10 Xmas Gifts for Your Wife That Will Definitely Impress Her

December 8, 2023
Gift Ideas
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If you need to come up with a great Christmas gift for your wife and are having trouble thinking of one this year today I have something to help. And listen I get it, there are plenty of reasons to have trouble thinking up a good Christmas gift. Sometimes they just seem to have what they want already. Maybe they are really tight lipped about telling you what they might want and expect you to figure it out all on your own. Or maybe you just got them such a jaw-droppingly awesome present last year and now you set the bar for yourself way too high and can’t think of a way to top it. Well not to worry, today’s post will feature a list of 10 great xmas gifts you can get for your wife. And anytime you can get one of these gifts using our convenient digital GiftYa cards I’ll toss you a link for your convenience.

If you haven’t used a GiftYa before they are essentially a gift card that exists in an all digital format. That’s right, you can say goodbye to those clinky plastic cards that feel like a relic of the ‘90s. With a GiftYa you can do all the purchasing wirelessly and even send the card directly to the recipient’s phone. And on top of that, their digital format also keeps track of the balance of the card for you full time, and since they exist in a digital format it’s impossible to lose them. As long as you have your phone you will have your card with you.

But that’s enough about the “brand” for now. Let me get right to that list of the 10 best Xmas gifts to get for your wife that brought you here. And as always, thanks for clicking, and thank you even more for taking the time to read.

1 - A Night Sky Map

A Relatively Simple Gift That You Can Make Romantic As Hell

There’s so many great ways to turn this into an amazing Xmas gift for your wife. Photo courtesy of thenightsky.com.

So a night sky map is basically just exactly what it sounds like. It’s a map of the stars in the night sky. But what the company does that’s so cool is that you can get the night sky of ANY night mapped and framed. Which opens up so many possibilities for you to make this a Christmas gift that will blow her away. 

You could start with a simple one. Like the night sky on the night the two of you met. Or maybe you also add the night you first moved in together, and the night you got married. And you go ahead and just get her a set of three of the most important nights of your lives all mapped out in nice frames. Or you can go the other way with it, and instead of just making it about the big nights that the two of you share together you could make it even more adorable if you have kids. Then you could lay out what the night sky looked like when each of your children were born. And it’s a way to celebrate and memorialize your family in a way that is thoughtful, charming, and elegant all at the same time.

I assure you that if you go this route and celebrate your relationship together or your family in a broader sense, your wife is going to absolutely love this gift and she’ll never see it coming. I mean who thinks of something like that?

2 - A Where We Met Map

Another Straightforward Gift That Is Also Very Romantic

A map of where you met makes a cute Xmas gift for your wife. Image courtesy of positiveprints.com.

This option is similar to the night sky map, but what it is is a map view of whatever city, town, or neighborhood that you happen to have met your wife in. And then with the map view overtop you can directly place a heart or simple over the very place where you and your wife met for the first time. And it really couldn’t be any simpler. You just punch in the address of where you met and then it will show how that would look in the frame. Then you can zoom the map in and out as well as rotate it to get the perfect birds eye view all framed up. And it even gives you the option of picking out a few different makers to show where you met. 

At the bottom it even gives you the option of adding some custom text. Just the map itself will run you around $50 but it comes in a nice size. And if you want them to frame it they’ll do so for another $50 or you can just find a frame online and frame it yourself when it gets delivered. But no matter what option you decide to go with I am sure your wife will love to unwrap this one on Xmas morning. In fact I believe in this one so much that I ordered one for my girlfriend for this Christmas and I can’t wait to see her face when she unwraps it :)

3 - Plan A Trip Away Together

Marking Out Time Specifically Set Aside to Spend Together Makes A Nice Xmas Gift for Wife

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If you are having a hard time thinking of Xmas gifts for your wife then this suggestion might sound a little obtuse at first. Don’t get her a present. Instead this year take the time to plan out a trip or weekend away together for the two of you. 

Now I know this gets really complex if you both work and also have to take care of children, so I get that it’s not an option for everyone, but for those of you who can plan a trip away together, this is a gift that will absolutely blow everything else out of the water. The sheer fact you went through all the headache and nonsense to plan the trip will show that you put some real effort in. And then letting her know that you set a trip together so that way you and her could spend some uninterrupted quality time together will be the perfect icing on top. 

For anybody who can realistically make this happen, I highly recommend it. My girlfriend and I have done away with anniversary gifts and instead we plan an anniversary trip together and I can’t see us ever switching back.

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4 - Jewelry Is Always A Great Xmas Gift

This Is A Classic Gift That I’m Sure Your Wife Will Enjoy

If you’re having ideas coming up with what to get your wife then this option should be just the thing you’re looking for. If you don’t know what to get her then you can always fall back on one of the classic present ideas. And in this case I’m talking about jewelry. Women of all ages love different types of jewelry. So hopefully you know what kind your wife likes, and if not maybe talk to her sisters or friends to find out, and then you can go out and find her a great new necklace or set of earrings that will surely make her smile Xmas morning!

5 - Get Her Tickets to Something She’ll Love

An Amazing Experience Can Sometimes Make for the Best Presents

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If you’re not sure what to get her that she needs around the house, maybe start looking elsewhere. And in this case I’m talking about all the amazing events and activities that happen outside of the house. You could get her tickets to a game of her favorite pro-sports team. You could get her tickets to see her favorite band or maybe tickets to an upcoming movie she’s excited for. You could also take her out for a night of stand-up comedy if she likes it. And if not you can always get tickets to the museum, the opera, the ballet, or the symphony. Somewhere in all of those options is something she will surely love. You’ll just have to decide what option would make the best Xmas gift for her!

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6 - Put Together A Relaxing Night for Her

Get Her A New Book and A Relaxing Candle to Go With It

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If you are looking for a gift that is a little more laid back than a night out on the town then you can go the other way with it and get her everything she might need to enjoy a relaxing night at home. Maybe a new book by one of her favorite authors, a couple of candles you know she’ll love, and then some bubble bath and epsom salts. And that way, the next time she’s having a tough or stressful day, you are prepared to melt her worries away by being able to set her up with such a nice, cozy, and relaxing evening at home!

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7 - Shutterfly

Turn Beloved Photos Into A Heartfelt Gift This Xmas

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If you’re still not sure what to get her you could always head over to Shutterfly.com. Shutterfly is nice because not only will they print your photos for you, they can also take the photos and turn them into all kinds of great decorations. Mugs, notebooks, calendars, if you can print a photo onto it, then Shutterfly does. So pick out some photos you know are really meaningful to her and find a way to create some decorations to add to her life that feature those photos

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8 - ULTA Beauty

A Great Xmas Gift For Your Wife When You Are Out of Ideas

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ULTA is one of the most successful beauty care chains in the whole country. And the way I think you can turn them into a nice present for your wife is by setting her up with a gift card that has enough balance on it to cover a professional makeover, as well as a little shopping spree. She’ll love the professional makeover, but after it's done she’ll probably want to get some of the powders or brushes that they used during it. And since she’ll have the professionals right there with her she can be sure to get exactly the right stuff. And then she can recreate the feeling of that professional makeover at home one day when she wants to look and feel her best!

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9 - StitchFix

A Simple Gift for Your Wife This Xmas

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Stitch Fix is basically a company that sets you up with a personalized stylist. You go in and answer some questions about your style preferences and obviously give them your sizes and then they send you a box of clothes and accessories each month. You simply keep what you want and ship back what you don’t. And I think this makes a really great gift for a wife who would love to be able to go shopping, but simply doesn’t have the free time. This way she can look her best, even if the kids keep her so busy she never has time to shop for herself.

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10 - Visa

These Custom Visa Cards Can Make A Nice Xmas Gift

Build a custom Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

Visa gift card

This last suggestion I would only give as an additional gift to help fill out one of the other suggestions. Just giving your wife a gift card for Xmas is probably not a great option to go with. But the nice thing about these cards is that you can add a custom photo to them and even send along a custom message. And unlike cash, these cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. So that means the small mom and pop shop that she loves, or she could use it to get something she’s impatient for right from Amazon

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And There You Have A List of Xmas Gifts for Your Wife!

I hope something on the list today looks perfect for your wife. But every wife is different and they all might like very different things, and because of that I tried to find some gift options that I thought would be pretty universally beloved. As well as a couple of options that might be a little more specific for each wife. 

I really think picking one of the options higher up the list that really celebrates your love for each other is a great way to go. But there’s also nothing wrong with setting her up with a makeover and the money left over to buy the same stuff the professionals used. No matter what you go with though I am sure your wife will love it. Just the fact that you were thinking of her and trying to find her the perfect gift will mean more to her than the actual gift itself on Christmas Day!


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