6 Chinese Restaurants Where You Can Find the Best Chow Harrisonburg, VA

The Best Chinese Places In Harrisonburg Virginia

Hello and welcome to my article on the best Chinese restaurants you can find in Harrisonburg, Virginia. While there weren’t an enormous amount of options to compose this list out of, I tried my best to get a little bit of variety and diversity in the menu options. And speaking of menus, I’ll be sure to link you to each of the restaurants web pages so that way you can check out their menu options and pricing options ahead of time to see what looks best to you. 

I’ll also be sure to link you to their Yelp page so that way you can see what other customers have had to say about their experiences at the different restaurants. And include their address so that you can find your way right to their front door when something does pop out at you. And in addition to that, I’ll also let you know if any of these great Chinese places in Harrisonburg accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards.

The digital format of GiftYa makes them the perfect gift giving option when you are shopping for something great last minute. Hey, it happens, the modern world is so hectic and busy that sometimes the celebratory events sneak up on you. And that is where GiftYa has you covered, their all digital format means they can be purchased and then sent to the recipient in just seconds. There’s no need to worry about it not getting there in time in mail. Since everything is done wirelessly your gift is received practically instantaneously!

Let’s get to that list of great Chinese restaurants in Harrisonburg that you came here for!

1 - Oriental Cafe

The Number One Best Spot In Harrisonburg to Get Chinese Food

563 University Blvd | Harrisonburg | orientalcafeharrisonburg.com

So as you might guess from the name, Oriental Cafe actually specializes in more than just Chinese food. In fact their menu encompasses Chinese, Japanese, and Singaporean regular and special dishes. But that isn’t to say that their Chinese food isn’t incredible enough on its own. It’s hard precisely to say what makes one Chinese place demonstrably different from another in the same city, but I think it’s safe to say that Oriental Cafe provides a quality and care that rises above the local competition.

I also happen to think the fact that their menu encompasses more than just Chinese food makes them a great spot for anybody who is dining in a large group. Sure one person in your party might not be crazy about Chinese food, but when they are also presented with all the Japanese and Singaporean options, as well as the mouth-watering sushi, it’s gonna be hard for them to argue that they don’t like any of it.

“Hands down best Chinese food we have ever had! No exaggeration necessary. I had the orange chicken and my fiancé had the hot crispy shredded chicken. They both stayed crispy the entire time we ate it! No sogginess, fresh vibrant flavors, and plenty of food for 2 meals each! 100% recommend if you are in the area!” - Yelp Review 

2 - Golden China Restaurant

The First Chinese Restaurant In Harrisonburg

1005 E Market St | Harrisonburg | goldenchinaharrisonburg.com

It’s hard to get more authentic than a third generation family owned Chinese place. In fact, Golden China Restaurant was the very first Chinese place to open in Harrisonburg. Which means they have been thriving and operating for fifty years. That’s right, they have been successfully running a restaurant for five decades. And when you consider most restaurants barely survive their first year, it speaks volumes to the quality of a dining establishment when they have been successfully operating for so long. And like many of the best Chinese places they offer a full lunch and dinner buffet. So you can pick and choose from amongst all your different favorite Chinese classics. Fried rice, General Tsos, and Chow Mein are on the menu along with all your other favorites. 

I always find that a place that has a buffet makes it really easy to order for a larger group or a family. If you are worried that you might have a picky eater in your party, then getting a lunch or dinner buffet is a great option. This way, everybody can choose exactly what they want and not have to worry about getting something they aren’t familiar with or that they don’t like. 

“We stopped at this place and picked up our food to go, as we were on the road (VA to TX)

We got the orange chicken, pork fried rice and chicken lo mein and it was delicious  

The serving portions were a really good size for two people.” - Yelp Review 

3 - Flaming Grill Buffet

Sushi Bar and Asain Fusion Right In Harrisonburg

125 S Carlton St | Harrisonburg | flaminggrillva.com

While the Flaming Grill Buffet isn’t strictly just a Chinese place, I find that they are close enough that they are worth including. If you are looking to scratch the itch of Southeast Asain style cuisine then you aren’t going to be able to go wrong here. Not only do they have a wide variety of innovative and delicious Asain fusion style dishes, they also have a full sushi bar. 

And just like you might expect from a place with the word buffet in their name, they do in fact offer a full buffet if you prefer to try a little bit of everything. And you just might want to once you get a look at how great their meals are prepared.

“My boyfriend and I just went for lunch for the first time. Lovely service and amazing management! Great selection and the Chinese doughnuts are so good I highly recommend. Definitely will be coming back!” - Yelp Review 

4 - China Star

A Great Chinese Place For Lunch or Dinner

Image courtesy of Yelp.

1741 Virginia Ave | Harrisonburg | chinastarlvtogo.com

China Star fits more of the mold of the traditional Chinese restaurant. That being said, that means you can expect reasonable prices for massive portions. Which means that although it might not be as fancy as some of the Chinese or Asain Fusion places further up the list, you are just technically going to get the most bang for your buck at China Star. 

And the nice thing about the huge portions is that they cover all the Chinese food you can think of. Since they are just a strictly Chinese cuisine restaurant you don’t have to worry about one of your favorites being left off the list in exchange for some sort of fusion dish you have never heard of before. And it’s really for that reason that China Star makes the list today. If you are looking for the classic Chinese restaurant (with all the classic dishes that you love) the China Star is going to deliver for you

“The food is fast, super reasonably priced and you get huge portions (I'm not complaining, it feeds me for multiple meals!) The service is quick, fast and easy, your food is ready 30 min after you place the order for pickup. Get food here!” - Yelp Review 

5 - China Palace

Another Location For China Star

Image courtesy of Yelp.

243 Neff Ave | Harrisonburg | chinapalacehv.com

If you can’t make it to China Star due to traffic or inclement weather, give China Palace a try. I believe it is another location of the China Star brand in town. Or at least I think it is given that both of their websites are practically identical except for the name and the address. 

But since they are another branch of China Star you can expect a similar menu and portion size here. So that means you can count on all your favorites from fried rice and soup to chow mein and egg rolls. You’ll find your favorite Chinese dish whenever you stop into China Palace.

However you have to be careful when you stop in. They hold kind of untraditional hours and are closed every Wednesday and are only open for lunch about half the week. So I would be sure to check their website if you are planning on stopping in for lunch instead of dinner.

“Love their food. Always done correctly and very tasty. Food is always ready for take out. Great people, too.” - Yelp Review 

6 - China King

HIgh Quality Authentic Chinese Food You Can Order Online

Image courtesy of Yelp.

2359 S Main St | Harrisonburg | www.chinakingharrisonburg.com

China King is another good Chinese restaurant in Harrisonburg. They don’t quite have the customer reviews or history to justify putting them at the top of the list, but they were certainly good enough to qualify for the list. What I like about China King is that they too are a Chinese only restaurant. Which again means that you can count on them having all of your favorites. 

But what I really like about China King is that you can order all of your favorite dishes right from your phone or computer. They offer online ordering which is a nice modern feature you don’t see in every small business. It’s cool to see they are trying to catapult their business into the 21st Century by adding modern conveniences that customers are coming to expect. But more than anything I love the fact that you can order without having to talk on the phone. 

So save yourself, and the hard working employees the hassle and just order online next time you are craving Chinese food in Harrisonburg. 

“The little surprise I'm glad I found.  They know what spice is. They don't assume you have to tone down or dumb down the menu for sensitive people.” - Yelp Review 

And that concludes my list of the best Chinese restaurants that you can find in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I have to tell you, Virginia is not the first place that springs to mind when I think of where to get great Chinese food but Harrisonburg really proved me wrong. And while it’s tough to get a lot of variety in articles that feature restaurants that only serve one kind of food, in this case Chinese, I think I have some good options here. 

Since a few of the restaurants featured expanded menus with Japanese and Singaporean dishes on them, and others featured modern and tantalizing Asain fusion dishes, there was more variety on this list than I initially thought there would be. Hopefully you found the perfect place in Harrisonburg for you to get great Chinese food, but if you made it all the way through this article and have decided maybe you aren’t in the mood for Chinese afterall, be sure to check out our other great article on the best restaurants in Harrisonburg all around!

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