6 Classic Toy Stores in Pittsburgh You Should Definitely Visit

Classic toy stores are easy to come by when you’re in Pittsburgh.

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You might not come across classic toy shops very often, but if you’re in Pittsburgh, there are several toy shops nearby that will allow you to buy the classic toys you want. These stores carry a variety of classic toys, some new and some used. Some stores are bigger than others, with more than one Pittsburgh location, and others are small family run shops with friendly atmospheres. Whether you’re looking for classic train sets, classic dolls, or classic action figures, one of the stores on this list can suit your needs or even be a fun place to browse through if you don’t know exactly what you want!

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D & E Collectibles

A large collectible store with thousands of available toys. 

700 Main St | Sharpsburg | dandecollectibles.com

D & E Collectibles likely has the classic toys you are looking for. They buy and sell collectible toys and comics, so if you’re looking for something classic to buy, you can probably find it there. This store has an assortment of toys you likely remember from your own childhood. They have Transformers, Star Trek, G.I. Joes, Marvel super heroes, and more. And since they regularly buy and trade, you can find different toys there on different days. If you don’t find something you may want now, you can maybe wait for later to see if they will buy it. 

This shop has over 5000 items in their inventory, and if you need something, you can find out if it is there ahead of time! They list most of their inventory on Facebook and on Ebay, so you don’t have to take a drive just to find out whether or not you can even pick a certain toy up. If they have what you want, you can go there and pick it up, but if they don’t have what you want, they are open to taking down wish lists. Let them know what you want, and they will call you to let you know when they get it in!

This shop is located in Sharpsburg, just 10 minutes from downtown, and it is run by two 80s babies who still love their childhood toys. What started out as a hobby turned into a basement full of toys and eventually a storefront where they could share their passion with customers. With a large toy selection and passionate owners, this is one of the best places you can go for classic toys. 

“Great store. If you've got some collectibles to sell, it's much easier than the painful process of listing on eBay and other sites. Always a fair price. They also have a fantastic selection if you are a collector/completionist and need that hard to find item. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices.”–Yelp Review

S.W. Randall Toyes & Gifts

One of the oldest and largest specialty toy shops around. 

630 Smithfield St | Downtown | swrandalltoys.com

S.W. Randall is a great place to visit when you’re looking for classic toys. With a large selection of toys and three different locations, it is Pittsburgh’s number one specialty toy store. Its downtown location has been a staple of the city since 1970, and walking through it can be a really fun experience. For a kid, walking into this place can feel like Christmas, and that might also be the case for you if you love classic toys. 

This toy store is one of the oldest specialty gift shops in Pittsburgh. It has been one of the largest of its kind for over 40 years and has thousands of items in stock. You can find Pokemon toys, Disney toys, LEGO, Star Wars, and more. They also have board games, puzzles, and cards. If you have something in mind, there is a good chance that they have it. They have floors upon floors for you to look through for classic treasures. 

“This is the most unique and interesting toy store I have ever been in. If you are looking for a gift this is the place to come. There are so many collectibles, stuffed animals, puzzles, games and books just to name a few. They even have a card and gift bag section which is super helpful...buy your gift, card and bag all in one stop!
They have an extensive section of trains, parts and accessories upstairs. Lots of great board games, legos and playmobil up there too. Definitely a must if you are in the area. Super fun and relaxing just to browse around.”–Yelp Review

Too Groovy Pop Culture Toys

A small toy store with a large selection. 

You can find all kinds of classic toys at this store. Image courtesy of Pinterest

3910 Main St, Suite 4 | Munhall | facebook.com

Too Groovy Pop Culture Toys is a collectible store that buys and sells toys, and they might have just what you need if you are looking for a classic gift. They are located in Munhall and can be found at events all over showing off their inventory. That inventory holds on to Transformers toys, Cabbage Patch dolls, He Man action figures, Barbies, and Star Wars action figures among many other classic games and toys. 

You can get Too Groovy’s toys in the store, and you can catch them at different events, events that they will keep you up to date with on their Facebook page! Catch them at the Butler area Toy Show, The Eddie P Comic Con, and many other local toy related events. They even have sidewalk sales in front of their own store, so there are chances to get some of their cool classic finds for cheaper than normal!

This store is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but during the rest of the week it is fine to visit. They are all about all types of toys that are part of pop culture, from collector figures, to models, and playsets. They even let you play with some of the toys before you buy them so that you know just what you are getting into. 

“Too Groovy is always a pit stop whenever we visit PGH, and we love it there. So many fun toys, and you can play with anything you want before you buy it. Last time I was there my fiance bought some limited edition Barbies as a gift, and I bought myself a Ninja Force Snake Eyes (I had the same one as a kid.)”–Yelp Review

Games Unlimited

Unlimited games sold seven days a week. 

Games Unlimited Store
If you’re into board games and puzzles, then this is the store for you. Image courtesy of Post Gazette

5876 Forbes Ave | Squirrel Hill | gamesunl.com

Games Unlimited is a store that sells games seven days a week. They have new releases and pre owned games that are all in great condition. You can find out what they have in person or check out their inventory online so that you know what you’re getting before you go in. On any day, they will have hundreds of toys and games for you to choose from, and those can be new or used. They even have games set up for you to try if you need to experience anything before buying it. 

This store is not only filled with fun toys and games that you can buy, but they make sure to make spending time in their store a fun experience. They regularly host different gaming events that allow people who love games to connect and enjoy each other’s company. They even offer deals frequently, so if you even want a deal, you just might find one there. They have a wide selection of games and staff who are passionate about them to help you out, so if you want classic party games, family games, or children’s games, this is a place you should visit. 

“I love this place. I might love it too much. We have been known to drop hundreds of dollars here. I just really appreciate the demo tables and the used and of course the section of mystery games like Unlock. And RPGs in the back I got this Labyrinth book RPG which was the most fun party I've ever hosted. Also so many puzzles! But right before vacation or a weekend away it's good to hit this place up in case of a rainy day or something to do at night.”–Yelp Review

Shadyside Variety Store

A variety of toys at a local spot. 

700 Main St | Shadyside | facebook.com/shadysidevarietystore 

At the Shadyside Variety Store, you can find all kinds of classic toys. They are a family business that sells the types of toys that kids want to play with. They have toys for kids from a wide range of ages and for adults who like to collect them. Whatever reason you want some antique toys, you can find something among their selection, both old and new. They have dolls, costume pieces, and even candy. 

This store sells LEGOs, clown wigs, silly string, and more. Plenty of the things on their shelves will remind you of the favorite toys from your own childhood. Even some of the candy is nostalgic! They have Milk Duds, Milky Ways, and Swedish Fish, and other nostalgic sweet treats that you can buy along with your antique toys. 

“I was like a kid in a ca...err, I mean a toy store. I came in here to get some noise makers and ended up browsing the shelves and thinking, "Man, to be a kid again." It takes some time to browse through everything they have. They've got just about every little trinket and small toy you can imagine.
I was just browsing away and picking up just about everything I came across. I had completely forgotten why I came in here until the lady working the floor brought me back to reality. I mean I ended up getting a slide whistle, kazoo, and maraca, just to name a few.”–Yelp Review

Esther’s Hobby

Decades of sweet treats and model cars. 

These model cars can complete your collection. Image courtesy of Tribune Review

219 North Ave | Millvale | facebook.com/esthershobbyshop

Esther’s Hobby is a hobby shop in Millvale that may have the classic toys you are looking for. They sell everything that could be used for a hobby, from art supplies to toys. They have model cars and trains, Star Wars sets, LEGO sets, and more. Some of their toys are even modeled after classic TV shows you may not even remember until you check out this store. 

The toys you will find the most at this hobby shop are model trains. This store is great for anyone who likes to collect toys, but if you collect trains, especially ones modeled after trains from an older time period, then this store is more than perfect for you! You can find different types of model trains to suit your preferences and round out your collection. They also have model planes and rockets, and also have toys for your pets. 

“My Husband has a new interest in N gauge trains. Everywhere we found a hobby store, we were unable to find track or other items for his layout until we heard about "Esther's. To say they were impressed is not expressive enough. They were blown away! Hundreds of dollars later, they came home with almost enough to fill an entire room. They are thrilled with everything they bought and can't wait to build their train village. Great experience!”–Yelp Review

When you are in need of classic toys in Pittsburgh, you have several great options to choose from. From bigger stores with locations around the city to smaller stores with one family run spot, they all have something fun to offer you. Some of the stores on this list are best if you want a specific toy and some are great for any kind of toy. Just check their websites or give them a call to see what’s in stock and go enjoy a stroll down their magical aisles to find what you need!

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