7 Romantic Restaurants to Treat Your Significant Other to in Tucson

Are you looking for an amazing and beautiful romantic restaurant to take a loved one to? Check out our seven favorites in Tucson today!

Date night is essential in any relationship that you’re in. Treating your loved one to a special night out going to get a tasty dinner, going to the movies, or even just another fun date night idea you have is enough to keep the spark going. If you live around Tucson, or are even visiting, there are plenty of restaurants that you can treat your date to, so here are seven of our favorite romantic restaurants to check out now!

Main image courtesy of Patch. 

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Le Rendez-vous

Creative French cuisine is perfect for any date night you have in mind!

Enjoy some delicious French cuisine that your date will be thinking about long after your meal at Le Rendez-vous! Image courtesy of OpenTable. 

3844 E Fort Lowell Road | North Dodge | rendezvoustucson.com

Interested in some award-winning French cuisine for date night? If so, then you need to try out Le Rendez-vous as soon as you can! This incredible restaurant has been serving some of the best French dishes in Tucson for nearly forty years with perfecting the art of French cooking, and serving high-quality food that everyone will love.

Le Rendez-vous has some of the best food that they can offer you. Everything from beef wellington, escargot, souffles, brie en croûte, filet au poivre vert, and lots of other tasty dishes too. Why not come see what the hype is all about and book your reservation for Le Rendez-vous today!

“Service was excellent, as it was advice on the different menu choices. The food was delicious and very nicely presented.” - Yelp Review 

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Alloro D.O.C.

Italian food is not only super good, but it screams romance too!

Enjoy some delicious Italian food and more whenever you stop by Alloro D.O.C. today! Image courtesy of Yelp. 

7600 East Broadway Boulevard | Tucson | www3.hilton.com

There is nothing better than some tasty Italian dishes when it comes to finding the perfect restaurant for your date night. If you are looking for something truly amazing when it comes to both food and wine selection, make sure to come to Alloro D.O.C. today! Opened since 2018, this restaurant has everything you need when it comes to quality Italian food and more.

At Alloro D.O.C., you need to come and explore their many menu options ranging from fettuccine alfredo, braised short ribs, panna cotta, spaghetti and meatballs, Alloro spritzer, and so much more. Don’t miss out on Allor D.O.C. and their beautiful and delicious Italian dishes for date night!

“Our waitress was very friendly and efficient, bringing our drinks over right away. They had a limited menu which made us try things we normally wouldn't have. The food was tasty.” - Yelp Review

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Want to enjoy a restaurant where the menu is every-changing? Come to this place now!

Come to Feast if you want to enjoy a delicious menu full of dishes where fresh ingredients are the key part of each one! Image courtesy of OpenTable. 

3719 E Speedway Boulevard | Palo Verde | eatatfeast.com

If you are looking for something truly unique, then you need to stop what you’re doing and go to Feast right now! Feast is the perfect restaurant to go to where you can enjoy some of the most amazing food on a menu that changes monthly to provide new flavors, seasonal ingredients, and so much more.

Come to Feast where you can try out everything from lobster benedict, crispy duck salad, mixed green salad, coriander-rubbed duck breast, and lots of other delicious options. Don’t miss out on Feast in Tucson for some incredible dishes and more for date night!

“I have come to realize there is some specific algorithm, a combination of warmth and expertise multiplied by culinary excellence ....that the best restaurants have, and Feast has it all.” - Yelp Review 

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Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Try out a steakhouse such as this one for a new date night idea that you will love!

Come to Sullivan’s Steakhouse for an incredible steak dinner with your significant other in this romantic restaurant! Image courtesy of Southern Arizona Guide. 

1785 E River Road | Tucson | sullivanssteakhouse.com

Are you looking to enjoy some amazing steaks at a fancy and romantic steakhouse? If this is what you’re looking for, make sure to check out Sullivan’s Steakhouse! This amazing restaurant has some of the best steaks and some delicious sides too that you can easily pair with your steak as well.

Come to Sullivan’s Steakhouse right now where you can experience everything from filet mignon, bananas foster, lobster bisque, caesar salad, au gratin, lobster mashed, french onion soup, ribeye steak, cheesesteak egg rolls, and lots more. Don’t miss out on Sullivan’s Steakhouse for the perfect date night now!

“The steak was cooked perfectly to what it was ordered for each person, which was absolutely amazing as this doesn't often happen in other places. It was very tender and tasted good.” - Yelp Review 

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Contigo Latin Kitchen

South American dishes are a nice change when it comes to something different for date night!

Come to the Contigo Latin Kitchen for some truly amazing South American food you will fall in love with! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

3770 E Sunrise Drive | Tucson | eatatcontigo.com

Are you and your date looking for something different when it comes to going out to dinner for date night? If you’re looking to treat your special someone to something unique, then make sure to hit up Contigo Latin Kitchen as soon as you can! This beautiful restaurant is beautiful on the inside and the food is so colorful and tasty that you will fall in love with it instantly.

Come to Contigo Latin Kitchen right now so you can try out their elotes, patatas bravas, tacos contigo, golden beet salad, fish tacos, parrillada platter, bombas contigo, churrasa, and lots of other classic South American dishes. Make sure you don’t miss out on Contigo Latin Kitchen where you and your date will leave full and happy!

“I went here the other day with my coworkers and it was amazing! Everything we ordered was delicious! We also sat on the patio where the view of the city and sunset was AMAZING!” - Yelp Review 

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Jonathan’s Cork

A Southwestern restaurant full of delicious food with a romantic setting with fireplaces and more!

Check out Jonathan’s Cork for some deliciously good Southwestern food that is perfect of a change in your date nights! Image courtesy of Food Network. 

6320 E Tanque Verde Road | Tucson | jonathanscork.com

Are you willing to try out a new combination of flavors that you can’t pass up? Why not try out Jonathan’s Cork right now! This incredible restaurant is known for their delicious Southwestern dishes that are truly incredible because of how different and delicious they really are, along with their use of fresh fish, meats, vegetables, and much more. 

At Jonathan’s Cork, you need to stop what you’re doing and try out prime rib, grilled romaine salad, escargot, garlic mashed potatoes, blackened calamari, lobster tail, bacon wrapped shrimp, filet mignon, lamb chops, and even teriyaki steak. What are you waiting for? Make sure you come see what Jonathan’s Cork is all about!

“Great restaurant for a date night or if you're craving some exotic meats or just good food! Jonathan's Cork is known for their exotic meats.”  - Yelp Review 

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Pastiche Modern Eatery 

New American dishes are perfect for any occasion, so check out this place right now!

Come to Pastiche Modern Eatery whenever you’re wanting a delicious and inventive New American dish for date night! Image courtesy of OpenTable. 

3025 N Campbell Avenue | Hedrick Acres | pasticheme.com

What is better than some New American dishes? Well, we can’t think of much else besides that! With that being said, you need to make your way over to Pastiche Modern Eatery for date night as soon as you can so you can enjoy some deliciously good and inventive flavors that are truly unique and you will enjoy more with each bite.

Come to Pastiche Modern Eatery where you can enjoy everything from prime rib sliders, rack of lamb, fried avocado, braised short ribs, lamb chops, fish chops, polenta, beet salad, coconut shrimp, and their other delicious dishes. Stop by Pastiche Modern Eatery for a great meal and date night location on the patio!

“Thoroughly enjoyed our dinner out. I ordered the prime rib sliders, and my husband the grilled prime ribeye. Both were excellent.” - Yelp Review 

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With so many incredible restaurants to go to, you need to find the most romantic restaurant in Tucson to take your significant other to. Why not go to one of these seven romantic restaurants in Tucson right now!

Is there a romantic restaurant in Tucson that you love, but we didn’t mention? Please let us know in the comments if we missed one!

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