Best Places to Get Your Brows Done in Chicago

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The shape and maintenance of your eyebrows have a big impact on the way you look and feel. It's one of those things you notice but don't really know what the improvement is. As people who take great care of their eyebrows will tell you, it's a boost of confidence to have them done perfectly.

While you can pluck your eyebrows with tweezers at home, often having an aesthetician shape your eyebrows professionally can do a much better job. Some people will go in to have theirs done routinely. Others will just schedule appointments occasionally and maintain the shape with at-home techniques.

Brow shaping is available for both men and women and there are a number of options. Here, we'll discuss three of the most popular brow shaping treatments and give you a list of some of the best businesses in Chicago that specialize in these services. 

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Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a popular treatment for both men and women. There are several benefits to waxing. The hair grows back softer and some of the hair won't grow back in the areas that are regularly waxed. This makes it easier to maintain your shape. 

With waxing, the technician or aesthetician shapes your eyebrow professionally. They work with the natural shape of your brow and create an overall more polished line. The wax is applied and strips are used to press into the wax and remove the hair in one motion. Often only a few small strips are used for each brow. 

Once the hair is removed, they may need to quickly pluck a few stubborn or stray hairs. Then they would remove any residual wax and apply a treatment to soothe the skin.

The area often stays red and may appear slightly puffy for a few hours after the treatment. For most people, the redness goes away within an hour or two. 

There are variables to the amount of time in between waxing treatments. Some people's hair growth is faster and thicker than others. For most people, waxing treatments might be scheduled every four to six weeks. But for some people, it's really every two or three. A lot of people will find they need waxing treatments less frequently the longer they do it because less hair will grow back in and the hair will be finer and softer. 

In between treatments, you may find that you need to pluck the hair, here and there to remove stubborn strays.

Eyebrow Tinting

Some people have thin, fine eyebrows naturally. Also, eyebrow hair thins and color may fade with age. You get gray hair in your eyebrows the same as you would on your head or any other facial hair.

Eyebrow tinting applies color to your brows to give you a more youthful appearance and thicken your brows. Eyebrow tinting can help thicken your brow line and lengthen it, for a more pleasing appearance. 

When you go in for eyebrow tinting, they will work to precisely match the eyebrow shade to your natural hair color. They will apply a protective layer (petroleum jelly or some form of oil-based gel) around the brows to protect the skin and ensure a clean, precise line. This way, you don't need to worry about accidentally dying the skin around your brows.

Gray or white hair can be stubborn to dye, so it's important you work with someone familiar with the process. For most people, eyebrow tinting lasts from four to six weeks. Though your hair growth may be faster or slower than average.

Tinted eyebrows are fairly easy to maintain. They will give you instructions on care for the first day, such as the types of facial cleansers you should use. The process itself is fast and painless. Normally the procedure takes less than 30 minutes.

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading has been gaining in popularity in the United States in the last decade. It's a technique that has been used in Asia for centuries. With this process, they use thread to remove whole rows of hair, quickly and easily. 

The benefit of threading is that it removes hair that's difficult to remove with waxing, such as the very fine peach fuzz around the area. It is about as painful as waxing. The threading technique removes the hair to the root and because it works in whole rows, you have a very precise brow line at the end of the process.

Threading lasts about as long as waxing, so if you're someone who needs to get waxed every four weeks, you can expect roughly the same time between maintenance with threading. You can also expect the area to be red and slightly puffy for a few hours after the treatment.

Treatments generally take the same amount of time as waxing, though there is no residual wax or dye to clean up, like tinting and waxing. The hair will grow back thinner and finer, the same way it would with waxing.

Top Places in Chicago for Eyebrow Treatments

There are a number of great salons and spas in the Chicagoland area that offer excellent brow treatments. Some salons are full service, while others specialize only in hair removal. You can find some salons that work specifically with threading or waxing. Some work with all types of hair removal and offer tinting services. 

Whether you're looking for a full day of beauty or a quick stop for brow maintenance, you can find something close to home on our list.

Here are some of our favorites.

Vendetta's Salon and Day Spa

Image Courtesy of Yelp

Vendetta's Salon and Day Spa is a full services salon. They offer cuts, styles, and colors. But they also offer eyebrow waxing, tinting, and eyelash services. This is an ideal location if you want a full day of beauty or if you'd like one central location for your manicures, pedicures, hair styling, and brow maintenance needs.

The staff is friendly and the spa is relaxing. 

Eyebrow Expressions

Image Courtesy of Yelp

Located in Bolingbrook, Eyebrow Expressions was one of the first salons to bring threading to the Chicago land area. A clean and beautiful salon. They specialize in threading and tinting eyebrows. They also do lash extensions and, one of their most popular services is henna tattoos. 

The work here is outstanding and customers continue to come back for special occasions and just to feel special. You can schedule services individually or for large parties. Many women schedule services for bridal parties, proms, and special occasions, like birthdays.

Perfect Eyebrows

Image Courtesy of Yelp

Perfect Eyebrows is located in Chicago. They offer full face threading, eyebrow threading, and eyebrow tinting. It's a beautiful salon and the aesthetician will walk you through the process, consult with you on the exact shape of your brows, and make a recommendation for the right services for your desired look.

Many people come here after having services elsewhere that removed too much hair. Looks change with the brow line, just like everywhere else. They specialize in working with clients to help them achieve the right look and perfect lines. In some cases, that might mean letting brow lines grow in certain areas. In other cases, it means better shaping.

They cater to both men and women. 

MinShu's Threaded Eyebrows

Located in Plainfield, they are a full-service salon that specializes in eyebrow threading. They take great care with their customers and can offer a consultation to find the best treatments for your brow. They serve both men and women and do offer other services. Some services at their salon include massages, hair cuts, and color. They also offer lash extension services.

MinShu's is relatively inexpensive and convenient to those in the Plainfield area. They do excellent work.

The Wax Effect

Located in Glyn Ellyn, The Wax Effect is a small salon that specializes in all forms of hair removal. Some treatments they offer include bikini and Brazilian waxing. They also offer a wide array of brow treatments and facial hair removal. 

Because they are a spa that specializes in hair removal, they are well equipped to work with every skin type. This means they can recommend the right removal techniques for your skin and make recommendations for regular maintenance. It's a comfortable and well-maintained salon. Service is friendly and affordable.

Maro's Eyebrow Sculpting

Maro's is located in Willowbrook and has been in business for many years. They specialize in eyebrow sculpting and many regular customers wouldn't trust anyone else to their brow besides Maro.

They offer full-service eyebrow sculpting, will counsel you on the best shape and services for your face and hair type. They are a little more expensive than some other services but they have a long track record and are highly experienced in working with brows. They cater to both men and women and come highly recommended.


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