Explore the Top 7 Most Fun Things to Do in Tucson, Arizona

Struggling to find something new and fun to do in Tucson? Consider checking out these top seven fun places in Tucson for something fun to do!

There are loads of things to do in Arizona ranging from hiking, going to restaurants, museums, and so much more. Tucson, Arizona is known for its breathtaking scenery with a newly renovated downtown featuring new places for you to venture into. Are you in Tucson and struggling to find something new and fun to do, or are you new to the area? Whatever the case may be, make sure to check out these top seven fun things to do in Tucson!

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Arizona State Museum

Discover some beautiful archeological artifacts found in the Southwest of the United States!

Going to the Arizona State Museum is something fun you can do to learn more about the history of the United States Southwest! Image courtesy of Visit Tucson. 

1013 E University Boulevard | Tucson | statemuseum.arizona.edu

Are you a huge fan of museums? If you’re in the Tucson area, we think that you should consider going to the Arizona State Museum for all of the magnificent archeological artifacts and exhibits to go see! All of the artifacts that have been recovered in the Southwest portion of the United States have been brought to this museum to be featured in many exhibits.

The Arizona State Museum features everything from a beautiful pottery exhibit, a history of pot and basket making, wildlife, rocks, and even an aquarium. Why not pay a visit to the Arizona State Museum, an incredible museum to learn more about the Southwestern part of the U.S.!

“Excellent museum. There is an amazing detailed display and dierama regarding Native American life in Arizona.” - Yelp Review 

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Jewish History Museum

Check out this museum that originally was the first synagogue in Arizona!

The Jewish History Museum is a very interesting and insightful museum to go visit in Tucson! Image courtesy of Arizona Daily Star. 

564 S Stone Avenue | Tucson | jewishhistorymuseum.org

Do you want to learn more about the Jewish faith and the tragedy of the Holocaust? Come pay your respects and learn more about the the Jewish life and culture at the Jewish History Museum! The building this museum is located in was actually the first synagogue in Arizona, which adds a lot more history and depth to this museum too.

At the Jewish History Museum, you can learn more about the Jewish faith, their daily practices, holidays, and even the culture. This will help you  not only learn new things, but also enlighten you to the tragedies of this group of people with the Holocaust history portion. Take some time to learn some new things when you come to the Jewish History Museum!

“Going here gives you a very proud feeling for standing up always for what is right and good.” - Yelp Review 

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Color Me Mine

Paint some beautiful ceramics at this fun studio to book your slot for a workshop, or hold parties!

Looking for something to do with the whole family? Check out Color Me Mine in Tucson! Image courtesy of Groupon. 

5870 E Broadway Boulevard | Tucson | tucson.colormemine.com

Are you looking for something that would be fun to do with both friends and family? Consider booking a workshop for Color Me Mine, a paint-your-own ceramics chain that is very popular throughout the country! If you’re a creative person that loves to paint, draw, or anything along those lines, then this place is definitely for you! 

Not only can you schedule a workshop with your friends or family, but you can also have parties here, host fundraisers, go to an adult workshop, take your kids for a kids-only workshop, or even have a wedding or baby shower here. Make sure to look into Color Me Mine and book your workshop today!

“What a wonderful experience! We visited this location on our Honeymoon and this turned out to be a GREAT decision!” - Yelp Review 

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Enjoy playing golf even if you aren’t very good at it with a unique golfing game!

Topgolf is the perfect place to go to if you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends and family! Image courtesy of Visit Tucson.

4050 W Costco Place | Tucson | topgolf.com

There are lots of fun things to do in Tucson, but have you ever thought about going to Topgolf? We think that Topgolf could be the perfect place to go to to have a great time with friends and family while you swing at golf balls and aim for the targets! 

One of the best things about Topgolf is that you don’t even have to be good at golf in order to play. Topgolf has its own unique game where you aim for the targets and you get a certain amount of points depending on where you land in the target. You can also enjoy a delicious meal and down a couple beers here too if you stop by, so come to Topgolf today!

“What a fun place and great idea! Like bowling but with golf. Enjoy drinks and food in your bays while trying to drive balls off the edge of the platform.” - Yelp Review 

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Borderlands Theater

Want to see a play, or musical performance? Make sure to come here!

Borderlands Theatre is a great place to go to if you’re a fan of dramatic plays and so much more! Image courtesy of Tucson Sentinel.

40 W Broadway Boulevard | Tucson |  borderlandstheater.com

Do you enjoy going to see theater performances and talented artists? Come to Borderlands Theater that is a professional theater company right in Tucson, Arizona! Borderlands Theater is recognized both nationally and internationally for their productions based on educating individuals about the people living in the United States and Mexico border. 

Borderlands Theater is a very influential theater working towards educating people on the border between the United States and Mexico and how it is a “physical and social landscape” for them. To see some beautiful and inspirational performances, make sure to go to Borderlands Theater today!

“Some shows were bigger in production than others, but most of them were done really well. Highly recommend checking out their shows.” - Yelp Review 

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Dave & Buster’s

Play some arcade games as you enjoy some tasty American food at this family-friendly chain!

What’s wrong with a good old fashioned arcade? Absolutely nothing, so come to Dave & Buster’s today! Image courtesy of Visit Tucson. 

1390 E Tucson Marketplace Boulevard | Tucson | daveandbuster.com

Are you looking for a fun place for the kids to get their energy out while being able to spend some quality time with them too? Dave & Buster’s is the perfect choice for you and your kids because of all the fun things that it has! From some delicious American food in their restaurant, playing arcade games, and more, you will have buckets of fun here.

Dave & Buster’s is great for everyone of any age with arcade games, Virtual Reality games, and even the chance to win prizes with the tickets that you collect. You can also enjoy some tasty cocktails as you play video games for hours on end, and some good food too, so make sure to come to Dave & Buster’s today!

“Always have such a great experience. Great service and great management! Plus churro sundae = AMAZING!” - Yelp Review

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Maracana Indoor Sports Arena

Play soccer, dodgeball, and flag football on teams all year round at this indoor arena!

Looking into playing a sport to stay active? Consider signing up for a team at Maracana Indoor Sports Arena! Image courtesy of Tucson Ultimate. 

555 E 18th Street | Armory Park | tuscansoccer.com

Do you love playing sports as much as the next person? We totally understand this, so make sure to sign up for a sport at the Maracana Indoor Sports Arena! At Maracana, you can sign up on a team for a sport of your choice. 

Soccer is the biggest and most popular sport that is offered to play here, with teams fit for children and even adults. They also have dodgeball, basketball, and flag football teams as well. Maracana Indoor Sports Arena is a perfect place to go to to get your kids more involved in playing sports, or even if you’re looking for some form of recreation sport to indulge in after work. Consider signing up for a team at Maracana Indoor Sports Arena!

“My husband was pretty excited about finding this indoor soccer arena. He is a big soccer fan and loves to play,” - Yelp Review 

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With so much to do in Tucson, Arizona, there is no way that you can go bored, or even run out of things to do! From arcade games, theaters, golf, museums, and more, Tucson is an area full of opportunity and fun times, so make sure to check out these seven fun things to do!

Is there something fun that you enjoy doing in Tucson, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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