8 Best Pizza Restaurants in Denver, CO That Locals Just Love

There are so many reasons to eat pizza. Late nights out on the town when you’ve had a little too much to drink and need something greasy to soak it up. Temperatures far too hot to find the energy to cook for yourself. A good old fashioned craving. Whatever the reasons for your quest to find good pizza in Denver, you’re sure to find something you like. With pizza styles ranging from classic, thin crust, hand-tossed pizzas to deep dish Chicago style pizzas, there's a little something here for everyone.

Below, you’ll find the 8 best pizza restaurants in Denver, Colorado.

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Pizza Alley

3499 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211 | Highland, Northwest | pizzaalley.com

Fresh toppings and options for people with food allergies? Pizza Alley is where it’s at!

Passed on pizza for years because of a gluten allergy? Now you don’t have to! Image courtesy of Pizza Alley Instagram

Denver, Colorado is quite a long distance away from New York City (1,620 miles, to be exact), but the owners of Pizza Alley have been making sure you don’t have to travel that long distance for a slice of New York’s finest since 1976.

If you’re a fan of fresh toppings, homemade pizza sauce, and consistency, Pizza Alley will definitely want to be on your list of Denver pizza joints to try soon. 

Whether you’ve just moved from the Big Apple or you’ve just flown in for a business trip, with Pizza Alley, you can be sure to have a slice of home nearby for however long you plan to stay!

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“This is HANDS DOWN our favorite pizza in Denver. It's a true NYC style pie and it's the only pizza I will eat. We love it. The prices are great and the service is always wonderful as well.” - Yelp Review

Pizza Republica

890 14th St, Denver, CO 80202 | CBD, Northwest | pizzarepublica.com

Hot, bubbly, fresh mozzarella definitely rounds out these Neapolitan style pies.

You’ll be salivating as soon as you walk in the door of Pizza Republica! Image courtesy of Pizza Republica Instagram

Do you think of pizza as a work of art? Well, so do the people behind Pizza Republica - one of Denver’s few, authentic Neapolitan pizza places. Rest assured, no pizza you get from Pizza Republica will look like the one at the table beside you.

What sets this particular pizza place apart from the others in the city is that they actually use a wood fired brick oven to cook each pizza. Fired up to a consistent 1,000 degrees, this traditional Italian method of cooking pizza lightly chars the outer edges of your crust, leaving a soft interior.

They have over twelve traditional Neapolitan recipes from you to choose between, or you can build your own pizza using any of their fresh ingredients.

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“In the downtown area, not far from the rail. Service was really nice and fast. I had a margherita pizza with chicken. The crust was so perfect.” - Yelp Review


Sexy Pizza

1018 E 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80218 | Capitol Hill | sexy.pizza

Feel sexy and participate in some sexy philanthropy when you eat a pie from Sexy Pizza.

We knew philanthropy was tasty, but who knew it could be this tasty? Image courtesy of Sexy Pizza Instagram

Is the one thing you always look for in a pizza a fresh dough? At Sexy Pizza, they hand toss the crusts of every single one of their pies as soon as the dough has risen enough. 

Not impressed yet? Sexy pizza is most well-known for their philanthropy. Each year, they partner with a number of community organizations and movements, and a portion of their proceeds for every pie they make goes to those organizations. Now that’s sexy!

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“This pizza is the best pizza EVER! Get the sexy sheikh. The customer service is great, they've never let me down. This is a great local pizza place to support. The best!!” - Yelp Review


Paxti’s Pizza

185 Steele St, Denver, CO 80206 | Cherry Creek | paxtispizza.com

Delicious, fresh, Chicago deep dish pizza is right around the corner.

Can’t get enough of the sauce? Paxti’s has some to spare. Image courtesy of Paxti’s Pizza Instagram

Everyone has that favorite style of pizza that they just can’t get enough of. If you’ve never been able to find something that compares to cheesy, gooey, lake of sauce Chicago deep dish style pizza, look no further.

Yes, even in Denver, Colorado, you can find a deep dish pie that will taste just like you’re in Chicago. This year, stick to home to find your pizza. Why travel when you can find your favorite pie right here in the city?

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“If I had known their GF pizza was so good I would have been eating here years ago. They're very accommodating with substitutions - I don't like bell pepper so they but pepperoncini peppers no problem.” - Yelp Review


Capitol Pizza

329 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203 | Uptown | itscapitolpizza.com

It’s not about the size of the shop, it’s about the quality of the pizza.

Heralded as some of the best in all of Denver, you won’t want to miss out on Capitol Pizza. Image courtesy of Capitol Pizza Instagram

Sometimes the best pizza places are the ones that look completely unassuming on the outside. If you’re not looking carefully, you might almost miss Capitol Pizza in Denver, but that’s why it’s a bit of a hidden gem.

They offer limited seating, so you’ll probably want to order your pizza for takeout here, but you won’t be disappointed. 

With homemade dough made daily, a special family recipe for their sauce, fresh veggies cut right at their preparation station, and unprocessed meats, each of the pies at Capitol Pizza are made with love.

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“I know my Italian food.  I know my pizza. Mama Mia!! I love this pizza!  Also the staff is really friendly and so was the delivery driver to our little staycation downtown.” - Yelp Review


Brava! Pizzeria Della Strada

3200 Pecos St, Denver, CO 80211 | Northwest, Highland | bravapizza.com

Pizza made by an Italian-trained chef? You might as well say “Welcome to Rome” when you bring one of these babies home.

Fresh ingredients are the hallmark of these Neapolitan pies. Image courtesy of Brava! Pizza Instagram

There aren’t many pizza places in Denver that use a traditional wood burning brick oven to make their pizzas - and the two we know of are on this list! 

Brava! Pizzeria is dedicated to the local Denver community, and when you hear about the ingredients they use for their pizza, you’ll understand what that means. Their veggies and meats are all locally sourced from nearby farms, which means you know what you’re getting is fresh.

If you’re looking for fresh ingredients, a crispy outer crust with a soft inside, and recipes crafted by an Italian cuisine trained chef, Brava! is the place for you.

“We both had been wanting to try the 'za here since our last visit and thus it became the destination of our weekend bike-venture...Yum! This is hands down some of the BEST 'za in Denver!” - Yelp Review


Blackjack Pizza & Salads

2443 University Blvd, Denver, CO 80210 | University | blackjackpizza.com

Bold flavors are what sets Blackjack’s apart from the rest of the pack.

Enjoy all the flavors you would never really expect on a pizza here. Image courtesy of Blackjack Pizza & Salads Instagram

Everybody loves a classic pizza, but if you’ve ever found yourself looking for bolder flavors that you would never really expect to find on a pizza, Blackjack Pizza & Salads is the next place you should try.

Blackjack has been consistently heralded as a place with both fantastic service and fantastic flavors. Tuck in for a Mediterranean pizza, a Santa Fe pizza, or a pizza packed with BBQ chicken and cheese.

A classic pizza is never a bad idea, but sometimes you just want to try something new - and that’s where Blackjack comes in. Order just a pizza or a salad to go along with it.

“Amazing pan pizza, ordered at 12am and it came by 12:30, called to confirm my order and the man who answered was super polite and happy. Pizza was cooked to perfection...and had the perfect amount of everything.” - Yelp Review


Blue Pan Pizza

3509 E 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80206 | Congress Park | bluepandenver.com

Traditional Detroit style pizza is like unconventional, but a Denver favorite at award-winning Blue Pan Pizza. 

Fresh veggies and flavor combos you might not expect make Blue Pan Pizza a standout in the Denver area. Image courtesy of Blue Pan Pizza Instagram

When we say Denver is home to almost any style of pizza you can imagine, we aren’t kidding. Most people aren’t as familiar with Detroit style pizza as they are with Chicago style, but Detroit style is exactly what they offer at Blue Pan Pizza. 

Blue Pan Pizza is actually home to award-winning pizza. They placed in international pizza making competitions every year from 2010-2015. Their pizza is that good, so make sure you stop in for a pie.

Buy a GiftYa to Blue Pan Pizza >

“Whenever I have visitors to Denver I always find a way to take them to Blue Plan for their Detroit style pizza. I've never had such soft and delicious crusted pizza before.” - Yelp Review

Some people are picky about their pizza; others aren’t. Luckily, Denver has plenty of options for all kinds of pizza lovers. If you’re the kind of person who likes to go with the flow, you can choose from of the many different styles in Denver to find your new favorite pizza. If you already have a set favorite style of pizza, Denver probably has it. Either way, these are the best of the best.

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