What Do You Put in an Easter Basket for an Adult? 🐰 [12 Ideas for 2023]

Gifts Any Grownup Would Be Hoppy to Crack Open at Brunch on Easter Morning 🐣

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to break out the pastel colors, dye some eggs, and start stockpiling candy – because Easter is coming up fast!

After the winter holiday treats have been eaten and gifts used or tucked away, giving an Easter basket can be a thoughtful way to show someone you care during the springtime. But figuring out what to put in those baskets isn’t such a simple decision, particularly if you’re shopping for adults. While kids can be easily amused with some classic candies and a handful of small toys, adults might appreciate some more, well… adult gifts in the mix too.

If figuring out what to put in an adult Easter basket has you stumped, don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of ideas that are sure to have your loved ones hopping with joy. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up:

  • Some sweet seasonal self-care picks
  • Easter basket gifts that are fun and functional
  • Gifts for loved ones who are reflecting on the religious heart of the season

Let’s hop to it! 🐰

Kids love getting an Easter basket – but your favorite kid-at-heart will love getting one too when you stock it full of these awesome gifts.

1. Gift Cards

The Perfect Easter Gift to Drop in the Mail or Deliver in Person

Text an Easter gift card to your favorite person

Text an Easter gift card to your favorite person

Gifts are always appreciated, but as an adult, some gifts are simply more useful than others. Festive trinkets might brighten your desk for a week or two, but after that they quickly become clutter or get lost in a storage box in the attic. When shopping for adults, it’s best to search for gifts that are equal parts fun and functional.

Gift cards might seem like a basic addition, but giving your favorite grown up a little bit of treat yo’self money this spring will definitely be appreciated.

And you don’t have to stick with plastic gift cards, either. GiftYa makes sending and using a digital gift card for Easter (or any other occasion) a breeze. Choose and customize your gift in just a couple clicks, and it’s off! 

Not sure where your loved one shops? Take your best shot! GiftYa makes it easy for your recipient to exchange their balance for any of the thousands of local or national vendors in their expansive catalog, so you can be sure they’ll find something they like.

2. Spring for Some Seasonal Self Care

Bath and Body Products To Help Them Shake Off Their Winter Blues

Image courtesy of Amazon.

After being stuck inside all winter, your loved one might not be feeling so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. But don’t worry – that’s an easy fix! A few thoughtfully chosen self-care items in their Easter basket will help them slough off any lingering winter blues and get into a sunny spring mindset. 

Plus, there are plenty of cute options out there that fit with an Easter theme. Be sure to check out our favorites:

  • Goat ears skincare headband from ULTA
  • Seasonal hand-crafted bath bombs from Lush
  • Egg cream mask by Too Cool for School
  • Pore tightening egg balms from Tonymoly
  • Spring 2023 Essie nail polish collection available at ULTA

3. Festive Socks

Not So Cool When You’re a Kid, But an Awesome Gift for Any Adult

Image courtesy of Happy Socks.

Socks and underwear are universally hated gifts in kid world, but as an adult, they can be a subtle way of having some fun with your outfit. There are plenty of festive options out there, but we love this gift set from Happy Socks. 

Dedicated to “spreading happiness, creativity, and fun,” Happy Socks is known for their bright, bold designs. That’s why we think they’re the perfect pick for an uplifting springtime pick-me-up.

4. Blind Date with a Book

Set Them Up with Something to Wait Out Rainy Spring Days

Image courtesy of Etsy.

When you think of curling up with a good book, it might conjure up images that give some serious fall vibes – rainy windows, falling leaves, fluffy socks, a mug of tea. But in most parts of the country, springtime is just as rainy, if not rainier. Whether the adult in your life could use a way to pass the time until the weather gets better (other than endless scrolling!) or you think they’d appreciate a new beach read for this summer, setting them up on a blind date with a book is a fun gift that will keep you both guessing!

You can select book blind dates in a variety of genres. Here are a couple we thought could be a good fit for your Easter basket:

5. Cable Straps

Keep Their Wires From Getting Crossed This Spring

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Look at this little guy! For a mere two inches of desktop real estate, he can keep your loved one’s wires on hand and untangled at all times. 

Not quite sold on a tabletop bunny figurine? For a sleeker option, you can also try these colorful adjustable cord wraps for a fun but functional Easter basket gift.

6. Festive Tie

Break Out the Spring Colors with a Pastel or Print Tie

Image courtesy of Tie Mart.

Winter colors and prints tend to be formal and even a bit stuffy, but when Easter comes around, it’s time to break out the brights and pastels. There are plenty of ties out there with subtle and not-so subtle Easter prints. We like this zig-zag design from Tie Mart because it could easily be paired with a variety of solid-colored shirts and still brings a pop of fun to any man’s Easter outfit.

7. Religious Jewelry

Choose a Meaningful Easter Gift They Can Keep With Them At All Times

Image courtesy of Macy’s.

Easter isn’t just about bunnies and baby chicks – it’s also the most important celebration in the Christian year. While not every Easter basket gift has to include crosses and Bible verses in order to be a nice gift, including a piece of religious jewelry can really complete your Easter basket by grounding it in the true meaning of the holiday.

Here are a few of our top-picks:

8. Hair Accessories

Bunny Ear Scrunchies Make a Fun and Functional Addition to Any Easter Basket

Image courtesy of Amazon.

In case you aren’t familiar, bunny ear scrunchies are a slight variation on the hairstyling essential that swept the world in the 90s. Each crunchy has an extra ribbon tied to it, giving the effect of wearing a hair bow. They’re nicknamed bunny ear scrunchies because, well… look at them!

This set comes with 12 pieces in a variety of vibrant and more subdued colors, which makes it the perfect option if you’re packing Easter baskets for a few of the adults in your life.

9. Egg Cups

Gift a Family Heirloom or a Vintage Find

Image courtesy of Ebay.

Egg cups are a piece of serving ware designed to – you guessed it – safely deliver a boiled egg to its destination. They’re particularly helpful for soft boiled eggs, which must be cracked across the top in order to eat, but we also see them come out of the china cabinet around Easter to show off our prettiest dyed egg creations.

If you’re the keeper of the family china, passing the egg cups in your set on to the next person can be a meaningful Easter gift. Even if you don’t have any tableware – or you simply aren’t ready to part with that piece of family history – you can find plenty of beautiful vintage and antique options on sites like Ebay and Etsy, or in your local thrift store.

10. Spring Home Accessories

Make Freshening Up the House for Spring a Little More Fun

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Thanks to all those family visits, Easter time often coincides with spring cleaning. Even though it’s an exciting time of year – the snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and green is finally starting to show up outside again – the thought of trudging through your home with a mop and a bucket to handle five months worth of salt and spills is enough to put a damper on anyone’s day.

Make freshening up the house or apartment a little more fun for the adult in your life with some new home accessories like dish towels, oven mitts, or pillow cases to brighten up their abode. You can even give them a jump start on their spring gardening with a seed starter kit or a nice planter for their windowsill herb garden.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are a couple of our favorite home finds for an adult Easter basket:

11. Airpods Case

A Pocket-Sized Gift Perfect for Any Adult

Image courtesy of Casely.

For many adults, electronics are at the top of their holiday wishlist. Did the person you’re shopping for score big with a new pair of Airpods this year? If so, a cool case that matches their style (and protects those pricey pods) could make an excellent addition to their Easter basket.

This doesn’t just go for Airpods though – phone, laptop, and tablet cases also make excellent gifts that help them refresh their style heading into a new season.

12. Coffee Mug

Make Their Morning Ritual Special This Spring

Image courtesy of Etsy.

Whether it’s a cup of joe or a cup of tea, most American adults drink at least one cup of caffeine to get through their busy day. Take their morning routine from simple (caffeine → body, stat) to a moment of simple pleasure with a fun Easter-themed addition to their cup collection. 

Since mugs are so versatile, you can really go any direction you like with this one. Make it funny, pretty, thoughtful – whatever you think suits them best. Here are a couple of options we found that would make a great addition to anyone’s Easter basket:

  • Psalm 23:5 mug on Amazon
  • Minimalist Easter chick mug on Amazon
  • Pink rabbit diffuser mug on Etsy

There you have it - Easter basket ideas any adult would be happy to unwrap!

Little ones might love waking up Easter morning to hunt for eggs and rummage through their baskets, but Easter baskets make a great gift for adults, too. Whether you want to surprise an adult child with a basket full of nostalgic family memories from afar or are looking for a way to brighten your best friend’s day when you meet up for Easter brunch, we hope the ideas on this list have given you some egg-celent ideas.

And don’t forget, if you’re sending a long-distance or last-minute Easter gift, a digital gift card from GiftYa can show them you care with just a few clicks. Choose from national brands like ULTA Beauty, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more – or their favorite local spot. 

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