We Can Definitely Toast To Finding The Best Pancakes In Los Angeles!

Fluffy, butter-y, and delicious, these breakfast spots in LA are serving up the best flapjacks and we’re here to list ‘em!

The key to good pancakes are three factors:

  • Get all of your toppings ready before you put your batter on the stovetop/griddle– (have everything prepared/warmed up so they go on nicely when you finish cooking)
  • Mix the batter juusst right, so you have good consistency– (make sure to not over mix).
  • Know when to flip the hotcakes while they’re cooking and once they are done, serve 'em hot!
  • Now you know what goes into making the perfect pancakes, so you’ll be happy to know that all of these techniques and more are used when making the best pancakes in Los Angeles!

That’s right. Today we’re gonna talk about a few restaurants that are serving up tasty hotcakes and other breakfast/brunch foods that are sure to make your morning absolutely delightful.

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1. The Griddle Café

Craving sugar? These pancakes are sure to satisfy every sweet tooth at the café!

Tasty pancakes that are almost the size of the table!! Image courtesy of The Griddle Cafe Instagram page.

7916 Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles | thegriddlecafe.com

Pancakes are a very well loved breakfast food, and The Griddle Café takes pride in offering you some that are very delicious and downright creative– like their ‘Golden Ticket’ pancake which uses their “Bananana” pancakes as a base, then it’s filled with caramel, walnut, and streusel, topped with whipped cream, more carmel, and more streusel.

Looking through their selection of pancakes it’s hard to choose which ones to highlight because they all sound so good, but the “Selfie On Sunset” sounds especially good as they are cinnamon-sugar, chocolate chip and cream cheese icing-filled buttermilk originals…topped with whipped butter and cinnamon-sugar…so much sweetness!

The Griddle Café pancakes are so popular, you can buy their special pancake mix on Amazon (but be warned, they can sell out fast). Aside from pancakes, the café is known for its hand-crafted cocktails, wines, and beers — as well as a selection of delectable omelets, french toast, and egg dishes. Feel free to indulge when you’re at the Griddle Café.

“This is just a super great place, not only for the incredible food, but for the atmosphere. Good home-style food (big portions) served hot and to order, and a wait staff that remembers you after only one visit! I take out of town guests to this place” -Yelp Review

2. CiCi’s Cafe

Gorgeous pancakes that taste even better than they look make for the best pancakes in Los Angeles!

If you’re a fan of THICC pancakes, well look no further than CiCi’s! Image courtesy of the CiCi’s Cafe Instagram page.

18912 Ventura Blvd | Tarzana | ciciscafe.com

Famous for having the “Largest Menu in the World,” CiCi’s Café offers patrons over eighty different types of pancakes, French toasts, waffles, and crepes. Made from the owner’s own homemade recipes, customers can now regularly order some of the best:

From the famous “Tiramisu Pancakes” (kahlua, chocolate chips, house mascarpone cream & cocoa powder), to the classic “Dutch Baby” pancakes (german pancake with powdered sugar served with fresh lemon), and/or the mouth-watering “Chocolate Velvet” pancakes (red velvet pancakes topped with silky chocolate mascarpone cream sauce & whipped cream).

CiCi’s Café has been featured in “Food Paradise,” “Localish,” and was recognized as one of the “Top 10 Breakfast in the West San Fernando Valley” by LA Weekly Newspaper. Come taste their delectable pancake creations and discover for yourself why this café has become such a local favorite.

“Pancakes are amazing. Would recommend folks to come and try their selection of pancakes. The place is popular and always packed! I think food is a little pricey! But it has been a good experience overall. Service is top notch too.” -Yelp Review

3. Bea Bea’s

A family owned restaurant serving delicious specialty pancakes and other breakfast goodies!

Get a little festive while dining on the best pancakes in Los Angeles! Image courtesy of the Bea Bea’s Facebook photo page.

353 N Pass Ave | Burbank | beabeas.com

If you like your pancakes extra-large, then you’ll love ordering at Bea Bea’s. This eatery is known for serving giant pancakes with excellent sugary-sweet/savory flavors. It’s been family-owned since they opened back in 2008, and they’ve made the local community feel-like family every week by dishing out amazing breakfast foods. 

You can enjoy pancakes like the “Super Star” (blueberries, strawberries, and bananas all on top of buttermilk pancakes), “Uh Oh Oreos” (made with, you guessed it, oreo cookies, marshmallows, & walnuts), and the “Bea Bea’s Breakfast Pancake” (over a medium egg, ham and cheddar cheese in pancake batter).

Aside from pancakes, you can find 17 different variations of French toast and 20 different waffle and crepe creations. Customers really appreciate the family friendly atmosphere and the menu’s accommodations for those on gluten-free and vegan diets.

“First time here. Had the pumpkin pancakes and volcano scramble. Both were really good, ESPECIALLY the pumpkin pancakes!! Waited about 30-40 minutes on a Sunday at 11. We walked to the Starbucks and waited there a bit. Will definitely be back!” -Yelp Review

4. Jacks N Joe

Order your one-of-a-kind pancakes from this popular LA breakfast spot!

These “WTF pancakes” are sure to cause an eyebrow raise both in how they look and taste! Image courtesy of the Jacks N Joe Yelp photo page.

2498 S Figueroa St | Los Angeles | jacksnjoe.com

Jacks N Joe serves breakfast all day, which saves you the trouble of knowing when to come in for their pancakes! You’ll find some truly great pancake creations here, including “Roo’s Favorite” (3 chocolate chip pancakes topped with brown sugar butter, real whipped cream, and sprinkled with powdered sugar), the “Aloha Boy” (3 pancakes with pineapple puree, topped with toasted coconut, butter, and sprinkled with powdered sugar), and the always popular “WTF?!” (6 crazy-shaped pancakes topped with their very own sweetened cream cheese, seasonal berries, and of course, powdered sugar).

There’s also a nice selection of French toast, omelets (including a create your own option), a “Lite & Savory” breakfast section, as well as multiple combo options. For people who love a good breakfast, Jacks N Joe knows how to make your first bite of the day special.

“The food was delicious (especially the hash browns)! Service was also great and quick, super accommodating for our large table of 8. I'll definitely be coming back here! Be warned the parking lot is small and tight.” -Yelp Review

5. More Than Waffles

Serving tasty Belgian waffles and other delicious breakfast options!

Serving a mountain of hotcakes, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream…yum! Image courtesy of the More Than Waffles Facebook photo page.

17200 Ventura Blvd #109 | Encino | morethanwaffles.com

You’ll find a variety of different waffles to choose from at More Than Waffles, which has been said by many as the best Belgian waffles in Encino! They have waffles like the Banana Fudgen Pumpkin Pecan, and more to choose from. The restaurant also serves other breakfast favorites, including Eggs Benedict, French toast, and of course, pancakes. 

Made with the same care as their waffles, you can order well-loved classics like the blueberry, chocolate chip, or coconut pecan pancakes. Or, if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, try something more adventurous like their Bacon & Cheddar, Oreo, or Almond Joy pancakes. There are also gluten-free options (made with almond milk) and a full “Healthy Menu” for those with dietary restrictions.

“Amazing food!!! Super nice service! Food comes out really fast. The waitresses are so sweet! The food is so delicious I've never had such good tasting food before The atmosphere is really cozy and the decore is beautiful. Dutch/cottagecore aesthetic” -Yelp Review

6. Aloha Food Factory

Taste the flavors of home-style Hawaii at this comfy-casual restaurant!

Pancakes with toppings on top will always be superior pancakes. Image courtesy of the Aloha Food Factory Facebook photo page.

2990 W Valley Blvd | Alhambra | alohafoodfactory.com

You’ll find plenty of Hawaiian and Asian-influenced dishes on the menu at Aloha Food Factory, where people regularly enjoy the Kalua Pork, Spam Musubi, and Chicken Katsu. 

However, since pancakes are what you’re looking for, be sure not to miss the Macadamia Nut Pancakes — now available both earlier and later than before thanks to popular demand. One bite of these special pancakes with their custard topping and crunchy macadamia nuts and you’ll know what all the fuss is about. 

If you love old-school Asian cooking and great pancakes, you’ll love the Aloha Food Factory.

“Hubby and I missed Hawaiian food so much we decided to give this place a try, the service was amazing the staff was super friendly. The location is a bit small we ordered to go. The macadamia nut pancakes are delicious! We will be returning. Thank you.” -Yelp Review

7. Alcove

Enjoy classic breakfast choices in a family friendly atmosphere at this lovely spot!

Brunch? Top tier. Brunch with the best pancakes in Los Angeles? Mega top tier. Image courtesy of the Alcove Cafe & Bakery Instagram page.

1929 Hillhurst Ave | Los Angeles | alcovecafe.com

You’ll find classic American breakfasts, lunches, and dinners along with hand-crafted cocktails, craft beers, and fine wines at Alcove Café & Bakery. Offering a family-friendly atmosphere in a restaurant made from two historic restored bungalows, this café is a popular destination for groups ready to enjoy a good breakfast or brunch. 

There’s plenty of well known delicious dishes here like Eggs Benedict, breakfast burritos, smoked salmon breakfast stacks, and pancakes. A smaller selection but still quite good, you can have their pumpkin pancakes, lemon ricotta pancakes, and regular buttermilk. If you’re looking for a menu with something for the whole family to enjoy, Alcove Café & Bakery has breakfasts you can share with everyone!

“Loved this place!!! Its kind of like urth caffè but it is its own little ma and pa shop. The food was great and the servers were nice!!! Definitely also try their huge chocolate chip cookies because they're super delicious and chewy!” -Yelp Review

8. The Original Pantry Cafe

A casual diner serving big portions of American classics all day!

A table full of breakfast favorites to eat and then take home in boxes for later! Image courtesy of The Original Pantry Instagram page.

877 S Figueroa St | Los Angeles | pantrycafe.restaurant

Open 24 hours a day since 1924, The Original Pantry has been serving the populace of Los Angeles for almost 100 years! The diner is open and ready to serve a huge variety of breakfast dishes that you’re sure to enjoy. Plus, if you enjoy that classic diner feel then you’ll especially love The Original Pantry.

They of course have pancakes you can order that are buttery and tasty, but they also have other delicious popular breakfast items on the menu so you know what to order for later! You can try out their Eggs, Potatoes, and Toast combo, French Toast, Bacon and Cheese Omelet, and Ham & Cheese Omelet.

“I dined here for the first time and was impressed with the menu. There are breakfast and lunch options available. The food was seasoned well, and I had no complaints. The salsa was a bonus for my omelet. The sausage patties looked like sirloin steak.” -Yelp Review

9. Blu Jam Cafe

This bustling cafe is serving up American-European breakfast that’s too good!

Sometimes the more “basic” looking pancakes are the best tasting pancakes. Image courtesy of the blujamcafe Instagram page.

7371 Melrose Ave | Los Angeles | blujamcafe.com

What started as a dream to make a casual cafe using only local and organic ingredients to create gourmet dishes at prices you won’t lose sleep over became a reality when the first Blu Jam Cafe opened on Melrose Avenue. Now with seven total locations, this charming cafe has made itself known throughout California as a place with some of the best breakfast and lunch out there!

On the breakfast menu there’s an array of lovely dishes to enjoy from their Chiquitas, Breakfast Pasta, and Brunch Burger, to their Vegan Organic Tofu Tostada, Hangover Scramble, and their popular French Toast! (Make sure to look at the different locations and such to see where they serve their pancakes).

“My son wanted to go there for his 20th birthday, so we went to the downtown Los Angeles location. Food is delicious and you get healthy size portions for the right price. Service was good and the wait wasn't to long. The vibe was real chill and everyone enjoyed themselves.” -Yelp Review

10. John O' Groats

“Old fashioned daytime grub” served in a run of the mill neighborhood spot.

Up close to a hotcake with chocolate chips melting on top. Let’s go! Image courtesy of the John O’Groats Restaurant Facebook page.

10516 W Pico Blvd | Los Angeles | johnogroats.us

In 1982 Angelica and Robert Jacoby opened up John O’Groats and after a few months it became a well-known favorite among locals and highly acclaimed by critics. And the reasoning behind their success has been buying the very best and freshest ingredients from local producers and farmers. With those ingredients and talented chefs in the kitchen, John O’Groats is serving up tasty dishes to all who stop on by!

This restaurant has a breakfast and lunch menu with a great variety of foods to enjoy, but we’re here about pancakes! You can try out their Renowned Buttermilk Pancakes, High Fiber Buckwheat Pancakes, O’Groats Applesauce Pancakes, or their O’Groats Lemon Pancakes. There’s more options, but those are some that stick out, be sure to check them all out to see what you’d like to get.

“Great food. Biscuits are amazing and the staff is super accommodating. We went for breakfast while visiting our daughter.  We had a group of 8 and they delivered!!  You wouldn't even know it was there from the outside but it is roomy and has a nice patio in the back” -Yelp Review

If you’re a sweet tooth or simply just love pancakes then you are sure going to enjoy any of the places on our list as they really do make the best pancakes in Los Angeles. (They also have a bunch of other great breakfast options to enjoy which is stellar).

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