Feeling Stressed Out? Come Relax at These 7 Massage Spas in Orlando

There’s nothing better than relaxing after a long stressful week of work, but your joints, back, and other spots on your body may still ache even if you just sleep in, or lounge in a recliner after work. This may continue on into the next work week, which could make it miserable for you to try and get through. What you may be in need of is a nice, long, relaxing massage, but where can you get one? Trying to find the best place to get a massage in Orlando can be tough. We know you want quality at a great price, but where do you go? Don’t worry about that! We’re here to help you with the seven best places to get a massage in Orlando!

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Joy Foot Spa 


2614 E Colonial Drive

Colonialtown Center

Come experience a new level of relaxation at Joy Foot Spa for some great me time!

Come to Joy Foot Spa for some long needed me-time and pamper your feet after a long week of work. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

Do you work a job where you’re constantly on your feet, or are your feet just in desperate need of being pampered? Stop by Joy Foot Spa today for one of the best foot massages of your life! While they originated in New York, they have been successful in Orlando with their signature foot massages and even full body Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. 

There are many benefits to their foot massage, like keeping them clean and smooth, preventing them from getting fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, to prevent chapping, and much more! You know your feet need some attention, so stop by Joy Foot Spa today for a much needed massage!

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“I did the half massage, half reflexology. It was great. Some much needed work on tight sore muscles paired with some really relaxing massage. Definitely coming back and recommending everyone check it out!” - Yelp Review 

Lotus Blossom Oriental Massage


10249 S John Young Parkway

South Orange Blossom Trail / OBT

Come experience both spa and medi-spa services, and even some oriental medicine treatments that have been praised in Orlando!

Come relax and experience some oriental medicine treatments that will be perfect when relaxing your body from a long hard week. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

Want to experience something new when it comes to massages? Stop by Lotus Blossom Oriental Massage for the experience of a lifetime with guaranteed customer satisfaction after receiving one of their massages. Since 2010, Lotus Blossom Oriental Massage has been offering services such as the Swedish massage, reflexology massage, hot stone massage, and even services like acupuncture, cupping, and much more. 

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine can also be included in acupuncture, or even all on its own to promote the renewal of the body and heal clients that step foot into this spa. Are you looking for the healing you’ve been needing for your body? Come by Lotus Blossom Oriental Massage and walk out feeling rejuvenated and ready to face another week!

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“My husband and I visit Lotus Blossom when we vacation in Orlando a few times a year, and we would highly recommend it. We both have had our best massages here, and we look forward to visiting in the future.” - Yelp Review

Massage Oasis


5158 Dr Phillips Boulevard

Dr. Phillips, Horizons West / West Orlando

Experience the tranquil environment of one of Orlando’s premier massage spas that features lots of different services!

Come to one of Orlando’s premier spas that offers services from deep tissue massages, foot reflexology massages, and much more! Image courtesy of Massage Oasis. 

If you’re looking for one of the top massages in all of Orlando, then Massage Oasis is the place to go! At Massage Oasis, clients are able to enter into a serene environment and experience a deep tissue massage, a detox foot bath, and even get a couple’s massage with your significant other. 

Every service at Massage Oasis is priced based on time, but with any priced deep tissue massage, you can get hot stones and herbal oil added for free. If you want to, you can also get a combination of a body and foot massage, or even a massage specifically focused on your head. Nothing better than treating yourself to a massage, so why not come to Massage Oasis to enjoy some time to yourself and relax!

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“They are amazing, and their prices are great. I got a 30 minute deep tissue massage for $40. I told the woman exactly where I hurt and she focused on that area.” - Yelp Review

Creative Bodyworks


2111 E Michigan Street


Come enjoy a serene environment that will relieve you of your pain right away!

Stop by Creative Bodyworks to get areas of your body worked on where you may relief, and even scar tissue removal at a low price! Image courtesy of Creative Bodyworks. 

Are you in need of some advanced therapy for pain relief? Experience Creative Bodyworks, one of the best massage therapy places to go for instant relief from achy joints, and even have the opportunity to enjoy some of the other services that they have to offer. Creative Bodyworks specializes in stubborn chronic pain, or even injury rehabilitation.

Creative Bodyworks focuses on lots of areas of the body that could need special attention and could be treated just with massage therapy, such as the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and more. They also offer other services such as scar tissue removal and price you depending on how big the scar is. If you’re looking for a top notch massage spa to go to, then Creative Bodyworks is the place for you! 

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“I've had many massages in my past, but today the work that Joel, the massage therapist, did wonders for my sciatica pain. He listened well to what my troubled areas were and really did an amazing job!” - Yelp Review 

Healthy Body Massage


3511 S Conway Road


Come here and get a massage for whatever you need relief on, whether pain relief, or even stress!

Combat pain relief or stress at Healthy Body Massage where you can get a massage for anything you need. Image courtesy of Groupon.

Are you looking to combat your stress and anxiety, along with pain on different parts of your body with a massage? Healthy Body Massage is the place to go to find the perfect massage for you and your body. Healthy Body Massage takes pride in their massages, with providing a tranquil environment for you to relax and for your muscles to be worked on to relieve those tough aches and pains.

Healthy Body Massage offers many different massages, including the Swedish massage, reflexology, therapeutic massage, and they even offer facials and aromatherapy. With the use of essential oils in aromatherapy, this will be able to help you destress and relieve any anxiety you may have. If you’re looking for a calm day in a spa to relieve your stress and pain, Healthy Body Massage is the spa for you!

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“First time here and very accommodating. Gia was very attentive to my neck and shoulders. I tried cupping for the first time and it was great. Highly recommended.” - Yelp Review 


Sakura Massage


5671 Vineland Road

International Drive / West Orlando

Experience a relaxing rose petal foot bath and massage at this fun massage spa!

Nothing better than enjoying a relaxing rose petal foot bath at Sakura Massage located in Orlando. Image courtesy of MapQuest. 

Have you ever had a foot massage and bath with rose petals? There’s no better place to go than Sakura Massage located in West Orlando! Sakura is known for specializing in it’s fun, yet relaxing foot and body massages in a comfortable environment that will make you feel very relaxed.

Sakura Massage is the perfect place to go to if you want to experience a hot stones massage, which helps to relieve stiffness and tension and also helps to increase blood flow and metabolism. All of their massages provide stress relief, which is perfect after a long work week. Come to Sakura Massage to be able to take off some of the weight on your shoulders and walk out feeling relaxed! 

“We stopped here on vacation after dragging ourselves around the theme parks. Our feet hurt and we found this place simply by looking in the area. We will ABSOLUTELY be back the next time we are in the area!” - Yelp Review

Universal Day Spa & Massage


9938 Universal Boulevard

International Drive

Stop here to experience relaxation with a Thai Massage in a very calm and relaxing environment!

Enjoy a unique Thai massage and relaxation at Universal Day Spa & Massage to ease your muscles and joints. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

If you’re looking for a new experience when it comes to getting a relaxing massage, we recommend trying Universal Day Spa & Massage to try out their Thai Massage to ease your muscles and anxieties. Universal Day Spa & Massage also offers lots of other different massages with wine and flowers to create a calm ambiance to further your experience there.

Universal Day Spa & Massage also features the pregnancy massage, an essential oil massage, hot stone massages, CBD massages, and they even offer cupping, facials, and exfoliates for your skin. If you’re willing to try new things when it comes to massages, we recommend Universal Day Spa & Massage for all your massage needs!

“Great service! Very friendly and knowledgeable. Was a great find while on vacation and my fiancé and I had a wonderful massage! Definitely go try them out!” - Yelp Review

Getting a massage and rewarding yourself for all of your hard work is something that you should definitely do. Not only are massages relaxing and a great way to treat yourself, but they are good for your muscles, joints, and even help relieve stress. We hope that we were able to help you find the perfect place to go with the top seven massage spas in Orlando! Is there one that we didn’t mention that you love? Let us know in the comments!

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