7 Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Denver, Colorado to Try Today

Far too many people hear the word “vegan” and go running in the opposite direction. There seems to be a common misconception among the masses that vegan food is flavorless, unfulfilling, and “too healthy.” This is not the case, however, and Denver’s vegan restaurant scene is proof of that. From Vegan comfort food to bakeries, there are plenty of delicious, filling vegan options out there for both vegans and non-vegans to enjoy. Who knows? Maybe tasting some will turn some of your friends into vegans.

Below you’ll find the 7 best vegan restaurants in Denver, Colorado.

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WaterCourse Foods

837 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218 Uptown |  watercoursefoods.com

Forget Chicken Soup for the Soul; this is vegan soup for the soul.

Feel good and eat well when you indulge in some vegan comfort food at WaterCourse Foods. Image courtesy of WaterCourse Foods Instagram

Who ever said that vegan food has to be 100% healthy 100% of the time? Nobody who has actually gone vegan. If you’ve got some friends who “support your vegan lifestyle” but don’t necessarily understand it, you’ll definitely want to make a trip to WaterCourse Foods with them.

With a menu that’s self-described as “vegan comfort food,” WaterCourse Foods is out here to prove exactly the opposite of what many people assume about vegan food. It can be tasty and just as unhealthy as non-vegan comfort food. 

WaterCourse Foods prides itself on providing guests with comfort food that’s just unhealthy enough to be absolutely delicious, but made with the fresh ingredients that will leave you feeling good and satisfied when you finish.

“The food is so good I was actually skeptical that it was true vegan because I have a dairy and gluten allergy. This is the place I take all my friends because everyone needs to be blessed by their food.” - Yelp Review


Beet Box Bakery & Cafe

1030 E 22nd Ave, Denver, CO 80205 | Northwest |  beetboxdenver.com

A bakery...with vegan donuts? Yes, please!

Tarts, donuts, and even cakes have a place at Beet Box Bakery & Cafe. Image courtesy of Beet Box Bakery Instagram

Baking and vegan don’t always mix well. So many recipes require eggs and milk that it can be difficult to find some that strike the perfect balance of flavor and consistency when you have to use vegan substitutes. Luckily, Beet Box Bakery & Cafe has figured it out so you don’t have to.

Featuring a menu of classic bakery favorites, Beet Box Bakery & Cafe has taken the pastries your non-vegan friends know and love and given them a vegan twist. Vegans and non-vegans alike rave about their donuts, so you won’t want to miss out!

“I am in love with their vegan donuts! It is SO moist, almost tastes like cake! My favorite flavor is their apple cinnamon walnut. Absolutely incredible!! I would highly highly recommend.” - Yelp Review


City O’ City

203 E 13th Ave, Denver, DO 80203 | Capitol Hill | cityocitydenver.com

How do you eat mac n’ cheese as a vegan? they say. Just ask the people at City O’ City!

The vegan mac n’ cheese at City O’ City will warm you right up! Image courtesy of City O’ City Instagram

As the sister company of WaterSource Foods, City O’ City is another vegan comfort food restaurant you’ll definitely want to bring your friends to the next time they try to tell you that you have it easy when it comes to being healthy.

After all, everyone has their weak spots, and sometimes it’s okay to indulge in those unhealthy treats that you can’t even feel guilty about eating. City O’ City has plenty of those things to indulge in, including vegan mac n’ cheese and vegan pizza.

Stop in to experience a load of flavor in all of that glorious comfort food form.

Buy a GiftYa to City O’ City >

“Extremely happy to be at a restaurant where I could order almost anything on the menu, but I was also so psyched to be at a vegan restaurant that sells normal food instead of attempting to make everything healthy.” - Yelp Review

Line Cooks and Dishwashers at The Corner Beet Cherry Creek in ...

The Corner Beet

1401 Ogden St, Denver, CO 80218 | Capitol Hill | cornerbeet.com

Even the rawest vegetables don’t have to be flavorless at The Corner Beet.

Enjoy fresh veggies all day long at The Corner Beet. Image courtesy of The Corner Beet Instagram

While we love the way vegan comfort food gives you the chance to experience all the familiar comfort food flavors you might have experienced before going vegan, sometimes you really do just want to veg out with some organic, plant-based healthy food.

The Corner Beet is just the place for you if that’s what you’re looking for. They make fresh juices in house every day, and there are vegan options on every section of their menu.

Enjoy vegan toast, salads, superfood bowls, smoothies, and coffee made however you like them. The Corner Beet is always flexible, too, so even if you see something on the menu that you like but isn’t vegan originally, they’ll happily substitute coconut butter for regular butter.

“Such a wonderful local spot! All organic and super friendly service. Cutest decor and comfiest place to work and chill. I had the superfood latte and I felt so energized and wonderful afterwards. I can't wait to try the toast!” - Yelp Review

Somebody People

1165 S Broadway, Ste 104, Denver, CO 80210 | Southwest | somebodypeople.com

Sometimes hipsters have good taste, if this award-winning vegan restaurant has anything to say about it!

Presentation is one of the most important parts of any dish at Somebody People, but they certainly aren’t lacking in flavor either. Image courtesy of Somebody People Instagram

Named after a lyric from David Bowie’s “Five Years,” Somebody People is the perfect place for people who aren’t turned off by the word “hipster” and who really, really love vegetables.

At Somebody People, they don’t just look to use parts of vegetables - they actually try to use as much of them as they possibly can. Skins, roots, seeds, you name it. If they can incorporate a part of the vegetable into their recipes, they will.

It’s precisely for this reason that Somebody People is lauded as one of the most environmentally friendly restaurants in Denver. Even if they can’t use something from the veggie, they’ll compost it!

“If I could give 61 stars, I would.  After following around their pre-brick-and-mortar monthly pop-ups, I gladly evangelize about this new spot.” - Yelp Review


WongWayVeg Food Truck

Lobo | wongwayveg.com

Who knew a vegan food truck could be so diverse?

Maybe it’s not so farfetched to see a food truck full of vegan food these days, but who would have imagined they would have such a diverse menu? Image courtesy of WongWayVeg Instagram

As a food truck, WongWayVeg doesn’t actually have one set address, but if you wander around the Lobo neighborhood for a bit, you’re sure to find it. And what a find it will be!

People are often wary of street food, but when you get a taste of what WongWayVeg has to offer, you definitely won’t regret your visit to this truck. Packed with a menu of vegan dishes you can order on the go and take with you, WongWayVeg combines vegan food and bold flavors.

In 2019, they actually were one of the winners of the Best of Denver dining competition. The two best friends who run this food truck combine local and seasonal produce with cuisine they’ve picked up from all over the world.

“Great spot for vegan street fare. Yummy food with creative recipes...I've wanted to try their food for a while now and finally caught them at the Nooch Vegan Market bake sale. The wait was very long but worth it.” - Yelp Review


Squeaky Little Wheel Bakery

1044 N Downing St, Denver CO 80218 | Southeast | squeakylittlewheel.com

The bakery for bakers is something you might not expect.

While you can certainly get a taste of their donuts at Squeaky Wheel Bakery, what really sets them apart is that they let you take their mixes home to try out for yourself. Image courtesy of Squeaky Little Wheel Instagram

As a “restaurant” Squeaky Little Wheel is a bit unconventional, but they’re definitely not something you want to miss if you’re a fan of vegan sweets. At Squeaky Little Wheel, they actually primarily prepare mixes for you to take home and make on your own.

On occasion, however, they’ll host a little pop-up for people to come by and buy some individual donuts that they’ve prepared beforehand. Their donut recipes produce some of the best vegan donuts in Denver.

Drop by one of their pop-ups or pick up a mix to try your hand at making some of your own. Either way, you’re going to love these.

“I've been trying to bake without dairy these absolutely answered those wishes!  Even the icy and drizzling it was so so straight forward. Love it can't wait to try my other mix and buy more in the future!” - Yelp Review

People who don’t understand vegan diets tend to think that they must be so bland that they can’t see how anyone would willingly live like that. Denver’s vegan restaurant scene, however, is living proof that vegan doesn’t equal bland, and it also doesn’t often equal healthy either. Vegan food can be perfectly enjoyable to vegans and non-vegans alike. Bring your friends out to one of these top places.

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