You Won’t Have To Travel Too Far For These Last Minute Gifts For A Pilot!

November 15, 2023
Gift Ideas
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Pilots, the ones who take us to the skies and get us to and from places all over the world. They have an important job and they are constantly on the move, plus they tend to wake up and be awake at odd hours of the day at airports and in the air. If you have a friend and/or family member that’s a pilot and you want to show them some extra love this holiday season then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got some great last minute gifts for a pilot options that you can deliver to them from anywhere in the country!

That’s right, your loved one that’s always in a different place? You can get them a gift they will get instantly.

How? Through GiftYa!

GiftYa is a website/mobile app that sells thousands of virtual gift cards to places all over the country like well known retailers, restaurants, local spots, online subscription services & stores, spas, hotels, and more. You can look up a location through their search bar, select an amount up to $100, and then send it to someone via text and/or email within minutes! Plus you can personalize the card with a photo, video, and/or pre-designed gift wrap, just to make it that extra bit of special.

Learn all about GiftYa and the future of gift card buying here!

1. Airbnb

Vacation anywhere in the world at some of the coolest homes on the market!

Buy An Airbnb Gift Card

As a pilot you’re always flying other people to their vacations. You’ll end up going to these beautiful places but only be able to stay there for a short period of time before your next flight. So what if instead, the next time you are free or are booking your own vacation, you get to go to one of these amazing places and stay somewhere equally as grand.

Well, with Airbnb, those dreams will quickly become a reality.

Airbnb is an online marketplace for short or long term stays at all different kinds of homes all over the world. You’ll find tree houses, tiny homes, bed & breakfasts, cabins, mansions, houses with beach, lake, and countryside views, castles, and more all available to rent out for a vacation. There’s no shortage of amazing homes through Airbnb to look through and wouldn’t a gift card make your next stay even better?

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Airbnb here!

2. Dunkin'

No more cranky moods during your odd work hours, you’ve got caffeine!

Text A Dunkin’ Gift Card

We’ve mentioned that pilots can have odd hours, sometimes flying at night or into the early hours of the morning. And with time zones shifting you might also end up picking up some jetlag- (though, as a pilot, you might get used to this after a while). So with all of those adjustments to your internal clock, getting a nice caffeine boost as you go about your business can be super helpful. Plus, it’s always nice to treat yourself with something special and Dunkin’ is built to be a place to get yourself a little treat.

Dunkin’ aka Dunkin Donuts is a fast food establishment specializing in hot and cold drinks, along with breakfast options, and donuts! They’ve got a wide selection of menu options to choose from and since it’s the holiday season you’ll be happy to see that their seasonal drinks are back like the Peppermint Mocha Signature Latte and Cookie Butter Cold Brew. But if that isn’t your style they still got regular coffee and tea.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Dunkin’ here!

3. Target

Walk through the aisles and get everyday items all in one place!

Email A Target Gift Card

When your job has you spending more time away from home then in it you might find that you need to do a little upkeep. Get those everyday essentials and upgrade old ones that have seen better days. And at Target you’ll find a long list of items that can brighten up the old. Through their many aisles you’ll find clothes, accessories, jewelry, home appliances, electronics, selfcare/beauty products, groceries, and more. Go in with a list and get everything you need or shop around a bit and pick something up you can use on the go. Target has got a mix of everything and they make shopping fun.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Target here!

4. DoorDash

Get food and/or convenient store essentials delivered right to you!

Buy A DoorDash Gift Card

We all have those moments, the ones where we realize that we either:

a. Don’t want to cook because it’s been a long week.

b. Or you don’t have what you need to cook and it’s too late to go grocery shopping.

If one of these applies to your pilot friend then a DoorDash gift card is going to be their new favorite gift. DoorDash is an online food delivery service that many people use from all over the country. You can order your favorite meals from a number of restaurants and get them delivered to your door via Dashers. Plus, DoorDash also has the option for you to order your groceries for the week and convenient store items that you might need. It’s a super great way to make a hard week a little less so.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to DoorDash here!

5. ULTA Beauty

Get the self care/beauty products you need to feel your best!

Text An ULTA Beauty Gift Card

If you’ve been in a plane before you know that when you’re up in the air your skin can dry out, so it’s always good to have something with you like chapstick, lotion, and/or a serum to help freshen up your skin. But if you’re someone that’s always up in the air, you’ll probably need something that’ll last you a little longer and that’s quality. 

At ULTA Beauty you can get high quality products that will help moisturize your skin and keep you feeling good all the way through your flight and as you navigate the airport. 

They’ve got makeup, skin care, body care, fragrance sprays, and tools/brushes that you can have to help apply all those gorgeous products. And if you’re more specifically looking for just moisturizing products then you can look and see their full sections of face moisturizers, night creams, face oils, mists, & essences, neck creams, tinted moisturizers, and lip creams. They’ve got a bunch of things that’ll help you feel like your best as you take on the day.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to ULTA Beauty here!

6. AMC Theatres

Catch up with your friends as you watch the latest blockbuster hit!

Email An AMC Theatres Gift Card

Everyone needs a chance to decompress at the end of a long work week. Stress can build up and that’s no fun at an already stressful job, so what’s a good way to get out of your head for a little while? 

Watching a movie of course!

AMC Theatres is a popular movie theater chain that has locations all over the country showcasing the latest installments of your favorite series.

Going to the movies is a little escape from the real world, you can see someone else’s store where there’s drama, action, romance, and comedy all mixed together for a couple hours. Plus, at the movies you can enjoy a number of goodies like buttery popcorn, sugary candy, and sweet soda. That, along with getting to experience a movie you’ve been wanting to watch for a while now is a great way to decompress, and at AMC Theatres you can get the best of the best.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to AMC Theatres here!

7. Amazon

Get whatever you need from the internet’s biggest catalog delivered to you!

Buy An Amazon Gift Card

If you’ve been on the internet, you’ve probably shopped with or at least know someone that’s shopped on Amazon. Amazon is one of the world’s leading retailers with thousands of products being bought everyday they are the spot for online shopping. You can get almost anything there and with Amazon Prime you can get these things fast. Some select products can get to your door as soon as the next day. Along with fast shipping, Prime also allows you access to thousands of TV shows, movies, and albums from your favorite artists. It’s a convenient way to shop, especially when you’re always out of town and you need something reliable.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Amazon here!

8. Uber

If you don’t have a car and need to get somewhere, Uber’s your friend!

Text An Uber Gift Card

When you’re a pilot, you’re on the move a lot, whether it’s in the sky or on the ground, you’ll find yourself needing to get from place to place and often a way to do that is through a cab or in these days: an Uber. Uber’s are great when you can’t drive yourself somewhere and don’t have someone to take you personally. All you have to do is download the app, take a few steps, and order an Uber that can drive you to your destination. Uber drivers have been vetted and their goal is to keep your safety their top priority. With an Uber gift card you can get a free ride- (depending on how far you need to go) to your next destination and/or you can order food through Uber Eats as a nice treat.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card for Uber here!

9. Barnes & Noble

Enter a different world through the words on a page and enjoy your downtime!

Email A Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Book readers know that when they get a second of downtime, it’s the go-ahead to pull out their book and continue reading. Books, like movies, are also portals into different worlds, though a lot of the time a more in-depth look because books can be hundreds and hundreds of pages long.

At Barnes & Noble you can find your new favorite book.

Barnes & Noble carries new releases, old classics, and obscure finds that many don’t know about yet. There’s many different genres to explore and through their website or in-store you’ll definitely find one that’s a perfect fit. Reading a book is a great way to wind down from the day and luckily you know at Barnes & Noble they will never run out of options.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Barnes & Noble here!

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Buy whatever you want from any participating store in the country!

Buy A Visa Gift Card

Choosing just one gift card can be hard, especially if you don’t know where your pilot friend is going next and you're not sure where what kind of stores are nearest to them. That’s why a Custom Visa Gift Card form Gift Card Granny is a solid choice for a last minute gift. 

Visa gift cards can be used at any participating store, restaurant, and service in the country. You can put as much as $500 on this card, add a custom photo and message, and can send it via snail mail- (so it arrives at their door and it could be a nice welcome home present), or keep it digital and have it sent via email. A great little gift for your favorite pilot.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

These last minute gifts for a pilot really do take to the skies, they’re a quick and easy way to show them that you’re thinking about them as they travel around. Plus, these digital gift cards make for a great gift when your friend is out of town for their birthday or another special occasion. 


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