Bite Into 7 of the Freshest Slices Of Pizza In Orlando

A good slice of pizza is good for a lot, whether you need a pick-me-up or a meal for celebration, or just something tasty to conclude a long day. No matter why you’re craving pizza, once you take the first bite it’s sure to hit the spot! If you’re in the city of Orlando and a fellow pizza lover, you need to know where all the best slices are served. There are so many pizzerias that have their own take on the dough, sauce, and toppings, that everyone’s favorite is different! Here’s where you can start looking for your favorite pizza spot. 

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Pizza Bruno


3990 Curry Ford Rd.

Who doesn’t love Neapolitan pizza

Stop by Pizza Bruno’s bar for a refreshing drink to go with that pizza. This restaurant has the perfect cozy environment for enjoying a drink and pizza. Image courtesy of Pizza Bruno’s Facebook.

When you’re on the search for delicious pizza, you can’t leave out Pizza Bruno! This Neapolitan style pizzeria with Italian roots prepares their dough to perfection, and then collects the freshest and more delicious ingredients to top their pizzas off. You can’t miss out on these pizzas that are cooked in a wood fired oven, making them perfectly crusty. Try the pizza special, Major Crush, topped with basil, pesto, fresh mozzarella, shiitake mushrooms, and toasted pine nuts. Everything on this menu will impress you with its flavor! 

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“YESSS to amazing pizza and more at this gem… Definitely a homey spot. Service was fast and great. The star is the fooooood! The garlic knots- legit the best I've ever had… and the pizza- wow! All spot on, I loved every bite…” - Yelp Review

Cornerstone Pizza


1513 E Michigan St.

Get some pizza with the tastiest combination of toppings

Get every topping you love on your pizza once you’re at Cornerstone Pizza. It’s the toppings that make pizzas so magical! Image courtesy of Cornerstone Pizza’s Facebook.

The pizza at Cornerstone Pizza is traditional and done just right. Order big pizza pies for small prices, with all your favorite toppings like olives, pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions. Or try one of their speciality pizzas, such as their stuffed pizza with mozzarella, pepperoni, salami, and ham. If you want to order anything beside pizza, you also have to try their subs, wings, salads, and calzones. Of course, you can’t miss out on trying their pizza rolls and finally desserts such as their cannoli and cheesecake. 

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“Awesome quality pizza, definitely has the real New York pizza shop vibe, with the simple drink selections and small tables, no fluff, just straight pizza and other items. Got their cheesecake too which was good also, and the workers give good service too!” - Yelp Review

1803 Pizza Kitchen

Audubon Park

1803 E Winter Park Rd.

Perfect artisan pizzas are served up here

1803 Pizza Kitchen has a lot of Italian options, and especially delicious pizza. While you enjoy your slice you can sit in comfort in their trendy dining area. Image courtesy of 1803 Pizza Kitchen’s Facebook.

1803 Pizza Kitchen has the best tasting artisan pizzas in the city! They make their dough from scratch and stock up on the freshest ingredients. Try one of their speciality pizzas that have been crafted by their expert chefs, topped with balanced and perfectly paired toppings. Attention all vegetarian and vegans of Orlando, 1803 Pizza Kitchen also has an array of options for you too! Their vegan pizza is sprinkled with vegan cheese and melted to perfection, with topping options such as vegan sausage. All pizza lovers can find something delicious at this trendy spot in the city. 

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“If you are looking for some of the best Italian food in Orlando. You need to eat here. Everything I've had off the menu is beyond amazing. A definite favorite!” - Yelp Review

Planet Pizza


14 W Washington St.

A slice so delicious that it’s out of this world

Planet Pizza has all your favorite styles and toppings of pizza, and they always come out of the oven just right! Image courtesy of Planet Pizza’s Facebook.

Downtown is known for fresh and delicious pizza because of Planet Pizza! Order your favorite slice of pizza at this small joint in the city and it will make your day. Pizza Planet has the classic pizza styles that everyone loves, as well as some styles you may be less familiar with but still excited to try, such as cheese sicilian and spinach mushroom. There are a variety of other options at Planet Pizza that pair nicely with pizza, such as garlic knots, pepperoni rolls, and buffalo chicken. 

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“This is probably one of the best pizza places I have eaten… the pizza was so fresh and tasty. Not to mention the prices are fair and they stay open late for the people who want to enjoy some amazing pizza after some adult beverages.” - Yelp Review

King’s Pizza

Sand Lake

6550 International Dr.

Save your appetite for these huge pizzas!

Find a seat at King’s Pizza and figure out how hungry the family is and how big of a pizza you’re gonna need. Image courtesy of King Pizza’s Facebook.

We hope you’re hungry, because King Pizza isn’t afraid to go big! Get the 14, 18, or 24 inch pizza for you and the family. The pizza styles here are the tastiest you’ve ever tried, such as the veggie lover pizza that’s topped with green and red peppers, tomato, mushroom, and olives. For the meat lovers, try the bbq chicken pizza, the buffalo chicken pizza, or the appropriately named meat lover pizza that’s topped with pepperoni, ham, bacon, and italian sausage. There is a style of pizza here for everyone! 

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“Pizza was great! Ingredients were fresh. Crust is really nice. People were so nice! This is a really great little place. If you want great pizza at an affordable price (especially in the CityWalk area) then you should really check this place out. You won't regret it…” - Yelp Review

Anthony’s Pizza

Colonialtown South

1206 E Colonial Dr.

The perfect Italian family restaurant 

Slide into a booth and prepare to have a hard time deciding what you want. Everything on the menu looks too good! Image courtesy of Anthony’s Pizza’s Facebook

If you want a real taste of authentic Italian pizza, this is the pizzeria for you. Anthony’s Pizza has selected the best cheeses and has prepared the perfect dough for your tasting pleasure. A family will be well fed at this restaurant. Start with a delicious appetizer like buffalo wings or calamari before getting to the star of the show: the pizza! They have pizza sizes from small to extra large, and the family can choose from a list of toppings including mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, artichokes, and much, much more. 

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“This is by far some of the best pizza we've had. Real dough thin crust that has the perfect crisp. Fresh melted cheese that stretches when you pull. Plus the service is very friendly. Definitely recommend this parlor.” - Yelp Review

Lazy Moon Pizza

Park Lake

1011 E Colonial Dr.

Giant slices for the ultimate pizza fans 

These pizza slices are huge! One slice is a full meal. Image courtesy of Lazy Moon Pizza’s Facebook.

Huge slices for a huge appetite! Lazy Moon Pizza is notorious for their enormous slices. What’s even better about these slices are the taste. The aged dough, homemade sauce, and fresh ingredients make all the difference! Lazy Moon Pizza doesn’t just have delicious pizza, but is a fun place to order one of the 15 beers on tap and play a little bocce on their courts. This is the perfect spot for relaxing and having a good time while fulfilling that pizza craving. 

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“I LOVE, LOVE Lazy Moon! It's such a fun place and … their pizza is HUGE! It's definitely a kitschy type thing and that's why I love it! Just a slice is enough for a meal for one person and there are so many varieties to choose from…” - Yelp Review

Pizza is so well loved, which means there will always be a lot of pizzerias out there that are working on perfecting the slice. The hard part is figuring out where to find your favorite pizza pie. There’s no better place to start looking -- or rather, tasting -- than these hot spots in Orlando that are experts in the field of pizza making. Get a real taste of Orlando by ordering a slice and getting that taste of dough, sauce, and melted cheese. 

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