests

110 S Orange Ave | Central Business District |

Looking for the perfect spot to host your next birthday party? If you love organizing extravagant celebrations, you will love EVE Orlando. Located in the Central Business District, EVE Orlando combines Old Hollywood Glamour with Las Vegas Extravagance to provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to come for a special event or you just want to enjoy a night out on the town, we recommend making a Bottle Service reservation before stopping in. Not only will you get in quicker, but you’ll be treated to your own private area!  

“Such a fun place to go with friends or just to mingle and meet people. The vibes are great and the upstairs balcony and class of the whole club truly make it unique and unlike any other club downtown. As you can tell by these pictures my friends and I had such a great time. The drinks are all top shelf as well.” - Yelp Review

8. Noches Azul at Blue Martini

Trendy and upscale Latin celebration held in a club located in the heart of International Drive

9101 International Dr | International Drive |

Noches Azul isn’t technically a nightclub. Instead, it is a weekly event that is held at the Blue Martini Lounge. For over 11 years, people have dressed up in their best clothes to enjoy elegant VIP Bottle Service, unique music and percussion mix, and exciting Happy Hour specials during Noches Azul. It’s one of the best nights of the week! If you go to Blue Martini on Noches Azul, you will definitely want to order a Signature Blue Martini. 

“This is has got to be the best Latin fusión I have ever seen in my life. The LIVE bands are so on point and if you come before 8 pm you benefit from their amazing happy hour specials and FREE cover.” - Yelp Review

9. Gilt Nightclub

Popular nightclub that hosts Latin night on Fridays

740 Bennett Rd | Colonialtown Center |

Gilt Nightclub hosts a variety of nightly specials. For instance, Fridays are usually Latin Night while Thursdays are often College Night. So, if you want to enjoy a fun and authentic Latin nightclub experience, you’ll want to head here on a Friday. You’ll have the time of your life dancing to reggaeton, hip-hop, and top 40’s hits. In addition to its themed nights, Gilt Nightclub also hosts popular DJs and singers like Dillon Francis and Rusko. Get ready for the time of your life here! 

“The other night, my friends and I had a blast at Gilt. We usually go on Thursdays (college night) and always have a blast. But we decided to go on Famosa Fridays.. it was amazing. Free drinks and free cover until a certain time.” - Yelp Review

10. Red Coconut Club

Sophisticated nightclub that hosts live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays

Photo of Red Coconut Club - Orlando, FL, United States
Live music, drinks, VIP service, and more await you at this fun and relaxing nightclub. Image courtesy of Yelp.

6000 Universal Blvd | West Orlando |

Looking for a spot to sit back and enjoy a nice drink? Red Coconut Club is the perfect place for kicking back and relaxing with your friends. This popular lounge mixes together Cuban flair with tiki chic to offer the ultimate nightlife experience for you and your crew. Inside, you’ll find two levels of heart-pounding music and delicious cocktails. Feeling a little hungry? Red Coconut Club also serves savory appetizers like the Blue Crab Cakes and Flamin’ Hot Corn Drip. Just don’t forget to share some with your friends! 

“This is a fun dance club at City Walk. The facility is very nice in appearance. You walk in and have bars on either side. There is a larger room in the back, with a beautiful high ceiling, that contains the dance floor. There are some areas where you can sit sprinkled around the place. The DJ plays some great music, on a sound system that sounds awesome, and is not too loud to enjoy.” - Yelp Review

11. The Beacham

Historic nightclub that has been visited by numerous celebrities over the years

Photo of The Beacham - Orlando, FL, United States. Andy Grammer, Feb 23. photo by Arielle Johnson
Get ready for the time of your life at The Beacham. Image courtesy of Yelp.

46 N Orange Ave | Central Business District |

Over its 100-year history, The Beacham has hosted some of the biggest singers ever on its historic stage. From The Pixies to Armin van Buuren, these top bands and singers have helped The Beacham come alive in just one night. Along with regular concerts, The Beacham also offers a heart-thumping nightclub scene on the weekends. VIP Bottle Service is available — and recommended — for you and your friends! 

“I went to this place last night to go to the Misterwives concert. I thought the venue was nice and intimate, really great for up-and-coming bands. The music was loud so if you are in the front maybe wear some low-level earplugs. It can occupy maybe 300 people.” - Yelp Review

Orlando, Florida is home to many fun and exciting different Latin restaurants. By celebrating the Latin culture with dancing, music, food, and even cocktails, there’s no doubt that you would have fun at any of these six top Latin clubs. While many of these places are nightclubs for adults, there are many other ones that provide food and a fun atmosphere for a family-friendly night out. Why not check out one of these six Latin clubs in Orlando, Florida today and get your groove on!

Is there a Latin nightclub in Orlando that you love, but didn’t mention? Make sure to leave us a comment down below on which one is your favorite!

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