Best Spots for Brunch in Chicago

There is quite possibly nothing better than a leisurely brunch. This combination of breakfast and lunch is a staple in Chicago, a city known for decadent and hearty dishes. And we're not shy about the drinks, either. For many of us, a brunch would never be complete without an amazingly hearty Bloody Mary or a nice refreshing Mimosa.

We have plenty of restaurants that are famous for their brunch spreads. This combo meal has become a popular pastime, especially on weekends. It's a good hangover cure and an excellent excuse for a longer-than-average get-together over food. It's part hearty cuisine and part lovely indulgence.

In Chicago, you'll find a wide variety of options to choose from. Some places are the perfect setting for brunch with the parents and extended family. Other bars and grilles are a bit more high-key, with a younger crowd and bottomless drinks. Some establishments are sure to fit any budget. Others are a bit of an indulgence both in culinary experience and prices. We've tried to compile a list that has at least one winner for every brunch personality. Some are BYOB for the foodies who would like to drink but don't need a mixologist. Others have a full bar and interesting menu items.

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1. Lula Cafe

Everyone can enjoy a meal at this farm-to-table restaurant

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The Lula Cafe is a neighborhood icon in Logan Square. It is virtually famous for its elaborate and innovative brunch. They started the farm-to-table movement in the area and are known for their locally sourced, fresh ingredients. The place boasts a down-to-earth, fun vibe. Their chefs bring creative fun to the menu, so there's always something new and different from the regular restaurant dishes. You'll find interesting combinations that will keep you coming back for more.

There are items on the menu for everyone, from vegan creations to standard staples. They have a full bar, so you can enjoy your brunch with whatever alcoholic beverage you fancy. One of the best things about the Lula is the innovative menu. There are new and creative additions and the standards you'd expect. Breakfast sandwiches and the breakfast burrito are some of the favorites that their regulars keep coming back for every visit. The staff here is friendly, and there's plenty of seating. There is also an outside seating area that's amazing when the weather is nice. 

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2. M. Henry

Enjoy a packed environment at this classic Chicago brunch place

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You can't talk about brunch in Chicago without mentioning this Andersonville favorite. The M. Henry has been named one of the best brunch spots in the city by such notable places as Dish Network, Timeout Chicago, and Eater Chicago. It gets mentioned in any list of city brunches and the best breakfast places in the city. You'll know what the fuss is about the minute you walk in the door. The M. Henry is tasteful, unique, and very appealing. They have a great atmosphere in which to get comfortable, and you'll feel right at home before your meal even comes. The meal itself will make you wish you had tried them sooner.

They have special menus that change each season. This is primarily because they source their produce locally, so you know your food will always be fresh and tasty. They also have a variety of items for vegetarians and vegans, along with the typical American dishes you'd expect. The M. Henry is BYOB, so make sure to bring your own Champagne if you're in the mood for Mimosa with your meal.

3. Lavergne's Tavern

Get some sun with your plate of bacon and eggs!

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Located in Berwyn, just outside the city, this gem has gotten quite a name for itself in the few short years since it opened. They're famous for their Italian Beef Eggrolls. These are an appetizer you should definitely try if you're in the area because they're unique and very good. It's the traditional Italian beef on the inside of this fusion egg roll dish, with provolone cheese and giardiniera. An order consists of two eggrolls with au jus for dipping. 

They have a special brunch menu that's sure to knock your socks off. It includes things like soups and chicken and waffles. They also have standard items. like french toast and steak and eggs. Drink items include their fully loaded bloody mary and peach mango bellinis. It's a family-friendly restaurant, so there's a kids' menu. Lavergne's has plenty of seating, outside and in. There's a full bar with a wide variety of beer on tap. The bare brick and woodwork make it a really pretty place to sit for a while and socialize. They have a great, friendly atmosphere. It's also right next to the Burlington train, so it's a good stop if you're on your way into the city for the day.

4. Peach's Restaurant

What’s your favorite coffee drink? Peach’s restaurant has you covered

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If you want southern comfort food in the middle of Chicago and want to support a black-owned business, Peach's should be the top stop on your list. This restaurant is on the south side of the city, and the restaurant serves its food with a dose of charm and comfort.

Here, you can get favorites, like shrimp and grits, and the ever-popular Hangover Dish, which is fried chicken wings served with sweet and spicy hangover sauce that will make your mouth water. That item also comes with eggs and grits. The menu items are fantastic for anyone who likes southern dishes. They have traditional breakfast dishes, like pancakes and waffles, all served fresh and full of flavor. One of the things that you'll really love here is the friendly staff and patrons. This is an easy place to feel at home, even if you're not from the neighborhood.

5. Little Goat Diner

Make sure to reserve your spot in advance at this popular Chicago diner! 

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If you're looking for a great place for your brunch in the West Loop, look no further than the Little Goat Diner. As the name suggests, it's a traditional diner ambiance. The Little Goat has clean, comfortable seating with large booths and counter seating available. The service is always friendly, though you should make reservations if you're going during peak business hours, such as Saturday or Sunday brunch. There may be a wait otherwise, though most customers would tell you that it is well worth the wait.

There are some interesting menu items that regulars rave about. One of the most popular is the Little Piggy Went to China. This unique dish includes a scallion cheddar biscuit, sunnyside-up eggs (though you can have them cooked to your tastes), Sichuan pork sausage, smoked blueberries, and a sauce made with chili, garlic, and chives. It's a unique taste that customers here just love. Other items on their menu include unique takes on standard staples. For instance, the Bull's Eye French Toast includes crispy fried chicken and is another menu favorite.

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6. The Dime Restaurant and Bar

This restaurant is open for brunch all day long! 

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If you're looking for a great bar and restaurant to pre-game your Saturday or to end your weekend on a lively note, The Dime is a must-stop spot. They have bottomless drink options, such as Bloody Mary, Mimosa, and Bellinis. You might also opt for a Cold Brew and for a little extra, make it boozy with a shot of Jamo or Rumchata. It's a vibrant atmosphere with a friendly staff. It's usually pretty crowded so plan for a wait unless you get there early, but it's also a really good time with a lot of fun-loving patrons.

They have a small brunch menu that includes things like breakfast sandwiches and avocado toast. You should find something to fit most tastes and everything is well made and delicious. The real draw here is the great drinks menu, budget-friendly prices, and awesome ambiance. The staff will all feel like your best friends by the end of your meal.

7. Batter & Berries

Are you a fan of french toast? If so, look no further than Batter and Berries! 

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What can we say about Batter & Berries? The name alone tells you that it would be a fantastic brunch spot. This one is a BYOB so there is no alcohol served with your brunch. But you're welcome to bring your own champagne for Mimosas. 

The food here is beyond outstanding. There's a waitlist so it's a good idea to get a reservation for your Saturday or Sunday experience. The most popular menu items are the amazing french toast offerings. They even have a flight of french toast so you get a little taste of each of their unique flavors. Service is always exceptional and the staff is super friendly. They have a large menu so even the pickiest eater in your party will find something to love.

8. The Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake for brunch? Heck yes! 

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Cheesecake Factory gift card

We are huge fans of Cheesecake Factory. They are a nice mix of great atmosphere and decor, delicious food, and affordable prices. While the Cheesecake Factory is best known for its dinner, they offer a pretty great weekend brunch, as well! You can stop by for a full menu of brunch classics, including egg and pancake combos, egg platters, and delectable pancakes! 

Oh, and one more thing: the cheesecake! Their cheesecake alone makes this a top pick for food gift cards. We really like it here, and we think your friend will too! There are a lot of options, and your friend is sure to find something that they like for dinner. That being said, this gift card also opens up the possibility for them to swing by and pick up some cheesecake to go! 

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9. Yolk

Enjoy creative breakfasts and juice at Yolk!

 breakfasts and juice
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Yolk is an exciting and upbeat restaurant in Chicago that has a spectacular menu of fun brunch items that are sure to perk the interest of any restauranteur in town! You can start your visit with one of their seasonal coffee drinks or opt for their signature pour-over, americano, or more! Their menu is filled with sweet and savory breakfast dishes, as well as delicious burgers, sandwiches, and salads. 

10. The Breakfast Club and Grill 

Enjoy a boozy breakfast at this sweet spot! 

a plate of breakfast food
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The Breakfast Club and Grill has been happily serving customers for thirty years. This brunch spot has a menu full of classics perfected by their seasoned chefs. Eggs, pancakes, house specials: they’ve got it all! On top of this restaurant’s fantastic brunch menu, they have a full bar! You can enjoy your favorite brunch drinks alongside your meal. 

11. Station Market and Bar 

Pop-out of your hotel room and enjoy this amazing street-style brunch place

a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and nuts on a white plate
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Next on our list is Station Market and Bar. Don’t knock this restaurant just because it is on the bottom floor of a Marriott! This restaurant provides access to many classic brunch dishes and drinks. You can enjoy an expertly-made coffee drink with a well-prepared plate of eggs or pancakes. 

These are our favorite brunch spots in Chicago! 

Have you found your next brunch spot? We hope so! With a list as amazing as this one, we’d be surprised if none of them caught your eye. Once you have found your destination, all that’s left is to try it out for yourself. We hope you or your friends have an amazing time at this restaurant. You can order a gift card at GiftYa to send an eGift card to anyone in the country.

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