7 Things to do While Spending the Day in South Hills PA

A guide to shopping and dining in South Hills, everything you need for a good day

Just a few stops before we get into the city. OK, maybe more than a few.

You were going to Pittsburgh. But maybe you’re not too good at directions, and you end up in South Hills. You have 2 options:

(1) you can try to get into Pittsburgh, but the highway system can be a nightmare if you’re not familiar with it, or

(2) you can make lemonade out of lemons and have the time of your life in South Hills.

Plus, everyone’s been to Pittsburgh, in comparison, going to South Hills is worldly and exotic. Be the talk of the brunch table after your Eat Pray Love-esque journey through the streets of South Hills, PA.

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The Has Bin

The perfect stop for the little ones

toys from The Has Been
Looking for something for the little ones? Well this place has everything. Image courtesy of the Has Bin Facebook page

Consignment Shop

location icon

4734 Library Rd

clock icon

Mon 9:30AM-6:30PM
Tue, Thu-Fri 9:30AM-5PM
Sat 9:30AM-3:30PM

So you’re on your way to visit the grandkids or nieces and nephews in Pittsburgh.

“I like this place. Friendly employees, well organized store, and a lot of selection. They have a good mix of high end brands and budget brands.” - Yelp Review

On the way you suddenly realize you don’t have anything for them! What a faux pas! You can’t show up like this!

Lucky for you, you realized you're near the South Hills and that means you’re near The Has Bin (get it? We give them 5 stars for the pun alone). The oldest and largest children’s consignment shop in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, if you can’t find something for the little ones here, it probably doesn’t exist.

If you want to be sure they have something great before you make the trip, you can check out their inventory online. Now that’s good business.

Country Style Pizza

Stop in for a bite on your way into Pittsburgh

Country Style Pizza
If you’re looking for a slice in the South Hills, you’re going to want to make a stop here. Image courtesy of Country Style Pizza facebook page


location icon

536 Dewey Avenue

clock icon

Tue-Fri 9AM-9PM

Sat 11AM-9PM

Sat 11AM-8PM

Ok so you got the gift for the kids, but now you’re starving.

“great place great people and even better food; they have a pizze there for everyone” - Facebook Review

You really aren’t going to make it into Pittsburgh Proper. What’re you going to do?

You’re going to make a quick stop at Country Style Pizza and Bakery for a slice and maybe some rolls for your hosts. It’s the nice thing to do because you’re probably going to be a little late with these stops, and these buns will make anyone forget any offense, trust us. They’re just too good; you can’t be mad while you eat one.

Vintage Grace Boutique

Cute and affordable gifts for any occasion

Vintage Grace Boutique
If you’re looking for women’s clothing, look no further than this little South Hills boutique. Image courtesy of Vintage Grace facebook

Boutique (Women’s Clothing)

location icon

2991 W Liberty Ave

clock icon

Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM
Sat-Sun 11AM-4PM

OK, so you have a gift for the kids and some rolls to make up for being late. Were you forgetting anything?

“Such a cute little women's boutique...Also the prices are very reasonable for being a boutique.” - Yelp Review

Oh my gosh! Something for their mother!

Your hostess needs something, surely. How could you forget? OK, quick, pull over at the Vintage Grace Boutique, they’ll have something for sure!

What was her size again? No time to figure it out, you’ll just have to look at their collection of vintage jewelry. You can sort through their collection on your phone before you stop so you can get in and get out before you lose more time! That should do it — and you can continue to Pittsburgh.


Too many quality gifts to choose from!

Heist men/women/home consignment shop
If you’re into vintage, you’ll be into Heist. We guarantee it. Image courtesy of Heist facebook

Consignment Shop (Men/Women’s clothing & Decor)

location icon

2932 W LIberty Ave

clock icon

Wed-Sat 12PM-6PM
Sun 10AM-2PM

You smack your forehead. The father! Your other host!

“Can't wait to follow along and see what else they get in, because I know I'm gonna find that one item I can't live without!” - Yelp Review

Stop the car, you’ve got to figure this out.

Ok, Heist is just down the street. He likes home decor, right? Whatever, there’s no time. He’ll learn to like it.

It won’t be hard either because their selection is actually really tasteful. Take a look at their Instagram for decor ideas.

Oh no! It’s all so good! You’re going to be here a while. Might as well accept defeat and give them a call; you’re going to be late. Oh this table and chair set would go great in your den. What were you here for again?

Pho Kim 88

Pho, Sushi and more!

Pho Kim 88; pho, sushi and more
How many times have you come across a good pho place? You can’t pass this place up because there’s no telling when another one will turn up. Image courtesy of Daniel Bravo


location icon

4100 Library Rd

clock icon

Mon-Sat 11AM-10PM
Sun 11AM-9PM

Now that your hosts know you’re going to be late, the anxiety to be quick has dissipated.

“Loved it!...I will definitely be back to try more from this place!” - Yelp Review

Come to think of it, you’re feeling kind of peckish again. You still have the rolls, but those aren’t for you. You’re considering dipping into them anyway when you come across Pho Kim 88. Might as well stop and try it out!

Have you had pho before? Well, there’s a first time for everything, and you aren’t going to be disappointed. Not feeling something new? Try the sushi! There’s a little something for everyone, and you’re definitely going to leave satisfied.

Oak Noggin B&B

For a night's rest unlike any other

Oak Noggin Bed and Breakfast
Looking for a place to stay in the South Hills? Try out the Oak Noggin. Photo from Oak Noggin yelp

Bed and Breakfast

location icon

209 Waterman Rd

clock icon

Open 24/7

That pho really hit the spot, but you’re starting to think you may have spent too much time on the last two stops.

“The grounds are beautiful, quiet and surrounded by nature (gardens, cute farm animals), we enjoyed our coffee on the deck and the ambiance. The historic cabin is fascinating, tastefully decorated and comfortable.” - Yelp Review

What time is it anyway? That late?! OK, well you aren’t going to make it into the city today. You call your hosts again and explain the situation. They understand; they’re great. But now it’s time to think about where you’re going to stay.

Why not get cozy at the Oak Noggin B&B? Those bigger hotel chains just can’t compare to the charm of a local bed and breakfast, and the other bed and breakfasts can’t compare to the charm of an early American log cabin. It’s sure going to be an experience at the Oak Noggin like you’ve never had before, and that’s exactly what this day has been all about.

The Dor Stop

Amazing food, no matter the time of day

Dor Stop
We saved the best for last with this place. If you find yourself in the South Hills you have to try the Dor Stop. Image courtesy of Dor Stop yelp


location icon

1430 Potomac Ave

clock icon

Mon-Sat 6AM-3PM
Sun 8AM-2PM

You’ve had a restful night sleep at the Noggin.

“Portion sizes were just right so that everyone left satiated. Super friendly staff in front and behind the counter. We would come back here again!” - Yelp Review

You get up early the next morning to spend the day with your intended hosts, but then you realize: the South Hills is great! Why don’t they just come to you? You’re going to have just as good a time here and anywhere.

You give them a call. They’ll head down. You decide to have breakfast and you need the best place to make their drive down worth it.

There’s no better option than the Dor Stop. This diner located in the heart of Dormont has everything you want from a breakfast diner. Eggs, omelettes, french toast, pancakes; and they’re all delicious.

Not feeling breakfast this morning? No problem, they also have amazing salads, hoagies, and even juicy burgers. You’re all guaranteed a great meal at the Dor Stop, whatever you decide to get.

Did you find something awesome to do while passing through the South Hills? If not, don't worry! GiftYa offers egift cards to plenty of other venues in the area!

Is there a place we missed? Leave a comment with some of your favorite spots to hit up while spending a day in the South Hills!

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