5 Colleges With the Best Food In California

You can find dozens of stunning restaurants in Los Angeles. Here are our top 6 picks.

Heading out to college is a new and exciting experience for most people. However, there are a few important things students would like to know about before enrolling in a college, which include what kind of courses and co-curricular activities the college offers. Another factor that may interest students is available hostel facilities and available food options.

The latter might seem unimportant in the great scheme of thighs, but living in a dorm and not enjoying the food they serve can be a painful experience, since most college courses are 3-4 years long. You can avoid this if you research what food the colleges you are plying to offer to their students. That's why we have compiled a list of 5 colleges with the best food in California.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles

If you're a health freak and want to stay in shape, The University of California in Los Angeles is a great option for you. This college was highly rated by Niche, a college comparison website, as a school that cares about students’ nutrition. 

When it comes to this college, the quality of food is praised by students, both current and old. The campus prides itself on its well-researched and smart health initiatives that aim to guide students toward eating right. They also have a full-time dietician that helps students with any issues they have. In addition to this, UCLA offers a variety of dietary preferences to its diverse group of students. 

  1. University of San Diego

There are various food and nutrition colleges in US. USD is an impressive research college in California that accommodates thousands of students in its stunning dining hall. Another great feature of the university is the fact that almost all the food served there is made fresh on campus. They locally source raw ingredients of the highest quality.

The University of San Diego also consists of a diverse range of students from different countries, which is why they generously cater to all cultures. The university does so by making sure that they serve meals that belong to different cuisines and respect their authenticity by employing the most talented chefs.

  1. Stanford University

A list of California colleges and universities with good food will be incomplete without Stanford. The college campus boasts a wonderful dining hall with nutritious and tasty buffets for 3 meals in a day and two slots for snacks. Stanford also offers a nice variety of cuisines, as well as vegan and vegetarian options.

The university has made some of its students "dining ambassadors", making them partners with local businesses. This allows students to be more involved in the food the university puts out while doing good for the local community. Stanford runs a farm and sells organic fruits and vegetables to students as well. 

  1. Pitzer College

Pitzer believes that eating well can change the mindset of students studying at the college and make them happier. They're right. Research has shown that a healthy diet can improve mental health and make you feel better both mentally and physically. Nutrition plays a huge role in the overall wellness of young students. 

This is why this college offers a great feast to its students every night. These feasts consist of a variety of dishes belonging to different cuisines. They also collaborate with local businesses to support and uplift the community. 

  1. University of California, Davis

Getting into the University of California, Davis can be a huge task. But when students enroll here, they do so knowing how good the culinary experience is at the college campus. Students praise the university's food and nutrition department for putting out the tastiest and healthiest food. 

Like their Californian counterparts, the campus takes part in serving socially-responsible and healthy food to students. Their partnerships with farmers and local markets confirm their attention to nutrition.

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Final Words

Eating well and managing all the tasks given to you at college can be overwhelming. This is why we compiled this list to help you with your college hunting process. While it can be difficult to objectively rank the best colleges in terms of the food they serve, we hope that our deep dive into student reviews can help you make a decision. 

Author’s Bio - Carl Hill

Carl Hill is a talented writer and nutrition expert with years of experience writing for various blogs. His goal is to help students with their admission and all throughout college life. His interests involve photography and running.

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