7 Last Minute Gifts for Musicians That Actually Rock

Magnificent Last Minute Gifts any Musicians Would Be Happy to Get Their Hands On!

If there is a musician in your life that you need to get a last minute gift for, I have just the thing for you today. This post will feature a list of seven great options for a last minute gift for musicians. But as a starting point, it is really important that you figure out what kind of accessories they use with their instrument. Everything from the style of guitar string to the type of drum stick being used can make a real difference in a musician’s experience playing their instrument. So try to do some research by reaching out to their friends or family and seeing what they might know. But if you don’t know what to get them, and don’t feel confident in your ability to guess, don’t worry. There are also some options on this list that let you give them a gift card so they can pick out their own items.

If you’ve never used a GiftYa gift card before they are essentially a gift card that exists in an all digital format. Which makes them the perfect option when you are looking to find a gift at the last minute. You can just buy them right on your phone in a couple of clicks, and then have it immediately texted directly to the recipient’s phone. Which means you can wait all the way until the day you are meant to give the gift and still get it there on time.

But enough about the brand for now, here’s that list of seven great last minute gifts for musicians!

1 - Guitar Center 

Gift Card to the Largest Music Retailer in the Country!

Grab yourself a Guitar Center gift card by following the link!

Guitar Center is the largest chain of music retailers in the country with over 300 different locations. And don’t let the name fool you. While yes they do in fact have everything that a guitar player could dream of, they also have a wide variety of products that are great for musicians of any kind. They have everything you need for drummers, vocalists, DJs, keyboard players, and classically trained musicians as well. And if you are looking to get a last minute gift for a musician in your life it helps to start out by knowing what instrument they play. It’s not gonna do them any good to get them an amazing pair of drumsticks if they play piano. 

So determine what instrument you are shopping for first. But you have to continue to narrow it down from there. Try to find out from their friend’s or family what kind of accessories they like. I can tell you as somebody who plays a variety of different instruments that all musicians are pretty picky about what they use. Me, I’m picking about the kinds of strings and picks I use and have reliable brands that I buy every time. 

And that’s really the issue with getting a last minute gift for a musician. You really need to know what they use and what they liKe. Music is all about muscle memory so if you get them something that is a big change from what they are used to, it is going to throw all the muscle memory off and they will have a more difficult time playing their instrument. So if you don’t know exactly what they use and what they like, I would consider getting them a digital gift card to Guitar Center

They can use the card at any of their 300 brick and mortar locations, or they can also use the card to order online from Guitar Center’s website. And that way they can pick out exactly what they want the next time they do any sort of musical shopping. And since you can just text the gift card directly to their phone in a couple of seconds, it will take all the stress out of trying to find a last minute gift for them.

Anybody can get a digital Guitar Center gift card in seconds when they follow the link!

2 - Concert Tickets

Every Musician I Know Loves Live Music

Musicians love music (duh!), so treat them to a musical experience.

The chances are, if they play music they also love music. And if they love music, they probably love live music. So if you need a last minute gift you could always get them concert tickets to a show in their city. This one should be pretty convenient as a last minute gift because you can just buy the tickets right online from your phone or computer. And then you can have the tickets forwarded to them. And this one really makes it look like you didn’t forget to get them a gift until the last minute. 

It’ll look thoughtful and heartfelt as long as you have some idea of what kind of bands they would like to see perform live. This is a last minute gift that is really more than a gift. With this one you are giving them a whole experience and a night full of memories. Which makes it a pretty amazing gift for one you found at the last minute!

GiftYa Recommends: Not sure what their musical taste is? Text a Stubhub gift card so they can choose a show for themselves!

3 - Neck Tuners

Perfect Last Minute Gift for Anybody Who Plays An Instrument With Tuning Pegs

Neck Tuners
Guitar tuners clip right onto a stringed instrument for easy tuning. Image courtesy of Sweetwater.

Whether they play guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, or the banjo they are going to have to tune their strings. And one item that really makes this a whole lot easier is a neck tuner. These small tuning devices just clip onto the head of the instrument and when you turn them on and play a note, it will tell you what note is being played and if it is sharp or flat. 

Tuning a string instrument and keeping it in tune is absolutely fundamental to it sounding good so trust me when I say they have to tune A LOT. So by gifting them a neck tuner you will be saving them a lot of headache and hassle down the line, whether they’ve been playing for years or they’re just starting to learn guitar funamentals. These are a really popular and common item, so you should be able to grab one at any music store you find!

4 - A Kalimba

An inexpensive Gift Any Musician Will Have Fun WIth!

Kalimbas are popular in sound healing and sound meditation, but they’re also a fun, easy, and inexpensive instrument the musician in your life will love playing with.

A kalimba is basically a small wooden box with a set of metal musical keys on it. And although they are only tuned to one key, they are a blast to play.

Kalimbas are like teeny tiny pianos that only play in one key of music (typically C Major) but the nice thing about that is it means that you can never hit a note that is wrong. Or at least not one that is out of key. 

Not only can you pick up a kalimba and start having fun right away, kalimbas really aren’t very expensive either. You can find them for as little as $12. And I can say first hand that any musician will love playing with one of these. In fact, I might just go order one for myself right now!

5 - Nice Headphones

Perfect Last Minute Gift for Any Musician That Records or Mixes Music

young woman wear Headphone
Headphones are easy to find online with fast shipping, and every musician will appreciate the upgrade.

If the musician you need to get a gift for happens to record music or mix it then get them a set of nice headphones. Most music stores will have these. When one is recording or mixing music you need the most auditory clarity as possible to make sure you get everything recorded and adjusted right. And a good set of headphones that provides clarity and precision can be just the thing they are missing in the studio!

6 - Amazon

The World’s Largest Online Retailer With Plenty of Great Last Minute Gift Options for Musicians

Get an Amazon gift card instantly when you follow the link!

If you really don’t know what to get them, and you decide you don’t want to send them a gift card to Guitar Center (maybe because there isn’t one close to them) then you can always go ahead and give them a digital Amazon gift card. And they can use it to shop for whatever musical accessories or instruments they need the next time they are on Amazon.

As the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon has tons of great musical items for sale. In fact, it’s usually where I go to order my guitar strings because they have the fastest shipping. So I am sure any musician will be able to find something they love on here!

It only takes a second to grab a digital Amazon gift card when you click the link!

7 - Visa

A Customizable Gift Card That is as Good as Cash

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

You could also always send them a customizable Visa gift card. And the nice thing about these gift cards is that they are accepted everywhere Visa is accepted, so they are basically as good as cold hard cash. These can be a really great option if you want to get them a gift card to use on music equipment but they don’t have a large music retailer like Guitar Center nearby. If they have to go to the local music shop to get everything then these Visa gift cards will be just perfect for them. And the cards are even customizable. 

You can write a custom message if you want to, but you can also pick out an image that will become the front of the card. Maybe you find a picture of their favorite band or favorite record and make it the front of the card. Or maybe you have a picture of them at a concert they had a ton of fun at. Or maybe you just pick out a guitar or drum set that looks cool and make that the front of the card. The sky’s the limit with what you can pick so just make sure it's something musical and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!

Anybody can grab a Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

Musicians love music, so any of these music-inspired gifts or gift cards are sure to be an instant hit!

And there you have it – our list of the best last minute gifts for musicians!

I hope something on the list worked for your last minute gift giving occasion. It’s hard to find a great last minute gift for a musician because there are so many variations on all the accessories that go along with playing an instrument. So the best bet is always to do some research the best that you can and at least try to get an idea of what their favorite type of guitar string, drumstick, or reed is before you buy them one. But if you really aren’t sure what they would like, and don’t feel comfortable guessing, I also made sure to have a couple of options that just let you send a gift card. 

That way you can take all the uncertainty and guessing out of the equation. And don’t forget that you can send the digital gift cards instantly to the musician's phone in just a couple of clicks. Which truly makes them an amazing option when you need a gift at the very last minute!

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