7 Best Coffee Shops For Your Caffeine Fix While In Downtown El Paso

Get your daily caffeine refill in style at these top coffee houses in El Paso!

Getting your caffeine fix isn’t just a way to stay awake late in the night, it’s a ritual that most people take seriously. While your local coffee spot is perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-up, the very best coffee shops in El Paso are definitely worth checking out. Well, there are plenty of bakeries and brunch spots to get your morning fix, but we’re after the slow, loving pour-overs coffee houses and those that serve something extraordinary to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

To get a taste of the best coffee in town, here are some favorite spots to go next time you want to get caffeinated.

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Coffee Box

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401 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79901 elpasocoffeebox.com

Enjoy creative coffee drinks and delicious fare in a renovated shipping container!

Located in the heart of El Paso is a hidden gem that offers premium roasted coffee from around the world. Coffee Box is a perfect place to go for those looking to try different coffee varieties from across the world. It’s a great spot to pop in early in the morning and grab a hot drink, or even relax and enjoy an afternoon breeze while feasting on amazing pastries. They offer both outdoor and indoor seating and exceptional customer service to help you make your selection.

When you come to the Coffee Box, try the Charcoal Frappe made from char-coaled coconut shells plus premium black onyx cocoa to offer you a new unique spin on frappes and lattes. You can also enjoy the café’s signature Mocha Shino or the popular pumpkin spice latter.

If coffee is not your favorite take, you can choose Matcha Frappe, Matcha Green Tea, and other tea selections such as Black Bourbon tea, Blood Orange herbal tea, or Ginger Oolong tea.

2Ten Coffee Roasters (Sunset)

D:\David\Best Coffee Shops El Paso - Images\2Ten Coffee Roasters.jpg

145 E Sunset Rd D-100, El Paso, TX 79922 2tencoffeeroasters.com

Specialty local coffee varieties and other great drinks await you at this laid-back coffeehouse!

Great coffee and good vibes are a hallmark of this popular coffee house in El Paso. 2Ten Coffee Roasters sources their specialty coffee in season and you can be sure you’re taking fresh carefully-made coffee selections. The beans used in these drinks are sourced in El Paso and you can even buy some of them to take with you to make coffee at home.

You can’t go wrong with the customer favorite such as Star City coffee bean blend, The Choice coffee blend, Brazil Yellow Bourbon single origin, or Guatemala Chochujau single origin.

2Ten Coffee Roasters also offers a great spot for picking up a drink and bagel to go. Or stick around and enjoy the cool environment with your drink. If you decide to sit down here with your laptop and coffee or even tea, you will experience the enticing smell of freshly baked goodies as well as bagels. It’s a perfect place for everything!

BLDG 6 Coffee Roasters

D:\David\Best Coffee Shops El Paso - Images\BLDG 6 Coffee Roasters.jpg

11385 James Watt Dr Ste B-6, El Paso, TX 79936 bldg6coffee.com

Enjoy perfectly prepared java drinks in this brick-walled space with a cool vibe!

At BLDG 6 Coffee Roasters, only the best quality single-origin green coffee beans and roast are used. The coffee bean micro-roastery focuses on producing small batches of crafted coffees that are selected by several methods, including cupping, that maintains a great taste and quality in every single batch. With an expresso bar and purely hand-crated roasting machines, they ensure you get the best flavor possible.

Try the #6 Blend Latin American single-origin coffee blend which combines a gentle smoky taste without losing the nutty, cocoa, and sweetness. The Yirgacheffe, sourced from Ethiopia is also a great option to order including Tikal dominated by elements of chocolate, toffee, and nutty with a light smokiness taste.

You can also buy your favorite BLDG Coffee Roaster flavors online. Catering services are also available for conferences and business meetings, and they offer a portable espresso machine, milk, espresso, compostable cups, and the services of a qualified barista.

Global Coffee Roasters

D:\David\Best Coffee Shops El Paso - Images\Global Coffee Roasters.jpg

1513 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso, TX 79936 globalcoffeeco.com

Trendy coffee shop serving hand-crafted coffee varieties in a chilled space!

Are you into signature coffees hand-crafted and served the way you like them? Then you should go try the selection at Global Coffee Roasters. Here, they craft a darn fine coffee and diners can relax and wait as they the favorite drink. They specialize in making the perfect pour-over, espresso drink, French press, and signature drink selection.

Enjoy customer’s favorites such as Global prepared with homemade syrup to give you a perfect combination of creaminess and sweetness, Hawaiian Latte with a taste of the nutty-coconut flavor, and the Mazapan Latter made with real Mazapan candy that will surely keep you coming back for more. They also serve Jasmine Tea, an organic tea to keep you refreshed when the summer heat becomes unbearable.

Other blends that are sure to keep your taste bud in check include Guatemala, holiday blend, star mountain, Mexico FTO, and Ethiopian blend. These selections will keep you energized throughout the day!

Coffee Emporium

D:\David\Best Coffee Shops El Paso - Images\Coffee Emporium.jpg

5817 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912 915coffee.com

Chilled coffee club serving a wide selection of quality coffee beans, drinks, gourmets, and other delicious food items!

For over three decades Coffee Emporium has been serving locals in El Paso a large coffee selection including popular items such as chocolate macchiato and cinnamon frappe.

If you want something regular, they serve single-origin coffee such as the Colombia Supremo with a sweet nutty flavor and bright acidity, specialty blends such as Espresso Roma that is smooth flavored with a smoky finish, and flavored coffees including Hazelnut Crème a combination of hazelnut and flavourful French vanilla crème. They also have organic selections such as the popular Fair Trade with a complex flavor.

Natural water decaffeinated coffee is also available including flavored options such as Decaf Snickerdoodle the best-selling selection with blends of spicy cinnamon, vanilla crème, and hazelnut. If you’re feeling hungry, make sure you try their specialty foods and snack items, gourmet chocolates, loose-leaf teas, and unique gifts. Talking of the gift shop, you will find a surprising variety of coffee-themed gifts and baskets that feature the café’s most popular blends.

Tea lovers are also sure to appreciate their selection of green, herbal, and black teas!

Savage Goods

D:\David\Best Coffee Shops El Paso - Images\Savage Goods.jpg

1201 N Oregon St, El Paso, TX 79902 savagegoods.com

Family-owned neighborhood spot serving locally-roasted coffee, fresh, hand-crafted baked goods, and a wine selection!

If you’re looking for a nice, warm coffee, to enjoy a delicious meal, then you should visit Savage Goods restaurants. This family-owned neighborhood café serves great locally-roasted coffee, hand-made food, and baked goods, in addition to patio-ready wines and craft beers. It’s a welcoming place where you can gather with friends and family to enjoy great food and quality coffee selections.

If you’re here for breakfast, order the house coffee or chai latter and pair it with some baked goods including pumpkin pie, double chocolate cookies, churro, or chocolate sprinkle. Also, try their savage scramble breakfast burrito or even build your own burrito with eggs, tofu, bacon, cheddar, green chile, vegan cheese, or black beans.

Brunch has delicious options such as yogurt parfait, biscuit and house jam, and even the breakfast sandwich. Make sure you also try their giant sandwiches and burgers and even grab a wine or a craft beer to enjoy along!

Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Café

D:\David\Best Coffee Shops El Paso - Images\Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Café.jpg

824 N Piedras St, El Paso, TX 79903 joevinnyandbronsons.com

Laid-back coffee house that specialized in brews of coffee, wine, and beer!

Craving for something quality and refreshing to start or finish off your workday. Then you should visit Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Café and order one of their special coffee brews, beer, or even wine.

The menu is quite expansive with awesome dishes for both carnivores and herbivores including vegetarians. Early birds can enjoy breakfast any day of the week, and order your favorite café de olla, a traditional Mexican spiced coffee with brown sugar and steamed cream, or the Blended Joe, ice blended coffee cookies and cream with vanilla and taro. Then, order the buttermilk pancakes with eggs and bacon, an omelette, or an Avocado Toast to enjoy along with your favorite coffee.

Herbivores will enjoy selections such as 420 fries, nachos, Greek salad, roasted veggie sandwich, or the popular veggie burger and fries. Meal lovers have something great to enjoy especially the JVB burger with a choice of one side or delicious wings with a choice of hot and tangy, honey garlic, and lemon pepper.

All these options pair well with a cup of café latter, mocha, espresso, macchiato, or cappuccino.

Great coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are beverages everyone enjoys immensely every day. While you may prepare your choice of caffeine at home, coffee shops are a chance to slow it down and appreciate great flavors. These shops in El Paso will sure give you a reason to come back every time you need a caffeine refill to push through the day. Let us know your favorite coffee shops in the comment box!

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