Best Barbeque Restaurants in the Los Angeles Area

In the mood for some great baby back ribs, smoked brisket, or spareribs? Barbeque is one meal best enjoyed with friends, and the restaurants below showcase some of the best BBQ eateries in the Los Angeles area. From Korean-style dishes to Tex-Mex, you’ll find the perfect barbeque dishes for every palate in your group here.

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TK Café

Wonderful vegetarian, meat, and soup dishes at TK Café

Soup, vegetables, and beef from TK Café. Image courtesy of Yelp.

158 W. Foothill Blvd | Monrovia

TK Café is known for its very generous portions. Some diners find that a single entrée can feed two or even three people. The barbeque is Hawaiian style here, letting you feast on BBQ chicken and BBQ beef alongside salmon teriyaki, salt & pepper tofu, and Portuguese sausage musubi. The café also offers dim sum if you really want to indulge.

If you want to sample TK Café’s great wonton soup and steamed pork dumplings alongside some great barbeque, stop on in. You’ll be feasting on some of the best Hawaiian BBQ and dim sum in town.

“This place is delicious and gives you A LOT of food. I made the BBQ plate last three meals.” — Yelp Review

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Bludso’s Bar & Que

Great BBQ for reasonable prices

Amazing whole smoked brisket at Bludso’s Bar & Que. Image courtesy of Yelp.

609 N. La Brea Ave | Fairfax/

Budso’s Bar & Que serves up great cocktails, beer, sports, and of yes … some of LA’s best Texas barbeque. Started by Kevin Bludso, one of the judges on the Netflix BBQ competition show The American BBQ Showdown, this popular local BBQ joint makes sure you enjoy some classic smoked meat served with all your favorite sides. Order some beef back ribs, the brisket & hot link sandwich. Like big sandwiches? The Texas Red Hot Links gives you a massive amount of meat seasoned with savory sauce.

Still have room for dessert? Bludso’s offers great Mexican Lime Pie, peach pie, and more. A great place for lunch and dinner that can offer both casual and classy experiences.

“I got a quarter-pound of brisket and ribs and WOW, it was a great amount of yummy meat for only $18.” — Yelp Review

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Hae Jang Chon Korean Restaurant

All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ lets you eat all the barbeque you want

Delicious beef brisket with kimchee. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3821 W. 6th Street | Koreatown/

Make sure to come in between 11:00AM and 3:00PM for the all-you-can-eat BBQ at Hae Jang Chon Korean Restaurant. Can’t make it? No problem. Hae Jang Chon also offers an all-you-can-eat dinner option too. Located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Koreatown, this barbeque restaurant has been voted the most delectable deal in Los Angeles and Southern California.

It’s easy to see why. Hae Jang Chon takes pride in using high-quality meats to offer favorites like the pork belly, beef tongue, and always-popular beef brisket. Diners rave about the freshness of the dishes and excellent service. It’s a popular place though, so make sure you come in early.

“The food was PHENOMENAL! They have a lot of choices and we probably went through half before we hit our fill.” — Yelp Review

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The Park’s Finest

Great cuts of meat cooked Filipino style

Great selection at The Park’s Finest. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1267 W. Temple St. | Echo Park/

The Park’s Finest offers both Filipino and American cuisine, which results in diners enjoying a very unique and delicious barbeque menu. Try the coconut beef along with the tri tip and short rib. Mama Leah’s Gata and the smoked gouda mac also receive good reviews.

Initially a mobile catering service, The Park’s Finest boasts twenty years of experience in its Southeast Island version of the “backyard boogie.” Enjoy the finest cuts of American meat cooked with amazing Filipino flavor. When you enter The Park’s Finest, you’ll enjoy a casual sit-down experience like no other.

“Short rib – OMG. Tender as hell. Flavorful as hell. Melts in your mouth. And it’s presented on the bone – you don’t even need a knife to cut it, just use a fork!” — Yelp Review

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Bulgogi Hut

All you can eat BBQ made your way at Bulgogi Hut

Delicious rib finger meat at Blugogi Hut. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3600 Wilshire Blvd Ste 100C | Koreatown, Wilshire Center/

Bulgogi Hut offers an all-you-can-eat Korean Barbeque experience where you can cook your own meat to perfection. Located in Koreatown, you’ll enjoy fine Asian fusion here with their thin sliced pork belly, marinated chicken, and kalbi ribs. All meats are sliced fresh to order and go directly from the grill to your plate, ensuring a very flavorful meal.

For fans of Korean BBQ, side dishes (or banchans) are almost as important as the meat itself. Bulgogi Hut offers daikon wraps and rice paper that you can use to enhance the flavor of your meal. And don’t forget to season your meat with all the special brisket sauces and marinades. With so many options, it’s hard to choose a favorite — which is why it’s probably a good thing this eatery offers all-you-can-eat barbeque.  

“The selection is on point! The kalbi ribs were the best and a nonstop order from your table. The service was spot on. Our waiter was mad funny and constantly came through with the clean grill.” — Yelp Review

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AJ’s Tex-Mex & Barbeque

Classic barbeque dishes made from quality meats and delivered with great service

Awesome BBQ at AJ’s Tex-Mex & Barbeque. Image courtesy of Yelp.

12123 Riverside Dr. | Valley Village/

Looking for good, old fashioned central Tex-Mex barbeque? Then come on over to AJ’s Tex-Mex & Barbeque where, along with its sister bar Pat’s Cocktails, you’ll enjoy a night out with awesome BBQ and great drinks.

You’ll find all the classics here: brisket sandwiches, spare ribs plates, and pulled pork sandwiches. Plus, Pat’s Cocktails offers a full bar with twelve beers on tap and daily drink specials. If it’s early in the day, you’ll find some fun BBQ breakfast and lunch options like the Brisket Breakfast Taco.

“Great quality meat, great taste, and great service. Do yourself a favor and come down to Anthony and John’s, you will not regret it! Traditional Texan BBQ at your fingertips, or should I say tastebuds!” — Yelp Review

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Eight Korean BBQ

Traditional Korean cuisine with a modern style

Great seasoning options at Eight Korean BBQ. Image courtesy of Yelp.

863 S. Western Ave. | Koreatown/

Koreatown has plenty of barbeque restaurants, but people appreciate Eight Korean BBQ for its wide range of different pork and beef cuts, which can be seasoned with their delectable marinades. Pair your meat with wine, black sesame, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste & red pepper for a truly unique and flavorful barbeque.

Served alongside their seafood soup and kimchi fried rice, you’ll definitely enjoy your meal at Eight Korean BBQ where taste and presentation are both exemplary.

“For a party of 6, we got the 8 flavors pork combo and the prime beef combo which was plenty of food. This place specializes in pork so I’d say it’s a must order.” — Yelp Review

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Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

Great service and delicious BBQ dishes

Mouth-watering tri-tip, brisket and pulled pork platter. Image courtesy of Yelp.

110 N. 1st St. | Burbank/

You’ll find a very extensive menu of barbeque dishes at Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill including their popular BBQ chopped salad and a selection of Wood-Fired BBQ dishes including baby back ribs, wood ranch tri tip, and smoked brisket. There’s also a number of oak-grilled steaks, burgers, and other sandwiches.

Sides are a big part of good barbeque, and Wood Ranch offers all the traditional options, including grilled corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, and an Idaho baked potato. If you enjoy a drink with your meal, you can order from several house specialty margaritas, hand-crafted cocktails, tequilas, and whiskeys.

“They have by far the best bbq chopped salad in town and I get it with tri tip and it’s just absolutely filling and delicious!” — Yelp Review

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