For Winterfell! These Last Minute Game of Thrones Gifts Are Perfect For Any Fan

Show off your love for the best fantasy series and get the merch you’ve been waiting for!

Game of Thrones, the hit HBO television show that captivated audiences for 8 seasons. There were many moments that stick in the minds of the fans of the show, everyone knows how distraught we were after The Red Wedding and the victory we felt when Arya got vengeance. Or how about when Jon Snow opened his eyes back up and we all sighed with relief. There are so many moments throughout the seasons that have made this a TV show that will go down as one of the best, so let’s raise our wine goblets and celebrate with last minute Game of Thrones gifts.

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1. A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Get the books and some super cool merch all in one store!

Buy A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

There are two kinds of Game of Thrones fans, the ones who’ve read the books and watched the show or the ones who have just watched the show…but might have an interest in picking up the books to see what’s changed. If your friend is either one of these people then a great starter gift to get them is a gift card to Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble is a retail outlet that sells all things books, TV box sets, movies, board games, and merchandise from your favorite stories. 

Pick up a brand new set of A Song of Ice and Fire and begin your journey into this fantasy world. Plus, if you find yourself going all in, there’s plenty of toys and other merch items in small sections throughout Barnes & Noble. And if you still have a DVD player and want to watch behind the scenes, commentary tracks, and more you can look through their TV box sets for GoT!

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Barnes & Noble here!

We’ve Got All Things Wearables!

Show off your GoT love with a few shirts, jackets, pins, and more!

Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage wearing the "Hand of the King" pin in a scene from the show. Standing on one of the walls of Winterfell with a snow covered railing in front of him as he smiles up at someone off screen.
Wear your own Hand of the King pin to a convention, LARP party, or simply, cause it looks cool. Image courtesy of Insider, provided by HBO.

There are so many amazing costumes throughout the entire show with special adornments and stylish flares, it’s no wonder why fans would want to take iconic pieces and have them to wear themselves or displayed throughout their home. And since there are so many characters, repping a t-shirt with your fav in the wild so you can clock other GoT fans is always a fun feeling. Here’s a few of our favorites we found:

2. We Love A Good Shirt

3. Sweaters and Socks!

4. Stylish Jewelry!

5. Pins And Watch Bands!

  • Be your own Hand of the King and pin this Graceful Goods GOT Antique Gold Tone Hand of The King Brooch for $8.99 to your favorite jacket.
  • Get a whole set of pins with the GoT 11 House Pin Set on sale for $25.90 at the Koyo Store. That way you can decorate your jean jacket with even more pins.
  • If you have an Apple Watch and want some new bands that show off your love of GoT, do we have the collection for you. The MobyFox Game of Thrones Smartwatch Band Collection has 6 bands to choose from: House Stark, House Targaryen, House of the Dragon - The Iron Throne, House of the Dragon - Fire and Blood, and House of the Dragon - There Will Be Dragons all for $39.90. While the House of the Dragon - Viserion Dragon 3D is $59.90 for its eye-catching design.

Wall Art, Banners, And Goblets

Displaying your nerdiness all over your place is what we call peak fandom.

A model living room with a white couch facing towards us and a selection of 4 panels hanging above it on the wall displaying a part of the map of Westeros.
Whether you get subtle wall art or go full fantasy, showing off what makes you geek out is never a bad idea. Image courtesy of Ursane on Etsy.

The world of GoT is full of beautiful visuals, from the Red Keep, to beyond the wall, a glimpse of Dany’s dragons, medieval ships on the water, Weirwood trees, and much much more. There’s also the details like: wine goblets, ink & quills, armor, swords, and the Iron Throne of course. Having all of these wondrous things to display across the home is gonna make any fan’s day…

6. Truly Epic Wall Art

  • This Dragon Game of Thrones Landscape Fire and Ice Canvas Wall Art on sale for $159.99 is freaking gorgeous. Its five part canvas set depicts a HD scene of one of the dragons flying through the world of Westeros. It’s a great GoT gift, but even if you weren’t the biggest fan, it’s so amazing that anyone who likes even a little bit of fantasy would love it.
  • We all remember how tense we were during the Battle of the Bastards, well how about we take that iconic shot of Jon with his sword out and put it on a poster? This Game of Thrones Jon Snow Poster on sale for $34.12+ is a great addition for your home.
  • And then we have this classic “movie art deco” Game of Thrones Poster on sale for $21.00+ that could be a really nice framed piece.

7. Banners And Novelty Fun

  • We love a good gag gift, especially one that would make us laugh any time we enter a room and that’s why we’ve put this Hilarious Iron Throne Toilet decal for $29.95+ on the list. It’s great for when people come over and use the bathroom, they get to sit on the Iron Throne!
  • Get a Custom Metal Sword Monogram on sale for $45.00 where you can get whatever family name you want displayed in that GoT iconic text. 
  • Show off what House you’ve rooted for during the show’s run with a Game of Thrones Flag for $19.41+. They have a minimalist banner for every major House that was depicted on the show and in the books.

8. Host Your Own Fantasy Dinner Or Drink Like A Royal

Having a fun drinking glass is way better than grabbing a plastic cup or regular wine glass out of the cabinet, especially when you’re having company over. That’s why these awesome trinkets will make for a fun time:

  • This Game of Thrones & House of the Dragon Glass for $14.45+ is great for whiskey, wine, beer, or water!
  • Drink like you’re in a tavern with The Hound and Arya with these 2 Handcrafted Horn Mugs on sale for $44.00+. They come in a variety of colors and can even have an engraving added.
  • “I drink and I know things.” That famous line is well known by GoT fans because it’s said by the great Tyrion Lannister! So what better than to have a big I Drink and I Know Things GLASS Beer Mug for $14.25 gracing your shelf!
  • Making prepping dinner fun with a ALIPOBO Grill Apron for $18.99 that has the phrase “Dinner is Coming” on it, along with a little chef’s hat on the House Stark sigil. 

Collectables, Action Figures, And Games

Can’t have a list with last minute Game of Thrones gifts and not have a few figurines!

A scene from the season finale of season 7 depicted in Funko Pops where Tormund and Beric are looking down from on top of the Wall. It's snowing.
Recreate your own GoT scenes or have all your figurines displayed proudly on a shelf. Image courtesy of the official GameofThrones Youtube channel. It is the thumbnail of this video.

Every fan of a book, game, TV show, and movie knows that once you start collecting action figures you’re in deep. Luckily we’ve got exactly what you need here, everything from FUNKOs to statues and games:

9. Funko’s And Others

10. Games And Extra Content

Game of Thrones might be over, but the love of the show, (the fact that House of the Dragon is just as good), and the feeling of showing it to a friend for the first time isn’t over. Plus, with all of these last minute Game of Thrones gifts, this might be the sign you need for a rewatch.

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