9 Breweries in Bend Serving the Best Beer in Central Oregon

Get to Know the Oldest, Boldest, and Best Breweries and Brewpubs in Beautiful Bend, OR

Over the last two decades, Central Oregon has become a major player in the craft beer scene. Why? Well, partly due to the fertile land, creative folk, and crystal clear mountain water. And partly due to the town where all of those elements come together like nowhere else in the world – an outdoorsy little town by the name of Bend.

Whether you’re a Bend local, a transplant from Portland, or you’re just passing through, you won’t want to miss out on the local beer scene here. Just sneak peek at what’s on our list today:

  • Brewpubs that give back to the local community and beyond
  • Places that are getting creative with their inhouse hop yards
  • And the OG Bend breweries that started it all

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But enough about that – let’s get onto the good stuff! Welcome to our list of the best breweries in Bend, Oregon.

1 - Boneyard Beer

Bend’s Best IPA in Its Original Warehouse Location

37 NW Lake Place | Bend | boneyardbeer.com

Boneyard Beer got its humble start in the back of an auto body shop back in 2010 without the help of outside investors or major bank loans. Cofounders Tony Lawrence and Clay and Melodee Storey were scrappy, though – and with just a “boneyard” of secondhand brewing equipment and a whole lot of passion, they have turned their dream into a successful 15,000 barrel/year operation over the last decade and a half.

Boneyard Beer opened a second location – Boneyard Pub on NE Division Street – in 2018, but this warehouse location in Northeast Bend is the OG.

The casual standing room only space is one of the best ways to take a sip of Bend’s beer scenes. Tester glasses are available for just $1 a pop, so you can sample a few before you commit to a larger glass or, let’s face it, the inevitable growler to take home with you.

🍺 Recommended Brews: RPM IPA, Bone-a-Fide, Diablo Rojo
“If you enjoy craft beer, Boneyard Pub is a must! A brewery owner friend of mine had recommended we go while in Bend and it did NOT disappoint. The drink list is extensive and has something for everyone.” - Yelp Review

2 - Worthy Brewing Company

Hand-Crafted, Filtered Ales That Are Definitely Worthy of a Taste

495 NE Bellevue Dr | Bend | worthy.beer

If you’re looking for a real taste of the Cascades, Worthy Brewing Company should be high on your list. Sourcing their premium ingredients and even the water used in their brewing process from the local mountains, Worthy Brewing Company even has an onsite greenhouse and hop yard for growing experimental hops in conjunction with Oregon State University and Indie Hops.

At Worthy Brewing Company, the priorities are simple. Earth first, beer second, everything else after that. Based on the relaxed atmosphere and abundance of indoor and outdoor seating, we’d bet that hanging out with good friends would fall somewhere around #3 as well.

🍺 Recommended Brews: Worthy Pilsner, Secret Spot Pacific Ale, Lights Out Stout
“Very cool spot. Bartender very nice and helpful. Sat at the bar and there was a lot of activity and live music. They had a couple food trucks there the night I was there. Got a burger and fries. Very busy and a bit slow but worth the wait. Very good burger. Great beers.” - Yelp Review

3 - Crux Fermentation Project

Hidden Gem Right in the Heart of Bend

50 SW Division St | Bend | cruxfermentation.com

Crux Fermentation Project isn’t the only brewery on this list to get its start in a warehouse, but it does still call the old AAMCO transmission shop in the heart of town home. To find it, you’ll have to brave “Private Road” and “No Outlet” signs, but the rewards will make you very, very “hoppy” indeed.

Puns aside. Based on its unconventional location, you might expect Crux Fermentation Project to get creative with other aspects of their brewing operation as well – and you would be correct. Using non-traditional brewing and fermentation methods, Crux’s offerings have a flavor all their own. And that’s not even to mention the views. Show up at sunset to catch a panoramic view of dusk falling over the Cascade Mountains with a tasty local brew in hand.

🍺 Recommended Brews: Glow Stick, Crux IPA, Freakcake
“Great selection of beers. Away from most businesses because it's next to the freeway but the big open grass, picnic tables, corn hole, and food trucks help you forget. Also, if you have a big vehicle (campers, trailers) there's a lot of street parking. Kid + dog friendly! ” - Yelp Review

4 - Bend Brewing Co.

Brewing Beer on the Deschutes Since 1995

1019 NW Brooks Rd | Bend | bendbrewingco.com

With so many breweries to choose from in Bend, you may be wondering how Bend Brewing Co. managed to get dibs on its name. The answer is simple – by being one of the first on the scene. The second oldest brew pub in town, Bend Brewing Company has grown alongside Bend itself. Known for its award-winning beer, savory food, and beer-loving community, Bend Brewing Co. is a must-visit brewery for any self-respecting craft beer drinker in town.

Located downtown on Mirror Pond, Bend Brewing Co. has a laid-back atmosphere that locals love. Watch some sports, play some cornhole, or chow down with family and friends. Whatever the vibe of the evening is, you’ll be glad you chose to stop by.

🍺 Recommended Brews: Alpha Blonde, Tropic Pines, Elk Lake IPA
“Bend Brewing Company is a great place for a beer and some brew food. They have a nice outdoor seating area in which you sit at picnic tables and you have a view of the river. If you sit outside, you can order right from the food truck. Overall, we enjoyed the food, the beer, and the environment. We will be back.” - Yelp Review

5 - Cascade Lakes Brewpub

Putting Oregon Beer on the Map Since 1994

1441 SW Chandler Ave | Bend | cascadelakses.com

Founded in 1994, Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. is considered one of the pioneers in what is now a hopping (haha) region for beer-fanatics. Locally owned and operated by the Rhine family, Cascade Lakes Brewing Company is the only not-for-profit brewery in the Central Oregon Region. At both the Bend location and the sister brewpub in nearby Redmond, it’s all about real adventure, good times, and top-tier beer (of course).

Stop in for Bow Wow Bingo (benefiting local animal shelters) or college night, or just grab a brew and unwind after a day on the trails.

🍺 Recommended Brews: Pineapple IPA, Riverside Red, Mosaic IPA
“What a great brewery! The atmosphere was awesome, with a mountain vibe both inside and on the patio, which was dog friendly! Our table tried three different beers and all loved them. Overall a great spot, will definitely be going back.” - Yelp Review

6 - Broken Top Bottle Shop

Also Voted One of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Bend

1740 NW Pence Ln | Bend | btbsbend.com

If you’re looking for a brewery experience that goes above and beyond, look no further than Broken Top Bottle Shop. Not only do they have some of the best brews (and, as voted by the people, some of the best vegetarian food as well) – there’s also always something going on.

Enjoy 12 rotating taps of craft beer and cider or choose from 400+ bottles and cans. Then, settle in for one of their locally famous events. From live music to paint and sip nights to beer tasting events, there’s something for everyone.

🍺 Recommended Brews: Ski Babe, Get Your Shift Together Amber Ale, Former Glory
“Great spot to grab a drink and enjoy some brews with friends and family! We enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, easy to hold conversations but lively enough where we had a great time! Definitely will come back and try more items off the menu - we enjoyed the Spaghetti Squash Lasagna and the House Smoked Tri Tip Steak Salad, both were flavorful and tasty :)” - Yelp Review

7 - Silver Moon Brewing

Stellar, Balanced Beers from Bend’s 3rd Oldest Brewing Company

24 NW Greenwood Ave | Bend | silvermoonbrewing.com

Silver Moon Brewing knows a thing about good beer because they’ve been around the sun more than a few times. Led by the mascot of Lu the Lunanaut, Silver Moon Brewing’s rich history dates back to “when Destiny’s Child was still together, when Palm Pilots were still a thing, and when Bend only had three breweries.”

Since 2000, Silver Moon Brewing has taken advantage of Bend’s natural beauty – and the deliciously clean snow melt water hitting the rivers from the Cascade Mountains – to build a brewing company that locals and out of towners both love. Their location is “downtown-ish” and dates back to 1957. They raise money for cancer research through their F*ck Cancer campaign. And they brew some pretty amazing beer. What’s not to love?

🍺 Recommended Brews: Simon Says Hazy IPA, IPA 97, Billy Ray Citrus Tangerine IPA
“I loved this place! It has the perfect blend of indoor AND outdoor seating, and they have a full bar for those who don't want beer.” - Yelp Review

8 - Crooked Roots Brewing

Beer and Pizza in Nearby Prineville

420 N Main St | Prineville | crbrewing.com

Expand your exploration of the region’s beer scene when you give Crooked Roots Brewing a try. Located a hop, skip, and jump (or 49 minute drive) away in Prineville, OR, we’ve included Crooked Roots on this list because its unique vibe and delicious pizza keep the good people of Bend driving back for more.

Their pizza crust is thin, crispy, and hand-pressed – a heavenly texture that is perfected with three days of TLC. Plus, it pairs nicely with Crooked Roots’ own brews or a variety of other local craft beer offerings on tap.

🍺 Recommended Brews: Limey Lager, Camp Coffee Stout, Crooked River Apple Cider
“The largest selection of beer taps I've found in town! Great open environment for gatherings and outdoor covered and heated seating areas as well! Even pints to go options and growler fills available! All house made pizzas with a variety of flavors! Also gluten free options in mind for customers as well!” - Yelp Review

9 - Bridge 99 Brewery

Tasty Brews Paired with Bites from Local Food Trucks

63063 Layton Ave | Bend | bridge99brewery.com

Craft beer and foot trucks seem to go hand and hand, and that’s definitely the case here at Bridge 99 Brewery. In a town with countless breweries to choose from, Bridge 99 was missing something for a long time – and that thing was food. Now you can enjoy all of Bride 99’s tasty beers alongside homemade pizza or Hawaiian and Mexican options from local food trucks.

Wondering where the name Bride 99 came from? You’re not alone. It actually comes from the old tune “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” They wanted to combine the spirit of the old song with something unique to the area, and Lower Bridge – aka Bridge 99 – that crosses the Metolius River near Camp Sherman brought the whole idea together. Viola, Bridge 99 Brewing was born.

🍺 Recommended Brews: Intolerant IPA, Red Rock Crawler IPA, Headwaters Hefeweizen
“Upgrading to 5 stars. Bridge 99 is my second favorite brewery (after Bend Brewing) in a town replete with great breweries. Moreover, 99 boasts a superlative space with varied seating- inside and out- that works in all weather conditions.” - Yelp Review

Did you find your new favorite brewery in Bend?

We hope that this list has at least given you some ideas of where to grab a drink after your next hike in the area. Don’t forget to stop back soon – we’re always adding new guides on restaurants and things to do in Bend and all over the country.

Plus pretty please do us a solid and check out the GiftYa catalog – with thousands of local and national brands to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for someone on your list.

Till next time!

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